What does “was recently” mean in Telegram & What time is it?

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What does “I was recently” mean in Telegram

What period of time is meant by this state? It is impossible to determine with 100% certainty. The entry could mean that the other person visited the chat today during the day, yesterday, this week, or even this month. The status will change only in one case, if the person has not logged into Telegram for more than a month. In this case, the message “It was a long time ago” will appear.


To hide the time of visiting the messenger from others, you need to perform a number of simple steps. They may vary slightly depending on the operating system you are using.

And this is how much?

Recent status on Telegram: how long ago? It is difficult to get an answer to the question, there is no exact meaning. It can be assumed that this is less than a minute ago, as if more, the messenger shows a specific number of minutes.

What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it

This option is designed to determine the date and time of visiting the messenger. Interlocutors can see any information inscriptions:

  • This week;
  • Recently;
  • This month.
  • many minutes/hours ago;

What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it
What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it
What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it

Why hide your status?

The ability to hide the time of your last visit to Telegram is quite useful if you want to use the app more anonymously. But it is impossible to completely hide your activity in the messenger. The online status will be visible to everyone, it cannot be hidden.

Why hide your status? To make it impossible to determine exactly when you were online.


What does it mean in the telegram was this week?

Views based on information from the last access to the application

Think about what types of information exist in Telegram recently on the network when you last visited the program. What it means: … No – in this case, the status in the system is temporary, which is displayed by the words “was (a) online recently”, “was (a) this week”, “was (a) a long time ago”.

Types of statuses of the last online

Options for the status of the last visit to the application:

  • “For all”. If you set this option, any user in the chat window will see how long ago you joined Telegram.
  • “My contacts”. By selecting this item, your status will be visible only to your contacts.
  • “Nobody”. In this case, instead of a timestamp, the Telegram status will display the words “recently online”, “this week”, “this month”, “long ago” – the approximate value of the last date in the line.

What are the types of contacts in Telegram with this status

Next, we will look at several options for receiving information about “recently” in Telegram and find out what this can mean:

  • “Nobody”. In this case, the status will be temporarily set by the system itself.
  • “For everyone”: when using this option, any user of the Telegram messenger will be able to find out in what period of time the owner of the page visited it, indicating the status “recently visited”. This option means that the user was in his profile a couple of seconds ago or in the next three days, but it is impossible to know the exact time;
  • “My contacts”. In this case, the status is visible only to those users who are included in the category of close contacts for the main user of the page;

How to set the status “Recently”

Let’s take a closer look at the procedure for all popular platforms. There are no significant differences in settings between operating systems. The procedure is almost the same everywhere, with the exception of a couple of nuances.

Algorithm for setting the status in Window OS on a home PC

It is assumed that the desktop version of the messenger is already installed on your computer and that you are logged into your account. You can set the corresponding status like this:

  • We enter the messenger and in the upper left corner click on the icon with three horizontal stripes.


  • In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” line.


  • In the next menu, click “Privacy”.


  • Next, select the item “Last activity”. By default, all users look forward to their visit, but by making some changes, their number can be reduced or this information can be closed to everyone.


  • We save the changes, after which they immediately take effect.
  • Changes have been made to the “Who is waiting for the last login” block. We choose one of three options, and you can add exceptions for each of them. This is done in the corresponding block below. Click “Add” and select numbers from your contact list.

You can add or remove a number from the exclusions at any time. It is important to remember that it will be impossible to see the time of visiting the messenger by those users whose activity is hidden.

How to set status on smartphone

If the Telegram application is already installed on a smartphone or iPhone, then you can set the corresponding status by performing operations similar to those discussed in the PC version. All steps are identical, except for the last step, instead of the “Save” button, you need to click on the checkmark in the upper right corner of the application, and then confirm the changes made to the settings.

How to put a status on iPhone

First, instructions for iPhone:

  • Select the “Privacy” section;
  • Enter the messenger;
  • Go to the line “Last activity”.
  • Click the settings icon in the bottom right pane;

Before you block “Who sees when I’m online.” You can choose a value – the corresponding group will be able to track online:

  • Nobody.
  • All;
  • My contacts;


Below is the “Exceptions” section. You can add people who will not see the exact minutes – check the boxes and save the changes.

Let’s try to figure out how much it costs: “I was recently” in Telegram. It will not be possible to find out the exact figure – most likely, the user was online during the day. No details – privacy works great!

On Android

And now let’s move on to the second instruction: let’s find out what users of the Android operating system need to do to set the status to “Recently”:

  • Look for the “Privacy” button;
  • Enter the application and click on the three bars at the top left;
  • We go to the “Settings” block;

What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it
What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it

  • Set exceptions below: select users from the address book who will never have access to data.
  • In the “Last activity” section, you can select the appropriate value: your visits will be viewed by everyone / no one / or people from the contact list;

What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it
What does "recently" mean in Telegram and what time is it

You do not need to save the changes, they take effect automatically. Open any dialog box and make sure that the corresponding “Recently” status in Telegram is displayed under the partner’s name.

Let’s finish with the mobile version – go ahead. Let’s talk about how users of a computer program should act.

Set status and select exclusions

Exceptions can be configured for each of the three options. Identify specific people in your contact list who will always or never see your status!

