Where Does Telegram Save Files in Telegram?

Where does Telegram save files? Secrets and tricks

Users exchange many files every day, but where are they stored? It’s time to figure out where Telegram stores files  on your computer and smartphone.

Where files are stored in Telegram on a computer

The only place on your PC where you can find photos, videos and documents saved from the application is in Downloads. We are looking in two ways:

1. In the default folder: “Computer” – “Drive C” – “Users” – the name of your PC – “Downloads” – “Telegram Desktop”:

picture: where telegram stores files
By default, Telegram prefers to save downloaded files in this folder

2. You can use the search:

  • In Windows 7, click “Start” – “Find programs and files” and type the request:

picture: where telegram stores files
We write in the search bar “Telegram” and find the folder “Telegram Desktop”
  • In Windows 10, after clicking on “Start”, you can immediately enter “Telegram Desktop”:

picture: telegram download folder search
Just enter “Telegram Desktop” and wait for the display of the relevant result
  • With macOS, things are not so easy – without dancing with a tambourine, it is very difficult to get to the desired folder, since it is hidden.

With this in mind, we recommend redefining the folder where the files will be saved:

1. Go to Telegram settings;

2. Next, go to the “Data and Disk” section;

3. Click on the “Save Path” item and select the appropriate option.

» Tip from the TV Guide:  You can manually show the PC where to save each individual file. Just right-click on the desired photo or document and select “Save As …”.

picture: how to choose a folder to save files from telegrams
For example, right-click on the image and select the location where you want to save it.

The web version works in a similar way to the desktop one. The main difference is that the data is saved one step earlier: “Computer” – “Drive C” – “Users” – the name of your PC – “Downloads”.

Where files are stored in Telegram on a smartphone

The situation with telephones is much clearer. What you received or sent in the messenger (for example, photos, videos or zip), the android or iPhone neatly decomposes into folders such as Telegram Audio, Documents, Images, Video.

To find them quickly, use the built-in file manager or download a suitable app. On Android, it looks like this:

picture: folder where telegram saves files on android
You need to find the “Telegram” folder: it is located in the root section of the memory card or the main memory of the phone

Unlike the desktop application, Telegram on the phone does not allow you to choose the location where you can save the file. Perhaps this is for the best. Less chance of getting lost and getting lost in directories.

» Advice from TeleGuide:  the mobile version of the messenger has a very convenient feature of automatically deleting files after a certain period of time without attention to them.

Use it to avoid cluttering up your smartphone’s memory with unnecessary files! There is a bun in the settings in the “Data and Disk” section in the “Disk Usage” item:

picture: autodelete files in telegram for android
A small but incredibly handy feature that allows you to save a lot of memory space

How to download all Telegram attachments at once

Sometimes you want not to bother and unload all the useful material with one click. For example, save several photos at once. But, unfortunately, Telegram is not yet ready to make our life easier.

Only relax, only saving single files!

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