What is Telegram & How to use it? A Detailed Guide

Что такое Telegram и как им пользоваться Secrets and tricks

What is Telegram and what are its features

What is Telegram and how to use it

According to legend, the idea of ​​​​creating Pavel Durov came to him even before he left the post of director of VKontakte. The developer really wanted the rights to personal space for himself and others. As a result, on August 14, 2013, Telegram became available to all users of iOS devices, the first service that does not provide information about its users to the government.

The main feature of the application is the privacy of each user. No one has access to your personal files, and the correspondence is visible only to the person and his interlocutor. Beautiful, isn’t it? In addition, when registering, each user presents his own unique “nickname”, and the account is tied to a phone number. Therefore, to authorize on another device, you will need verification using an SMS code. Those who can no longer sign in without a phone.

So, Telegram, what is it and why is it needed? The main function of the application is to enable us to have a dialogue or create conversations, which can be accompanied by the exchange of files of various formats, including photos, videos or text documents. Since the release of the application, a number of innovations have appeared: free stickers, the ability to create bots, channels, edit messages and unlimited storage space for your information.

History of creation

The history of the creation of Telegram is truly exploratory. There is a legend that his idea was born in the head of Pavel Durov when he was waiting for the police to arrive with a search. Pavel planned to send a secret message to his brother, but at that time there was no such possibility. Here, the brilliant mind of the creator of VKontakte came up with the idea to create a program whose compliance cannot be traced.

The timing was perfect. The mega-popular WhatsApp has received a wave of criticism due to data theft and slow performance. Users rushed to look for alternatives, so the success of Telegram was a foregone conclusion.
what is better telegram or whatsapp


Stickers in Telegram: what are they and why are they needed

I think you all know what adhesives are and why they are needed. But few people know that in the Telegram application you can not only connect them completely free of charge, but also upload your own. This is especially true if you want to stand out among friends or friends.


Telegram groups: why they are needed and how they are used

A Telegram group is a chat in which 3 or more users participate. The maximum number of interlocutors is 200,000 (and once there were only 5,000). Recently, the creation of interest groups has become popular: for webmasters, freelancers, designers, engineers, SMM, programmers, and so on.

Any newcomer who connects to the chat immediately sees the entire history of correspondence. They do not need to duplicate important notifications, you can find everything yourself. This is especially true for groups of employees of medium and large companies, when reshuffles, layoffs or hiring of personnel are possible.

There are secret chats – special groups that cannot be entered without an administrator invitation. All correspondence can be deleted after a certain time and is stored exclusively on users’ devices. Once deleted, no one can restore anything, even with access to the servers.

Having properly thought out the hashtag system, you can easily navigate the correspondence. This feature is useful when several hundred people communicate at the same time. To simplify the search for important information, it is enough to accompany such messages with certain hashtags, and then any subscriber can quickly find them.

Chats are really a very handy thing, especially for webmasters or people who work on the Internet. Well, you can read how to create and search for them in my other articles.


Telegram channels: what are they and why are they needed

Kind of a microblog. The author shares information with subscribers while maintaining anonymity. One thing is bad: without creating and connecting a chat (this is a group), it will not work either to communicate with potential customers, or to like / discuss innovations.

Channels are used by many famous bloggers and are often created to promote a brand. For information on how to create or find them, see my articles. Well, if you are the owner of an Instagram account, then I can recommend this service – onemorepost.ru. It will allow you to connect a social network with a messenger and set up automatic publication, which will subsequently save a lot of time when creating and publishing content.

Favorites tab

Unlimited storage space for user information. A kind of cloud storage where you can store files, satisfaction messages and channel recordings.


Telegram bots: why they are needed and what they do

Tiny assistants designed to make life easier for group or channel administrators. They are used to:

  • creating reviews;
  • channel management;
  • creation of entertainment content;
  • responses to commands with pre-recorded responses;
  • searching for information on the Internet;
  • decorative poles;
  • Recently, through bots, it has become possible to organize the purchase and sale of goods.

This is a small list of features, but I’m sure you’ve already been able to roughly estimate their usefulness. By the way, you can distinguish them from the special postscript “Bot” – it’s very simple, right? I already wrote about how to create your own bot and set up some functions in a separate article.

As you can see, there are many functions, and each of them distinguishes Telegram from other standard messengers. There are also familiar features: voice and video messaging, preview links, use of GIF-animation, mark of read messages. But Telegram is not just a messaging tool. This is something between a social network and a simple messenger. It has its own unique features that other services do not have.


