Who to watch on TikTok? 10 accounts with cool content.

Worth seeing and learning to draw TikTok

It is not always clear what content on Tik Tok should be watched, and what is just useless rubbish. But still, who to see on Tik Tok? We have selected some really interesting accounts for you. Perhaps you decide to subscribe to one of them today.

If you have a teenager friend or relative, you should know what Tik Tok is. Recall that this is a platform for creating and sharing short videos. Sometimes the meaning of the clips is inexplicable, absurd or just funny. Tiktokers create lip syncs with videos, dance, sing, cook, take part in a challenge.

1. King Science

@king science

Worth seeing and learning to drawSee how to draw

You will learn how to draw in 15 seconds. The very first thing that the author of the videos suggests doing before starting to draw is to look at yourself in the mirror. The account has collected 698.9 thousand subscribers and 10.5 million hearts. The profile description states: “I make art, create cartoon stories.”



we recommend watching the video of the flight attendantI would go to heaven

English airline flight attendant on Tik Tok. The guy gives detailed answers to the frequently asked questions of passengers. In some videos, he destroys myths about airplanes, tells funny stories that happened to him on board. Answers the most frequently asked questions from passengers.

3. barista za trista


it's not possible to see this every dayBarista conquers Tik Tok with unique coffee with drawings on foam

The young and beautiful girl’s name is Sabina. She works as a barista and offers to plunge into the world of coffee. Barista creates the same content as a flight attendant, only broadcasts about the working moments of the barista and the process of making delicious coffee. Sometimes clients fall into her videos and get funny content.



We advise you to watch and bart an exampleUnique content on Tik Tok

This young man seems to follow the concept of the TikTok app by playing the guitar and singing songs. After watching several videos, it becomes clear that he, as the text of his songs, takes questions from the well-known service – Mail.ru Answers.

5. The same raccoon Tyoma


Video about raccoonOne worldwide popular Raccoon and the one on Tik Tok

The one and only in Tik Tok Raccoon Tyoma. Forest dweller, got a family of two – a young married couple. The animal plays, lazes around on the floor or in its house, constantly chews something or spoils the furniture. Kids and adults are very fond of videos with his participation. Everyone should subscribe.

6. Artem


watch and listenGuess the melody on Tik Tok

Artyom’s videos involve young performers of popular songs, who must guess famous tracks by emoji or by the first lines of text. You still need to have time to press the red button and finish singing the hit. A sort of cool transfer of the late 90s – “Guess the melody” with Valdis Pelsh.



For those who can't cookPrepare delicious meals in 15 seconds

An attractive girl U appears in the video. She is not only beautiful, but also an excellent cook, guys, be attentive to her, polite in the comments. with different food recipes sometimes drag on for several hours. In 15 seconds, you’ll learn how to make oven pies, a chicken sandwich, lemonade, and more. Subscribe and you won’t go hungry.

8. NickUhas


See those who grew up in the yardBoy jokes on Tik Tok

Nick is already an adult, but as a child he did not finish his game, and now Tik Tok appeared, where he embodies unrealized boyish jokes into reality. Lots of explosions, fire, chemical reactions. Everything is quite loud and exciting.

9 Lifehacks


lookAccount – Tik Tok Life Hacks

You probably know that everything ingenious is simple and lies right under your nose. Life hacks for people who have accumulated a lot of different things in the pantry or garage. It is easy and simple to create a football field and players from 3 sheets of paper. We advise you to watch how to make and record videos yourself.

10. dog


see the whole family in the eveningdog account

Everything is clear and understandable here – “Man is a friend to a dog. Everyone around knows it.” We advise you to subscribe to this profile and enjoy life together.

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