What is TikTok Premium version for?

TikTok Premium TikTok

Tik Tok is a global social network for sharing self-produced short videos. The proposed material considers Tik Tok Premium, taking into account the advantages and features of this mod, the rules for its installation.

Special mod

To install the TikTok application on a mobile device or desktop computer, you need to download the installation program from the Internet.

What is it

Unlike regular Tik Tok, the Premium mod has some additional features. Such a program is more convenient to use, relieves the owner of some of the inconveniences of the usual profile.

What is used for

The premium mod is installed to get rid of the problems that are typical when downloading and watching videos, to facilitate the use of the interface of this social network.


The Premium mod is characterized by the following features that distinguish this version of the application from the usual Tik Tok:

  • the program removes unnecessary ads;
  • you can erase watermarks in downloaded videos.
  • The rest of the users see the premium nature of the account, which increases the status of the owner. The listed advantages, in addition to ease of use, contribute to the successful promotion of your page.

    TikTok PremiumTikTok Premium

    What else is there

    Among the additional advantages of the premium mod is the ability to download videos in the +18 category, an increase in the number of subscribers, and therefore an increase in the popularity of the account.

    Difference from PRO-account

    Many people confuse the Premium mod with a PRO account. But these are somewhat different things. The premium version of the program is an improved version of the regular Tik Tok. Professional mode (PRO) does not require the installation of an additional application.

    The transition is carried out directly from your own personal page without downloading and installing a separate mod.


    Installing the premium mod is quite simple. This task can be handled by a beginner without experience with computer or mobile applications.

    Where to find

    The TikTok Premium app is not available in standard stores that offer software products for mobile devices. The specified mod is searched in torrent trackers or on special sites, since this version of the program has been changed (bypassing the requirements of official developers).

    Technical requirements

    The application is suitable for installation on Android platforms with ios version 4.1 or higher. To download the mod, you need at least 72 megabytes of free memory. The conditions for installing the premium version of the program are the same as for the regular version of the Tik Tok platform.

    If you add latest (the latest) to the name of the mod in the search bar of the browser, you will be able to download the application in the new version.

    Usually, the characteristics are indicated in the description of the software product, where the version of the mod is marked with a numerical number after the English “version”. This information (for the English interface of the tracker) is given in the “Without mod” section (about the mod). The indication “free” after the version number indicates the free nature of the program.

    Is it possible to download on iphone

    Technical characteristics of the mod require installation on Android. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to find an iPhone app on the web. But finding such a version of the program is much more difficult than the version with standard parameters.

    TikTok TikTok

    Required Permissions

    In some mobile devices, the initial settings of the device may prohibit downloading applications from insufficiently verified sources, bypassing official stores.

    To be able to search and download the premium version of Tik Tok, you will need to change some settings. For most Android operating systems, follow these steps:

  • Click on the settings icon on the devices desktop.
  • Enter the section on security and privacy.
  • Go to the subsection with additional settings.
  • Remove the period from the item about the prohibition of downloading applications from unknown sources.
  • In this case, the user will not have problems downloading the mod.

    What does apk mean?

    Most Tik Tok Premium mods (like other Android apps) have an apk extension. This means that these installation modules are designed to be installed in a mobile application.

    If premium Tik Tok needs to be installed on a laptop or desktop computer, special emulator programs will be required. Such software imitates the screen of an Android device on a regular computer and has the appropriate capabilities for using applications.

    All that is required to adapt files with the .apk extension to regular Windows is to download and install the emulator first. If you install this version of the mod on a desktop computer, the emulator will allow you to simultaneously use it with traditional social networks for mobile devices (Telegram, Twitter and others).


    The app is free to download. To do this, in the search bar of the browser, they type a request to download Tik Tok Premium, follow the links provided.

    After the application is downloaded, it will have to be placed in the emulator or launched from a mobile device (when downloading on Android).

    Standard order:

  • Start the installation (with the English interface, click on the button labeled “download”).
  • Open the installed program.
  • Register on the Tik Tok network and use the application.
  • When installing from a computer, additional steps may be required to confirm the user’s consent to proceed between the individual stages of the application installation.

    TikTok TikTok


    Registration in the Premium version is carried out in the standard mode, as in the regular Tik Tok application. After entering the appropriate section, you will need to specify a phone number or email address, choose a login, protect it with a strong password, activate your account by entering the code sent by the user’s chosen method.

    How to use

    The functionality of the premium application is slightly different from the standard one. You can download or shoot and post videos with a transition to the video section. In downloaded videos, the program automatically removes the watermark (protection in the form of posted watermarks).

    You can also overlay a musical sequence on a captured or downloaded image, edit videos.

    Other uses

    The word “premium” is used not only to refer to the version of the Tik Tok mod. Sometimes this interferes with the search for the application, unnecessary links are suggested.

    As a name

    Some users use such a prefix as part of a nickname to emphasize their own chosenness and uniqueness.

    As a hashtag

    Sometimes the prefix “Premium” is added to some of the hashtags, investing the value indicated in the table (in this case, this word follows inextricably with others with a pre-set # sign).

    hashtag Meaning
    #premium style Special style
    #premium fashion premium fashion
    #premiumsport premium sport

    Along with Telegram, Twitter and other social networks, TikTok is gaining popularity. The premium mod version of the app opens up even more options for users.

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