The program allows you to correspond simultaneously not only with one person, but also with several or even thousands of people at the same time. To do this, it is enough to create a group from 2 people to 5 thousand users. It should be noted that in the process of communication, you can add people to the group, but only so that their number does not exceed 5 thousand. The program has already created chats with open access.

What is Telegram: a review of the new messenger, advantages and disadvantages

For secret correspondence, you can create a secret chat. All correspondence will be located in the device memory only by the interlocutors themselves. After the time interval set by the user, all information about the conversation, the conversation itself with attached files, such as text documents, photos and videos, are deleted without a trace.

Advantages and disadvantages

Telegram app

Now I will describe the main pros and cons of this application. I’ll start with the pros:

  • developer interest. The service has never stopped since its release. It has always evolved, opening up new possibilities for its users.
  • Absolute privacy. It was created by Pavel Durov, director of the project, so that everyone would have their own secrets. According to him, “… Telegram protects freedom of speech and privacy.”
  • Channels. A unique and convenient way to share information with others.
  • Data store. The messenger can be used as a storage of information and files.
  • No paid content.
  • The presence of all the functions for comfortable communication. Audio, photo, video, text messaging, file sharing, conferences.
  • Availability on all platforms. The program is available for PC with Windows, MacOS, Linux. All the features of the service are implemented in the browser: there is TelegramWeb for this. There are also versions of applications for smartphones: Android and iOS. All data is synchronized, one account is used everywhere.

And now a few words about the shortcomings. Firstly, this is the inability to comment on the entries posted in the channels. You cannot rate them. This disadvantage is eliminated by special robots. But only at the request of the owner of the “microblog”. Secondly, complete confidentiality is not always a virtue. Reality – Telegram is used to sell illegal goods and services.

No other shortcomings were noted. Well, I haven’t recognized them yet. Be that as it may, this is a quality network that rightfully deserves positive feedback from its users.

#1 – Available on all platforms

Telegram has an app for every platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even Chrome OS. And for everyone else, there is a web version accessible from any modern browser. It also supports smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and even for those suffering from VR OS. In addition, you can use all these platforms on an unlimited number of devices, and they will all be perfectly synchronized with each other.

In addition, getting access to a new device is very simple. There is no need to scan any QR code and the verification code comes to Telegram itself. That is, you can watch it from any device that you have already logged into before.

#2 – Third Party Clients

If for some reason you are missing the functionality of the official Telegram clients, you can always use third party native clients. In fact, they are all based on the Telegram source code, but each of them has its own unique characteristics and capabilities. For example, Unigram has a version for xBox One. Bettergram exists for all desktop platforms and allows you to fix up to 50 chats instead of 5. For mobile versions, you can choose Getogram: there are very rich customization options, there is a built-in translator and you can add more than three Accounts. More importantly, these clients are safe. Their developers do not have access to encryption codes and use special Telegram protocols that ensure security.

#3 – You can delete or edit posts

You have the option, as I said, to completely or partially delete your message history. And a message with “deleted” text won’t appear instead – they’ll just disappear. You can also edit a previously sent message. Yes, the interlocutor will see that they have been changed, but will not see the text that was before. Sometimes it’s just an indispensable feature.

Telegram does a great job not only with transferring, but also with storing almost endless files up to 2 gigabytes in size. For comparison, in the same Whatsapp you can send files with a maximum size of 16 megabytes. In addition, the upload and download speed from Telegram, as a free service, is simply huge and we use it regularly. Especially in business chats, we often throw some files. And it’s really cool that they are archived for an unlimited period of time, you can even find those files that were sent many years ago.

#4 – Speed ​​and Reliability

The messenger is extremely resistant to any type of blockage and functions like a Kalashnikov in almost any condition. Telegram is surprisingly unpretentious in terms of connection quality and works well even on 2G (EDGE), and with a good connection, the messenger just flies. It is one of the fastest in the world. Stability is a nice plus for Telegram. In my memory, the Carts servers went down only a few times, and even then not for long. Recently, this happens a little more often, but this is just an excuse to improve the work of Telegram.

#5 – Convenient and easy to learn

The design of the customer is being worked out in detail. There are many interesting things like archives, folders or scroll controls. Developers add new features almost every month. All interface elements and settings are simple and unobtrusive. Working with the application is built on the principle of intuitive interaction, so even a new and inexperienced user will not need much time to master Telegram, despite the really huge number of possibilities.

