When is the best time to post videos on TikTok: the secrets of getting into recommendations

When is the best time to post videos on TikTok? TikTok

Interesting and original content published at the most favorable time for this is the key to the popularity of a TikTok account. And if everything is more or less clear with the quality of the videos, then such a thing as the correct time for a TikTok video raises big questions for many. Meanwhile, this is an effective way to draw attention to your recordings and get the most response from the audience.

How to choose the ideal posting time on the site, we will consider in the article.

Choosing the Time to Post on TikTok

Posting time plays an important role in account promotion. So, if the video is posted during the hours of maximum activity of site users, it is likely that more people will see it, both from subscribers and from among the new audience. Accordingly, views, likes, and the popularity of the profile itself will grow, as well as the chances of the video getting into recommendations.

Choosing the right time to post a clip is not an easy task. The user needs to consider 3 factors at once:

  • the theme of the videos;
  • target audience (CA);
  • features of user behavior.
  • Having figured out for whom and what content will be published, it will not be difficult for a tiktoker to choose the best time to upload a video to the site.

    When is the best time to post videos on TikTok?When is the best time to post videos on TikTok?


    When is the best time to post tiktok? When answering this question, it is important to take into account the theme of the videos. For example, cuts from documentaries or educational video tutorials are preferable to be shown in the morning, when the brain best absorbs useful information.

    The need for entertainment content, in turn, grows in the late afternoon – at this time, people return home from work / school and want to relax watching funny videos.

    The target audience

    Most TikTok users are young people aged 14 to 25: schoolchildren, students, working adults. Outbreaks of activity of these categories of people in the social network are determined by the characteristics of their main activities.

    For example, teenagers go to TikTok immediately after school – at 13-14 pm and sit until 18-22 pm. In turn, an older audience is active mainly at night – from 18:00 to 2:00 in the morning.

    User behavior

    Most often, users consume content through the Tik Tok recommendation feed, which opens immediately after entering the mobile application. That’s why it’s so important for TikTokers, especially beginners, to get into rivers – it’s an effective way to quickly increase the number of views and subscribers.

    Less often, users view the content of profiles from the list of subscriptions. Having recruited an “army of fans” that quickly responds to updates from their “muse”, the tiktoker will ensure a stable number of views under the video and again get a chance to fly into recommendations more often.

    How to find the perfect time to post a video

    Every tiktoker has their own perfect moment to post. In addition, it is constantly changing – both the location of the audience and the current day of the week affect it. Therefore, you need to regularly analyze the statistics of your channel and compare it with general recommendations for choosing the time of video posting.

    Analysis of account statistics

    Page Stats is a built-in Tik Tok feature available to Pro account holders. The following metrics will help you choose the best time to post your video:

  • Video views. With the help of scales reflecting views by day, the user can easily determine a good day, which had the most views, and take this into account when planning the next publication.
  • Popular clips. The videos with the most views are displayed here. The information received can be compared with the time of publication and at the same time find out which videos are recommended and which are not.
  • Popular places. This metric shows the geographic location of the audience to further take into account the time zone of its main part.
  • Subscriber activity. The main metric that marks the peak of TikToker target audience activity.
  • On a note. Additionally, the user should at least sometimes include the statistics of each individual video and see when they were posted and whether they were included in the recommendations.

    Audience location

    By determining what time of day the content gets the most views, the user can use this information to choose the best time to post, while taking into account the time zone of the audience.

    For example, if the bulk of subscribers are in London, you should focus on London time. However, ideally, a English-speaking tiktoker should plan time for a couple of time zones, since the platform provides coverage throughout EU-US.

    Days of the week

    According to statistics, the days from Tuesday to Thursday are the most active in terms of finding users on social networks. A little less time is devoted to virtual sites on Mondays, since the beginning of the week is usually busier than its middle. Users are least likely to go online on Fridays and weekends, preferring to run away from the hustle and bustle in the company of friends and family, rather than by phone.

    Experiments with time

    Before starting work with the site, TikTokers advise experimenting with the time of posting posts in order to calculate the time of the highest activity of the target audience. You need to post several videos at different times and see which one has collected the most views.

    Never forget that reach depends more on the clip itself than on when it was posted. To understand what exactly affects the popularity of specific videos, only a comprehensive study of the content will help.

    Subscriber Survey

    The best way to find out what time followers most often go to TikTok and watch videos in their profile is to ask them about it. For example, you can broadcast live, ask about it in the comments under the video, or download the application of another social network (Instagram, VKontakte) and post a survey there. Lots of ways.

    Posting frequency

    The frequency of video releases clearly affects the number of profile views. But this does not mean that when publishing 5 videos a day with an interval of 1 hour, in a week the channel will have 100,000 subscribers and a couple of million views. It will be enough to upload 3-4 videos a week.

    If the subject of the channel involves the placement of a large amount of content, it is recommended to upload no more than two videos per day with an interval of 5-6 hours between them.

    Posting frequencyPosting frequency

    Services for autoposting

    Auto-posting to TikTok allows you to set up the publication of videos so that they are automatically and at the right time placed in the profile.

    TOP services for autoposting:

  • TopTool.
  • Onlypult.
  • Loomly.
  • buffer.
  • socialpilot.
  • Auto-posting is convenient when scheduling publications and managing multiple accounts at once from different devices.

    An effective way to promote a TikTok account is to choose the best time to post good content by analyzing statistics and conducting experiments. In addition, to get a large number of subscribers on the site, you need to correctly draw up a profile, choose the appropriate promotion strategy, periodically conduct live broadcasts and communicate with viewers.

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