Where to Buy a Tik Tok Logo Briefcase

Where to Buy a Tik Tok Logo Briefcase TikTok

Stylish Tik Tok backpack is a functional accessory for everyday use. With him it is not a shame to go to work, study, it is easy to get ready for a trip. Tiktokers, in order to show belonging to the blogging community, try to buy things with the name of their favorite service.

Finding a reliable online store and choosing the model of interest is not an easy task. A detailed article will help you navigate the assortment, understand the main selection criteria, taking into account convenience, purpose, appearance in the TikTok style.


Neat, roomy backpack models with a universal app logo are suitable for any look. In addition to the bright image of the logo, patterns with an abstract or space print, metallic sheen, clasps, chains, pockets of various sizes are used. At the same time, they have a certain configuration, cut.


In addition to the laconic black color, which is combined with any style of clothing, the shoulder accessory can also be made in other trendy shades – pink or silver. Products with complemented applications or ornaments in different interpretations look catchy, bright.

Briefcases with prints in fashionable blue, red neon colors, which are elements of the Tik Tok music logo, look no less original.

Where to Buy a Tik Tok Logo Briefcase

Diverse design includes laconic and democratic solutions for adults, as well as interesting, funny models for children.


A simple logo is simple and light, so it is quickly pronounced and remembered, reflecting the main idea of ​​the service – creative and natural self-expression. It is a combined emblem consisting of a graphic and a text part. The first is made in the form of a stylized note, symbolizing creativity.

The brand name is complemented by the inscription TikTok, which is the name of the application itself. Initially, the phrase was printed in black and white. However, after the improvement, a contrasting accent was added not only on the icon itself, but also on the letter “o”. This combination made the perception of the logo more pleasant and attractive.

What to look out for

When choosing a shoulder accessory, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Capacity. Precisely selected volume eliminates the need for additional bags, as each item has its own compartment.
  • Model sizes. Miniature options are in trend, used to complement the urban style, medium-sized backpacks are suitable for schoolchildren, teenagers, young people, backpacks with a large volume are designed for hiking, traveling.
  • Maximum usability. Useful compartments, functional inner and outer pockets, which can accommodate textbooks, a laptop, a pencil case, a water bottle, a phone, keys, and other trifles.
  • Built-in USB, headphone jacks. They provide the opportunity to always be in touch and charge your gadgets on time.
  • Where to Buy a Tik Tok Logo Briefcase

    The hole for the cable to go out is sealed. There is no need to worry that moisture will get through this opening and ruin the charging, device screen or other valuable contents in the compartment.

    Which to choose

    To fully appreciate the functionality and convenience of a TikTok-style briefcase, you need to consider the safety, reliability, and design of the accessory. Especially acute is the question of when to buy a suitable model for children and adolescents. First of all, it should be noted that the choice depends on the physique of the child. The table will help to correlate correctly the age, height and weight of boys and girls.

    Compliance with the age category of the height of the back of the backpack
    Class Average height, cm Backpack back height, cm
    Girls boys
    1-2 116.5-131 116.5-130.8 34-38
    3-4 128.5-143 126-142 36.5-41.5
    5-6 140-154.2 138.5-154.5 40-44.5
    7-9 151.5-166 149.5-173.5 43-50
    10-12 158-166.8 166.5-177.8 45.8-51

    Primary children love bright colors with decorative details and images of fairy-tale or fantasy characters. Young men often choose dark shades, and high school students prefer fashionable soft pink or beige colors that help to stand out from the crowd, while creating an original image.

    How to use on TikTok

    The life hack of promotion on the platform is to shoot simple, beautiful and sticky videos at the same time on topics that are becoming popular. You will be able to see them in the Discover tab – these are hashtags that gain numerous views and likes. On the site you can place an entertaining or educational clip of any format:

  • a mini-review of a purchased novelty or an unusual find in a store;
  • prompting users to choose from two options;
  • own ideas for creating bows to the accompaniment of Popular Songs;
  • test or experiment, how many things will fit in a backpack;
  • assessment of classmates’ satchels;
  • participating in a challenge, such as “What’s in my backpack?”;
  • funny cuts or jokes.
  • You can come up with and use your own chips and trend for videos. An important role here is played by fantasy and ingenuity, which will help to attract the attention of subscribers and thousands of community audience.

    Where to Buy a Tik Tok Logo Briefcase

    Where can I buy

    Despite its popularity, the social network does not have an official store. You can find accessories in the “Tiktok” style on third-party sites or selling landing pages.