#6 – Username

What to do if you want to chat with a person in the messenger, because it is corny cheaper, but you still do not want to give him your number. Usually this ends with the fact that he still comes to give his number, as is the case with Viber or Votsap, but the situation is different with Telegram. This is because he has the ability to choose a unique username – a pseudonym that can later be used as contact information because people can use it to find you in a search. Comfortable? Comfortable! It is safe?

I think so, because it allows you not to spread your number left and right, and in this case, change your nickname in just 2 seconds. By the way, the nickname allows you to mention the user in the big chat, even if you don’t have their phone number – for example, @nickname. The cheapest thing!

#7 – Multiple account support

Telegram is one of the few modern instant messaging services that supports multiple accounts in one program. Remember Viber or Whatsapp – they are far behind in this regard. But a logical question arises, why does a person need several accounts? Sometimes it is necessary for work, sometimes for other business. Share an endless stream of information from channels and chats and really important messages. For example, I have a work account and a personal account, so one doesn’t overlap the other.

#8 – No postcards or other spam

Like if your grandmother regularly congratulates you with postcards. Well, what can you do about it? After all, you can’t drive him away. For some reason, there is no such spam in Telegram. Probably because there are no grandparents there. The fact remains: no one takes me to Telegram with useless images. Of course, except for my friends who send me memes, but the developers are actively fighting other types of spam, leaving no one unpunished. Usually, by the way, such spam occurs in chats, where immediately the people who sent it are blocked forever.

#9 – Snooze and Silent Messages

These are indispensable features for those people who need to send a message right now, but even disturbing the interlocutor is not good. With a long press on the send button, you can send a message without sound. It will appear on the screen of your interlocutor, but will not wake him up if he is sleeping, and will not distract him if he is very busy. The delayed message is sent in exactly the same way. You need to hold the “Submit” button and then select “Send Later”. You can immediately set the time and date of sending, and after you have done everything, a special button will appear in the chat. You can also use it to delete this scheduled post or edit it.

By the way, with the help of scheduled messages, you can create reminders for yourself, and they will be sent to all devices on which the messenger is installed. It is very comfortable. We go into the saved messages and create a delayed message for the desired date and time. Here you are! Ready! And by the way, when you receive a notification, it will have a calendar icon on it so that you understand that you sent yourself an overdue message.

#10 – Appearance and customization

Telgram allows you to very fine-tune the appearance of the client. It’s not just changing the wallpaper like in Viber or Whatsapp. Telegram allows you to edit the entire design, as well as share themes, create and send them, or vice versa, download and install.

#11 – Instant View

This thing allows Telegram users to instantly view articles from the Internet without ads and waiting to be downloaded. When you receive a link to an article via Telegram, click the “View” button to get it in a convenient, legible and always the same form. Snapshot pages like this one support any type of text and media and always look good, even if the original site isn’t optimized for mobile devices. In addition, they are very lightweight and are cached on Telegram servers. Hence the actual name “Quick View” or “Quick View”, because for this they load very, very quickly.

#12 – Security

Telegram security

This is the most secure messenger. If you want no one to find or read your correspondence, this is the place for you. The Telegram team has certainly made sure that their customers are satisfied. At one time, Durov offered a considerable amount to anyone who had access to the correspondence between him and his brother, but, unfortunately, this task was not successful. A certain hacker found several failures in the system, but could not get the correspondence and mail to log into the system. Therefore, Telegram is rightfully considered the most secure network.

Pros and cons of Telegram

Today there are a huge number of instant messengers, and each of them is broken down into atoms, trying to figure out their advantages and disadvantages. From the very beginning, Durov declared Telegram a completely secure messenger, he was given special attention.


  • No ads. Durov thought about the DNA of the program, eliminating the very possibility of installing spam and advertising.
  • Speed ​​and ease of use Telegram loads much faster than most messengers, and the interface (which reminds many of the familiar VKontakte menu, although it has nothing to do with it) is clear without further ado.
  • IP protection. Even after an official request from the FSB last year, the company did not provide users’ personal data. It is physically impossible to obtain encryption keys, since they are individual and available to each user (this is the essence of process decentralization).
  • Adaptability. There are two official versions of Telegram (for iOS and Android), but there are about 10 additional ones. They allow you to use the messenger on PC and tablets.
  • Customized range of settings. You can set timers to remove a match and a password to open a match.
  • Information exchange formats. Telegram offers a variety of communication options, from a blogging platform to supergroups of up to 5,000 users, chatbots, and even audio calls.
  • Secret chats. Users communicate on the basis of end-to-end encryption, the history of such correspondence is not stored on servers.


