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Faced with the Tik Tok mod program, users are wondering how this application differs from the classic social network utility. Modified 2020 software is not original, is written by third parties and is not always safe to use. In the article, we will analyze why such versions of TikTok are needed.


Not all users are satisfied with the official version of the social network due to limited functionality. If desired, download a modifier that gives more opportunities for communication, creating materials and viewing content.


A mod is an addition to the main utility that allows you to get other features when working with a social network. Transformation involves the improvement and improvement of the main program.

What are they created for?

Applications are developed to correct errors and add secondary functionality to Tik Tok. When creating mods, developers build on existing content and systems. Changes in the utilities are highly specialized, their goals depend on the wishes of the author of the modification.

What is an apk file

Android Package (APK) is the standard application format for Android. It means a compressed archive that contains the code and resources of the program.

On a note. If the utility is official, then it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, in other cases – only from a third-party resource.TikTok MODTikTok MOD


Mod APK is a modified file with:

  • disabled ads;
  • built-in cheat number of views (songs, videos);
  • translation into English, etc.
  • The utility is installed on gadgets in the same way as standard programs downloaded from the Play Market.

    Important. The modification requires prior removal of the original software – the update is not possible due to a signature conflict.


    Users download advanced apps for several reasons:

  • Using 2-3 Accounts – Two different versions help separate personal messages and information you need to work. Separate programs make it possible to combine accounts on one device through special functionality.
  • Changing the design and style – the familiar appearance of the social network is automatically changed. The background color, label parameters, theme, etc. are subjected to transformations.
  • Secondary functionality – additional features depend on the type of modification. Access to files can be changed, private conversations can be protected, restrictions on the size of videos can be turned off, etc.
  • By the way. High-quality utilities are safe and do not violate the privacy of gadget owners.

    Views for TikTok

    In modified programs, ads are cut out, the number of subscribers is increased, and videos without watermarks are downloaded. Several versions of TikTok mod are used (17.9.5, etc.), sometimes 5-6 functions are in one utility.

    Without advertising

    The app removes the splash screen and ads in the Featured section. Allows you to view content without being constantly distracted by third-party offers.

    On a note. The utility is installed at your own risk. It is not known what “pitfalls” the developer introduced into the improved version.

    To download videos without watermark

    Each video on TikTok is marked with a special label and watermark, which causes problems with downloading “clean” videos. The default mod has the following features:

  • uploading video material without decals (without watermark);
  • unlocking advanced features;
  • improved graphics and sound.
  • By the way. Additionally, the user receives face and emoji filters for free.

    Many followers

    There are a huge number of users on social networks, which makes their accounts go unnoticed. With the help of the application and the built-in cheat tool, the page stands out among the many similar ones.

    The developers have created about 11 utilities that help solve issues with recruiting an initial audience (through followers) and channel promotion, like frequency.

    Where can I download

    There are sites on the Internet that contain modified versions of official programs. When choosing a reliable resource, there are no problems with application performance.

    TikTok MODTikTok MOD

    Why not in official stores

    The lack of mods is explained by their illegality. Official app stores work only with proprietary utilities, not including additions and improvements by third-party programmers. The issue is related to copyright infringement.

    Where to find

    Modifications are located on the resources:

  • w3bsit3-dns.com;
  • Thrashbox;
  • DropGame;
  • Allapk.Ru;
  • 5mod.ru, etc.
  • Anyone can download the software for free.


    Downloading and saving programs from third-party sites can threaten the security of the gadget. In some cases, the problem is associated with hacking, theft of personal information (passwords, logins, bank card data).

    Security threat

    Third-party software can introduce viruses, trojans into the OS. With their help, fraudsters will send copies of correspondence on the social network, control the movement of the smartphone, turn on wiretapping, or take photos.

    On a note. Sophisticated viruses are used on public figures to reveal their secrets. Ordinary people get weaker versions, with a minimum set of functions.

    Possibility of hacking

    The built-in algorithm is able to hack the device, make certain adjustments to its operation. Sometimes a ransomware trojan, automatic subscription to paid content, etc. is built into the system.

    Identity theft

    The utility is able to read codes, passwords, logins and information about bank cards. All information is automatically transferred to the developer, who is able to use the data for personal gain (theft of money from accounts, payments in online stores).


    Users themselves are responsible for software taken from free access.


    Downloading is carried out from verified resources. Just click on the “download” button and the process will start automatically.

    Required Permissions

    To obtain a permit you need:

  • Go to settings and select “Notifications and apps”.
  • Click on “Special access” and “Install unknown software.”
  • The display will show a list of available utilities to which the APK file is installed. After selecting the desired one, it remains to press the allow button.
  • Reference. You can revoke the issued permission by deactivating the switch.

    On iPhone

    First, JailBreak is installed – a hacked OS that affects the licensing of the phone. Suitable for devices not under warranty. To work with third-party utilities, Cydia is used, an analogue of the official store:

  • the file is downloaded;
  • iTools is sent to the PC;
  • the smartphone is connected to the computer (through the “Application” block and the “iPhone” section);
  • clicking “Install” completes the installation.
  • After the procedure is completed, the performance of the application is checked.

    On Android

    Activating permission to install from unverified sources allows you to download and unpack files. The software found on the site is downloaded and installed on a mobile device after being selected in the list of utilities.

    How to install

    The algorithm is running:

  • From the settings you need to move to “Applications”, find “Explorer”, enter the name of the utility in the search bar. Allow installation from an unknown source.
  • Open the .arc file, view the rights of the program.
  • Click on the “Install” label.
  • The user will have to wait until the end of the process.


    You can register an account using:

  • WeChat;
  • phone numbers;
  • email addresses.
  • The procedure is standard, not different from registration when using the original software.

    How to start using

    Creating an account goes according to the scheme:

  • you need to click on the “Profile” icon located next to the avatar label;
  • the editing menu (menu) will appear on the display with the choice of a name, page description, adding a title image;
  • after uploading the information, the system will create a channel (completing moderation).
  • In the account, the user indicates gender, country and city of residence, age (if desired). Optional – security and privacy settings.

    Mods for TikTok help you get more features, but pose a potential threat to mobile devices. Downloading from unverified locations may result in unauthorized persons gaining access to personal information, passwords, codes, and bank card numbers.

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