Who are E Girl on Tik Tok. How to become one of them (blush and nail polish required)?

Gen Z TikTok

Generation Z are those who will save our planet from certain death. But all they hold onto is watching Instagram posts and pranking each other on TikTok. They have not yet fully realized their purpose.

Gen ZGeneration Z

However, adults need to understand that none of these things are mutually exclusive. In fact, these crazy kids can know the aesthetics while being super smart and style savvy.

And what would have been in the 90s without subcultures? Whether you were emo, dude, grunger or punk, at the time it seemed like the most important part of the young generation’s personal life. For some of you, nothing has changed, and there is nothing wrong with that. To deal with the latest subculture that emerged from Gen Z, you need to understand who they are and where they came from TikTok.

Tik Tok is already more than a lip sync app. Users have created their own virtual world. A free world where there is an E Girl – electronic girls and electronic boys – E Boy. The platform allows you to freely communicate, create short videos, earn on popularity, and quickly become famous.

Who are E girls?

Let me try to explain.

real girlThe real E-Girl from Tik Tok

According to one of the many definitions of street slang, E girl is a “Tik Tok girl” who wears excessive amounts of blush, heart tattoos under her eyes, dyed hair in twintails, anime watches and Lolita dresses. Evidence of belonging and a weak Instagram channel, good musical taste, hair clips, chains, a BDSM collar with a ring, the presence of a cool room.

E girl in Tik Toke girl

But there is also the term itself – egirl, which appeared for the first time not on TikTok. This is the definition of girls from 2013, describing them as “internet sluts”. These are girls looking for gamer boys, luring them with attractive looks and flirting in the hope of getting their money. In short, this is an insult from misogynists.

The main thing is that E girls are not afraid of this word. They don’t feel offended. They feel good and full of energy.

This type of girl has a hyper-sexual aesthetic borrowed from anime. But instead of uploading videos to MySpace, they now have TikTok.

How to become an E girl

E girl’s appearance is somewhat rooted in anime and Japanese fashion Kawaii (“cute” in Japanese), as well as borrowed from the goth subculture.

Leather neck decoration for e girlCollar-necklace leather with a ring for E-girl

In terms of clothing, you can opt for a full pastel, plaid and black outfit with long socks, sneakers, school skirts and slogan tees.

E girl clothesBlack skirt and tights for E girl

GIFs and texts used in Instagram photos should contain hearts, skulls and be fun.

However, to truly master becoming an electronic girl, you need to master their makeup. Blush is used heavily on the nose and cheeks, and black eyeliner is applied to create a cat-eye effect. Hearts and stars are tattooed under the eyes.

e girl tattooE Girl Face Stamp

E girl tattooBlack stamps for tattooing on the face

Get creative with this by drawing inspiration from similar people you see online.

Becoming an E girl will take longer than it can offer, fleeting 15 seconds, Tik Tok. For beauty, you will want to dye your hair, or wear a wig for reincarnation.

Hair extensions e girlPink wig for a complete transformation into an E Girl

However, more important than the outfit or appearance is documenting the transformation on TikTok. Girls digitalize their own looks with tons of free filters, masks and photo enhancements.

TikTok may very well be the latest global social platform that has created a lot of resonance and popularity for Gen Z. Will the app’s impact continue? Will TikTok dominate social discourse in the same way that Facebook has done in the last decade, or will it follow the path of MySpace and spontaneously erupt into the dim globe of sunset? This remains to be seen.

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