Yes, BTS is now on Tik Tok: watch their first videos

BTS has opened a new Tik Tok account TikTok

On September 25, the BTS/BTS group announced the launch of a Tik Tok account through their official Twitter channel, where the boy band has become mega popular. It’s time to conquer TikTok.

Now fans have another social media loophole to get closer to BTS @bts_official_bighit. The guys have already posted 2 videos on Tik Tok.

  • In the first video, the guys promise exciting and new content for the fans. At the end, the 7 guys make an iconic nod of thanks, “Our BTS Tik Tok account is finally open,” leader Park Jimin yells.
  • In the second video, the boys make gestures from the TikTok application – polaroid. All the action takes place under their own track “Boy With Luv” – “Boy with Love”.
  • Although this is a fresh account, BTS already has over 1.6 million followers and 3.2 million likes. But they have a long way to go before they defeat top Loren Gray with 33.5 million followers.0

    BTS has opened a new Tik Tok accountBTS Tik Tok account

    BTS already holds the Tik Tok record for accumulating followers and hearts. We all know how funny a band can be, so this is another channel you’ll want to check out on a regular basis.

    bts from south korea7 beauties from South Korea

    Young lovers, villains and heartthrobs, have already activated their army of fans. Every popular band is backed by a fan community. BTS has ARMY. Each member refers to themselves as “ARMY”. Fandom members are young girls and boys from 13 to 25 years old from all over the world.

    Army: I will never download tiktok, is so useless.

    bts follow us on tiktok.

    Army: …….. –

    Tweet from BTS fans

    “ARMY” is an abbreviation for “Adorable Representatives Mc for Youth”. In the rapper movement, MCs are considered the pinnacle of skill and talent. Someone thinks that Army is an “army”, but this is a wrong opinion.

    In fandom, the South Korean pop group BTS is also known as the Bangtan Boys – Bulletproof.

    bts fansBTS ARMY

    Earlier this month, BTS/BTS ended their official vacation, which lasted just over a month. On October 11, they will perform the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” concert at the King Fahd International Stadium in Saudi Arabia. After that, they will finish their world tour on October 26, 27 and 29 with concerts at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

    Follow TikTok news and record BTS reaction clips. Be part of this group.

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