  • Limited versions for PC and websites. The web version does not always delete the chat history and it is simply impossible to create a secret chat on any PC version.
  • Associated with a phone number. On the one hand, this is good, on the other, not so much. Even if you respect your incognito status on Telegram, a comparison between the number database and the Telegram database will give you away. Additionally, a one-time code confirmation can be intercepted.
  • The messages themselves are not encrypted. In fact, they are transmitted over encrypted protocols, but messages are stored in clear text on servers.

Differences from other messengers

Rarely you will find in which service for communication between users:

  • storage of digital information;
  • completely free stickers;
  • mini-games integrated with the high score system;
  • huge conversations;
  • purchase and sale of goods;
  • the ability to create your own content: stickers, bots;
  • confidentiality;
  • multiplatform.

Yes, of course, most of these functions are in every second messenger. However, some of them will definitely be paid or not available at all.

In Telegram, individual dialogs are grouped into folders

What is Telegram and how to use it: a detailed analysis
There are also smart folders that show only private or new messages

If you participate in a dozen dialogues at the same time, it makes sense to divide them into areas: work, family, entertainment. If you subscribe to channels, this is especially true.

Telegram also has smart folders that display messages of a specific type.

Telegram has built-in cloud data storage

What is Telegram and how to use it: a detailed analysis
Here you can throw everything you need at your fingertips at a specific time

In a separate “Favorites” chat in Telegram, you can now launch absolutely everything that is important. Here you can even write an address and a couple of phone numbers.

Telegram has a timer to send messages

What is Telegram and how to use it: a detailed analysis

Telegram messages are conveniently searched by hashtags

What is Telegram and how to use it: a detailed analysis
In a long, long correspondence, it will be possible to mark important information with tags. It is convenient to mark important information with signatures after #. This, for example, can be a good idea during a brainstorming session or advice during a long group correspondence.

Not so long ago, in a group of dog lovers, I clarified the name of the medicine for a homemade little girl. A year ago, they immediately gave the right hashtag for the answer.

I was even surprised that this tool is not overlooked by the most ordinary users.

Telegram interface can be changed beyond recognition

What is Telegram and how to use it: a detailed analysis
Messenger interface is very flexible

In WhatsApp, you can only change the background of the conversation.

Telegram, on the other hand, offers a plethora of design options, from monochrome to pink, light green, and more. All this can be adjusted in Settings > Appearance.

Of course, there is no particular practical benefit from this. However, the custom app is definitely more pleasant to use.

Telegram home screen icon can be replaced

What is Telegram and how to use it: a detailed analysis
You will be able to choose the appropriate wallpaper for the iPhone home screen

Apart from themes, Telegram also has the ability to change the home screen icon. There are vintage classics, modern and other options to choose from. This can also be changed in Settings > Appearance.

System requirements for installation

Messenger Whatsapp boycotts legacy operating systems (early versions of Android and iOS). The app works on devices with operating systems older than Android 2.3.7 and iOS 8. As of February 2021, the minimum operating system versions to run WhatsApp are Android 5.0 Lollipop, iOS 10, Mac OSX 10+ and Windows 10.

Telegram works with the operating system that Whatsapp stopped working with. The popular messenger in Russia differs from the American application in that it can be installed on devices running Android 2.2+, iOS 8.0 and higher, Windows 7,8,10, Linux 11.4, Mac OSX.

Adaptation for different devices

Telegram and Whatsapp are adapting to the operating system of smartphones and computers. Both applications do not work with feature phones. Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram is more friendly. The Russian app adapts to older versions of Android and iPhone.

Adaptation for different devices

What is better Telegram or WhatsApp

answering this question is quite difficult, because in terms of popularity these applications are almost next to each other. They have similar functionality, but still have significant differences. Let’s take a closer look at each criterion.


Telegram is a space decorated in a single pleasant blue color. The logo of this messenger is quite memorable: a white paper airplane on a blue background. The arrival of messages is indicated by a check mark, and its receipt is indicated by two. The very design of the correspondence is almost the same as that of WhatsApp, but many other interesting gifs and emoticons are available.

WhatsApp is made in green, but you can change the color of the design inside the application. The icon consists of a transparent tube with a white outline on a green background. This is also a simple and concise designation, but it is more difficult to remember. Inside the message feed is white, only emoticons and gifs are available, which is not very convenient. The system also shows when the message was sent and when it was received.