So, where to find the visibility and exclusion settings:

In Telegram for Android: In Telegram for iOS: On the Telegram desktop:
Main menu → section “Privacy and security” → item “Last activity” Main menu → section “Privacy” → item “Last activity” Main menu → subsection “Privacy and security” → item “Who sees the last access time”
photo: last login display selection menu image: setting the status of the last entry in a telegram on an iPhone Image: How to Hide the Last Online Telegram Desktop Time

Causes of incorrect time display

It happens that the activity time is displayed incorrectly, despite the fact that no changes were made to the privacy settings. This can happen for one of the following reasons:

clock gave

  • Incorrect definition of the time zone in the operator’s network.
  • Error setting the time manually.
  • Failed to discover device due to:
  • position lock.
  • geolocation is disabled;
  • time zone change settings offline;

If the time is displayed incorrectly in the PC version, the reasons may be the following:

  • The IP address is incorrect. To check this data, it makes sense to use the 2ip.ru service.
  • The BIOS battery in the PC system unit is low. In this case, this equipment will need to be replaced

Telegram records uptime in dialog boxes based on the data of the device on which the messenger is installed. The elimination of the error lies in the correct setting of the date and time on the smartphone or on the PC itself. For Android and iOS, it is preferable to use the time and time zone of the network, and enable geolocation. If there are no results, this data must be adjusted manually in the appropriate menu items “Settings”.

How to know when one subscriber blocks another?

There are 3 main symptoms that indicate a blockage:

  • You do not see information about when the person was online;
  • After sending messages, a checkmark appears on them. This means that the messages were sent and delivered to the server, but did not reach the owner;
  • The subscriber’s avatar is not displayed.

How to check if a subscriber has blocked you?

This can be done by calling or sending a message. During the conversation, you will hear several short beeps, after which the call will be dropped. If there is no call and the call is interrupted, this is a clear sign that the other subscriber is blocking your number. When you send a message, you will only have one checkmark as described above.

What a blocked user sees

If a user is blocked, he will not be able to see the time the person who blocked him visited the messenger. Instead, the same status will always be displayed: “It was a long time ago.”


But it is worth remembering that such a record can also be trivial, meaning that the interlocutor has not logged into the application for a very long time (more than a month). This is where some basic logic comes in. If yesterday the activity time was displayed in the usual format, and today the entry “It was a long time ago” appeared, there can be no doubt: the user has blocked you.

Knowing what this or that state means, it is easier to communicate with your contacts in Telegram and, if necessary, set a higher level of privacy, hiding your activity when visiting the messenger.

Signs of a blockage

Now let’s try to understand the question of how to understand that your friends in Telegram have blocked you.

Profile avatar

If your regular profile picture looks different, that’s cause for concern. Also, if other contacts can track the update of the image and you can’t, that’s a clear sign that you’ve been blocked. However, the history of previously downloaded images cannot be viewed.

Secret chat

If you block a person, when you add them to a secret chat, a pop-up window will appear on the screen and the user will see an error message. This is not a software glitch, but an accurate indication that you are blacklisted.
Error adding contact to secret chat


If the contact is blocked, the messages will be sent but not delivered to the final recipient. Typically, if a notification is delivered to a user, two checkmarks appear below the text. In a situation where such a sign has not appeared for a long time, you are blacklisted. This is the best way to check if you are stuck.
No confirmation that the message was displayed

Due to the new update, we now define the block more precisely. When you send a message, a red circle with an exclamation mark appears, indicating that you are blacklisted. You can see what the icon looks like in the image.
Message not delivered

Voice and video calls

Many people ask, what does the absence of beeps mean during voice calls? This is also a sign that you are on the blacklist of blocked users. But do not panic right away, this situation may refer to the fact that there is no stable communication signal or the messenger has a general failure. Try contacting a friend in a different way and you will know the exact reasons . Now you know how to view block information. All of the above signs are indirect, since software failures and technical work on the servers cannot be ruled out. Let’s figure out how to block a contact and what will happen after the actions taken.
Call failed

Deleting an account when inactive

Don’t forget to log into your account sometimes. In Telegram, the user profile is automatically deleted along with all data if there has been no activity for a long time. In the messenger settings there is an option “Delete inactive account”.

To find it, you will need:

  • Open settings
  • Go to the “Privacy” section
  • Select “Delete account if inactive”




This menu has four items to choose from:

  • 6 months
  • 1 month
  • 1 hour
  • 3 months


If you do not sign in to your account within this time, it will be permanently deleted along with all saved chats, groups and files. You will then be able to register with the same phone number. But then you will have to start all over again: download the lost files again and add the deleted contacts.

If you lose your account, the following cannot be recovered:

  • Groups and channels you’ve created
  • Cloud and secret chats

Where to see the time of the last visit

To view the last hour of another person’s Telegram activity, follow the instructions below.

Regardless of the platform (Android phone, iPhone or personal computer), you must first find the account of the person you are interested in.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Search (if no matches)
  • Open a dialog with the desired user

Through dialogue

  • Open the desired chat
  • Click the profile icon next to the name (at the top of the screen)

The person’s profile information will appear: their avatar, name, and online status. The latter is displayed below the username.

Frequently asked Questions

The date and time displayed in the activity status is directly related to the user’s device. Therefore, the reasons for the failure of temporary information can be the following:

  • The geolocation mode enabled on your device may not work correctly and affect the distortion of temporal information in the messenger. You can disable this mode and manually synchronize the time zone.
  • Incorrect system date setting. If you make a mistake, set the date and time manually. Restart the program.
  • Technical work on servers, problems of the client part of the service. In this case, you should seek advice from the developers.
  • Weak Internet, connection problems may affect the distortion of information provided at the time of the last visit. Charge your router. If the problem is with your service provider, contact your service provider’s technical support.
  • Time synchronization confusion can arise when there is active data exchange on different devices at the same time. Close the app on other devices.

Messenger offers such an opportunity. The manipulations are as follows:

  • Open the “Settings” mode in the program.
  • Click the “Privacy” tab.
  • Here, open the “Phone Number” entry.
  • Determine the circle of people who will see your contact number.

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