    Features of online shopping

    So that the purchase of the product of interest does not become a disappointment, you need to take into account some features of online shopping:

  • Make purchases only in trusted and reliable stores. To do this, you should read customer reviews, study the details of the company, check the “visibility” of the site in the search engine, familiarize yourself with the methods of payment and delivery, use the feedback.
  • Determine the format and purpose of the backpack. The product description should contain detailed information about the size, composition, type and conditions of use of the accessory.
  • Compare prices on different sites. To make your purchase more profitable, you can find out which online stores offer discounts, sales or personal offers. Most often, such promotions are carried out by large and well-known Internet companies.
  • There are plenty of reliable services where you can buy goods in the Tiktok style.


    On the Aliexpress website, you can find truly original and cool products in this category. There are more than 20 models for users of all age categories: adults, children, school, teens.

    The TikToK USB Charger Backpack is a roomy backpack for teenagers with a dedicated laptop compartment. The material used is durable, moisture-resistant, wear-resistant canvas tape. The accessory can be purchased at a discount for 1552.04 ***.

    The new student backpack Urban Strange can have several types that differ in configuration and color. Equipped with various additional elements: USB charging, compact pencil case, SBS lightning. The price range is from 1258.93 to 1526.79 ***.


    Children’s online store offers interesting models of school bags that differ in size, content and colors. The package may include a bag-lunchbox or pencil case. The goods have a description, high-quality photos and characteristics. It also often hosts sales and discounts.

    Tik Tok backpack with filling RL032-2 is made of modern raw materials and decorated with bright 3D printing. The outer material is a moisture-repellent nylon fabric, and reflective details are provided on the sides of the product and on the straps. Medium-sized models are suitable for elementary school children, large-volume backpacks are designed for teenagers. Price – from 2990 ***.

    Backpack Tik Tok for girls RL034 is a convenient version of the satchel with a height adjustment system, an anatomical back and ergonomic inserts for support in the lumbar region. Will cost with a discount of 2350 ***.


    An online store with affordable prices and a regularly updated assortment. In addition to discounts, regular customers are offered additional favorable conditions depending on the percentage of purchase of products.

    There are backpacks for teenage girls, equipped with a separate compartment for a laptop, internal pockets for a phone and keys, a USB socket and a headphone jack, as well as models for schoolchildren and stylish teenagers, made of moisture-resistant and frost-resistant material with anatomical adjustable shoulder straps. The cost for the minimum configuration is 968 ***.

    Where to Buy a Tik Tok Logo Briefcase


    Service for placing ads about goods from individuals and companies. Here you can find backpacks of various sizes: mini, medium and large. Models for school, sports, walks, travel are also presented. The street kit includes a lunchbox bag, a pencil case, its price does not exceed 1190 ***.

    It will be possible to buy small backpacks with a trendy emblem that can be worn both in the back and in the front, they keep their shape perfectly. Models are made in popular colors with bright prints. They attract with their price – from 600 ***.


    The online store of original gifts will delight you with unusual models that you are not ashamed to purchase for yourself, relatives and friends. The main colors of accessories are blue, pink. Products are complemented by fancy ornaments. Compact and lightweight backpacks cost 1200 ***.


    On the site you can find trendy shoulder accessories for any age category. There are youth backpacks that are distinguished by their bold design and creative details. Cost – from 1344 to 1958 ***.

    Backpacks are equipped with ergonomic straps, comfortable back support, numerous compartments. For those who lead an active lifestyle, capacious models with compartments for travel items, such as the daypack shoulder accessory, are suitable.

    School bags

    The store of school, teenage backpacks with fast delivery offers models with different content. There are compartments for equipment, bottles, adjustment in accordance with the growth of the child. Convenient for girls, boys. The advantages include water resistance, lightness, attractive design. Price – from 2300 ***.


    The online store offers a functional backpack with a separate compartment for a laptop, two internal pockets for a phone and keys, an external one with a zipper for small items, USB charging. The price is quite affordable – 1490 ***.

    Where to Buy a Tik Tok Logo Briefcase


    The design and printing platform features unique products that can be ordered in bulk. In addition to the classic school, walking models, here you can pick up backpacks-bags made of dense waterproof fabric. The shape of the accessory resembles a rectangle with rope straps. An excellent option for young people involved in sports sections, dance clubs. The price does not exceed 480 ***.

    How to do it yourself

    There are various ways to decorate a backpack yourself. All of them are quite simple to perform.

    The easiest option

    In this case, you will need an ordinary black backpack and fabric patches for two main patterns: for a musical badge and a name. The patches are attached to the outside of the backpack with threads. Sewn with hidden stitches along the entire contour of the logo or pressed with an iron.

    How to make a logo

    You can buy the blank in online stores. It is a textile patch, which, under the influence of steam, is easily attached to the fabric surface. A beautiful print is also made with indelible markers designed for creating logos and painting on a cloth base. Another option is acrylic paints. They contain substances that allow the coating to be better absorbed into the fibers of the fabric.

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