Why Telegram is better than other messengers


Telegram has a very rich functionality, among which are:

  • you can delete all files from the cache directly in the settings;
  • use of bots for mailing and chat;
  • free animations and gifs;
  • Correspondence corrections are available within 48 hours.

Whatsapp does not have such features, but it also supports audio and video calls, turning off notifications if necessary. You can clear the cache only in the settings of the device itself.


Telegram is a messenger with the highest level of security. The developers initially created a special protocol that helps to encrypt all information passing through the channels of this network. It will also be impossible to get information about possible matches on the server. WhatsApp has a much weaker security system. The network uses end-to-end encryption, but this does not mean that correspondence will be 100% protected from falling into the hands of scammers.

Compatibility with other platforms

Telegram has other versions of the messenger that can be supported on any device. Among them are Web, Desktop and Webogram. Vatsap, on the other hand, very often stops working on different operating systems, and even after reinstalling the situation does not change. This messenger also has no analogues. Hence, Telegram is superior to WhatsApp in every way.

Why Telegram is better than other messengers

How to start using Telegram

Telegram installation

To take advantage of all the features of the application, you need to have a phone number and any modern gadgets. The messenger supports all popular platforms: Windows, Android, iOS and so on.

In short, to register you will need:

  • Download the client and install it on your computer/phone.
  • Complete a fairly simple registration.

The procedure is also available in the browser version of the service – TelegramWeb. Well, to access any other device, you will need to enter the code from the SMS.

After registration, when you are in the application, people from your address book will be displayed in your contacts. You can find friends, bots and channels by their aliases or addresses. The application has a general search for this.

Installation and registration

For gadgets. Installing the Telegram app is simple and does not take much time. It is enough to download the version of the Telegram program for Android or another operating system, for example, in the App Store or Google Play, and go through a simple registration:

  • Allow the application to access the gadget’s functions (camera, Wi-Fi, contact list, etc.).
  • Launch the application and enter the phone number to which the code will be sent to activate your account.
  • Enter user credentials. This completes the registration.

Attention. If the activation SMS did not arrive within the allotted time, it is possible to receive a voice call and, after listening to the code, enter it into the verification form. After that, you can start localization.

Telegram app localization

When you first start Telegram, enter the word “telerobot” in the search bar of the program and go to a chat with Robot Anton. Send a message like “find …” to the Telegram bot, where instead of an ellipsis there will be the name of the operating system you need (android / ios / windows).

Receive the sent file, install it by clicking on the button in the form of three dots located vertically in the upper right corner, select “Apply localization file” in the menu that opens. After that, just select your desired language and set up an account.

Desktop version. You can download Telegram for your computer here. The user will be prompted to save the Telegram installation files for the computer on their PC and follow the instructions to install the program.

Also, when you first start the Telegram application, you enter a phone number for activation. It is necessary to localize the interface in the same way as the versions on Android and iOS.

The only difference between Telegram for a computer is that after downloading, you need to go to the settings, hold Shift and Alt together, click “change language”. Next, a folder opens in which the Telegram desktop file is located – you need to double-click on it and confirm the restart of the program.

“Webogram”. You can join Telegram web version here. You don’t need to install anything. There is also no need to Russify the interface, since the online version of Telegram was originally in Russian.

Advanced Features and Features

Thanks to the efforts of the creators of the program, the Telegram messenger has acquired many fundamental differences from other programs for communication and data exchange. The differences are based on the non-commercial principle of Telegram.

By making the data available to the public, the creators of the messenger have stepped up its further development and improvement. Thus, the Telegram application compares favorably with other programs in this category.

Distinctive features of the application:

  • Organization of Telegram group chats with support for up to two hundred contacts with filtering according to criteria inside the chat (there is a possibility of super chat up to 5 thousand users).
  • Self-cleaning of the message by setting the appropriate timer for the sender and recipient.
  • Possibility to edit messages after a certain period of time has elapsed from the moment of transmission.
  • Communication in a secret chat for 2 people, when user messages are not stored in the cloud, but are transmitted to gadgets and destroyed after reading.
  • Search for contacts for communication, using not a phone number, but a user’s nickname in the Telegram messenger.
  • Instantly send files up to 1.5 gigabytes (archives, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, audio to MP3, video).
  • Cloud storage of information on several dozen servers around the world (5 data centers operate).
  • Cross-platform thanks to easy synchronization with gadgets and other devices running a wide range of operating systems.
  • Simultaneous access to the account from 2-3 or more devices, including online (web) and desktop version.
  • Safety. The creators promised $200,000 to anyone who could extract and decipher the information. For 4 years of the existence of the program, no one has succeeded so far.
  • There are no ads in the program, plus the creators are not going to sell the application in the future. Donation support.
  • Storing information in encrypted form – 99% security. Even after gaining access to the servers in the data center, the attacker will not hack into the user’s correspondence, since the decryption keys are stored in another data center.
  • Using custom bots to improve your Telegram account, collect statistics, public relations, advertising and other purposes.

Users liked these and other features of the Telegram messenger. However, few people know that the messenger is convenient to use for business.

Telegram for the company. Benefits

Downloading Telegram to a computer or gadget and putting it at the service of the company is really profitable. Thanks to this, the team is united, brand awareness and loyalty to the goods and services offered by consumers increase.

By creating your Telegram channel, it is easier to advertise your business. Audience coverage reaches 85-90% of subscribers, while in VKontakte and Facebook this figure is 10 and 5%, respectively. People who have used this tool to promote their business have long appreciated its simplicity, accessibility and other benefits.

Telegram business chat messenger helps to unite employees into one team. Conducting mini-briefings, distributing tasks among several employees, discussing emerging working moments, informing about emergency situations.

Use the Telegram messenger to share photos, video and audio files, screenshots and documents. By downloading a dozen Telegram stickers suitable for your collection, diversify your communication.

Your Telegram bot can take on some management responsibilities. It will help to communicate with shop buyers, buyers, subscribers. With their help, a search in the FAQ is installed, which allows users to find the answer to their question in automatic mode. With the help of a bot, you save time and human resources. Routine will bypass the commercial side.

Instructions for getting started with Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger Subscription Instructions Subscribing to Messenger is shockingly simple:

  • Download from the site the version of the application you need for your device. Install. We register in the system by indicating a valid phone number, to which we will receive a confirmation code, first and last name (not necessarily real ones).
    Registration in Telegram Messenger 2
  • In the settings, you can specify the login under which the interlocutors will see you, upload a photo, change the language and configure notification settings.
    Registration in Telegram Messenger 3

Using the Telegram platform in investment projects

Drawing attention to the outstanding features of the Telegram platform, many developers of HYIP projects began to master it. As a result, a new generation of investment projects began to appear, the interaction of which is carried out mainly through a proven messenger.
Their main feature is the maximum possible ease of use:

  • You can track your attachments on any device with Telegram Messenger installed thanks to instant cloud sync.
  • It is not necessary to follow the registration procedure on the site, it is enough to connect to the system through the bot.

To better understand why Telegram is so interesting for investors, let’s look at an example of working with the bot of the Bitrobot investment project – Alice (at the moment the bot is not active, since this investment project has already been closed. Bitrobot did a good job), you could immediately earn 200% in 2 months .):

  • Go to the project website and select “Connect”. Or in the same Telegram Messenger in the search bar, enter the name of the desired bot, if you know it (in our example, this is Alice – Alice_BitBot).
    Investments through a bot in Telegram
    Investments through a bot in Telegram 1
  • The “Start” button will appear, after clicking on which you need to select the language for communicating with the bot.
  • Then the bot will invite you to meet by making a short standard registration right in the chat (by entering your login for the project, email and password). In the menu that appears below the chat window, you can view account balance information, project information, news, and so on, that is, all those sections that are planned by the administrator.
    In different projects, the menu items will differ slightly, but the essence is the same.
    Investing through a bot in Telegram 1
    Invest through a bot in Telegram 2
  • In addition to using the provided menu items, it is also sometimes possible to talk to the bot about various topics if the administrator has foreseen this and programmed the appropriate responses. Sometimes it can be quite a funny chat 🙂

    Chat with bot 2

  • Replenishment of the balance occurs through the “My Finance” menu, where you need to select an investment plan and specify portfolios for depositing and withdrawing funds. Your warehouse starts working immediately after replenishment. Payments are also arranged.

Therefore, a tool for interacting with an investment project is always at hand. Bots in different projects have approximately the same settings and work on the same principle.


This free application is regularly updated and includes additional features, so even the most detailed instructions do not allow you to see all the possibilities of this real system for communicating with people around the world. Intuitive and friendly interface allows you to quickly get used to all the functions of the program that the user needs. And this, in turn, very quickly increases the circle of contacts, not limited only to the native country, since there are literally no state lines for telegrams.

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