What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok application

What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok application TikTok

Social networks are part of people’s lives. Everyone wants to publish on the page only high-quality pictures with excellent processing. But what if the mobile device does not allow you to take such photos? This is discussed below.

Photo usage

Tik Tok has become one of the most popular social networks in the 21st century. In it, users can share their work, as well as observe the work of other people. But despite the fact that application used by a lot of people, the functionality is inferior to similar ones programs.

So, for example, using Tik Tok, you cannot upload photos.

Is it possible

Users who previously had only Instagram on a mobile device are wondering if it is possible to add pictures into the tape? However, such an option is not provided in the social network, because the concept of the application was to create short videos, the length which does not exceed 60 seconds.

What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationTik Tok app

Are there special settings

Special settings for editing photos also not included in the app. The user can modify the recorded videos by adding built-in effects and music to them.

Go to avatar

When you open a new account, the program prompts you to set the main profile photo. If the user’s mobile device does not have a suitable Imageshe can take a picture from the app online.

How to withdraw

This is done as follows:

  • First you need to open the “My” or “I” section in the Tik Tok application. You need to click on the “Edit profile” button.
  • In the menu that opens, click on the avatar, under which the inscription “Change photo” is placed.
  • A list will appear in which the user must select the line “Take a photo” and click on it. Then you will also need to allow the application access to the camera of the mobile device.
  • This will open the camera. By using it, one can high quality photo, which can be set to the profile avatar by clicking on the “Save” button. And in case the picture didn’t turn out well, it’s easy to redo it.
  • What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationHow to change your profile picture on Tik Tok

    For information. By following the steps described, you can make photo for avatar as on iPhoneso on android devices.

    How to download

    To upload a snapshot to TikTok, the user must follow the steps below:

  • To get started, go to the profile editing section. How to do this was described above. Then you need to click on the “Edit photo” button.
  • In the list that appears, click on the line “Select from gallery”. You will need to allow the utility access to the smartphone gallery. Without this, the user will not be able to update their profile photo.
  • After that, a gallery will open in which you need to select your favorite pictures. If desired, the user can also resize the photo in the preview mode.
  • To add the selected photo, you need to click on the “Save” button.
  • rules

    You can change the main photo on the page at any time. However, users cannot upload pictures that contain profanity, violence, or erotica. Otherwise, the requirements for pictures are standard, as in many other social networks.

    For information. It is also worth noting that after uploading a photo to an avatar, the user will not be able to delete it.

    Slide show

    Users of the social network Tik Tok can publish not only full-fledged videos, but also short slide shows with music. Such content differs from the usual in that it does not carry a special semantic load.

    What is it

    A slideshow is a short video containing photos. As a rule, in the background in such videos, music is played that is suitable for the topic. The advantage of a slideshow is that it can be done within an hour without much effort. In addition, users are encouraged to fully assemble the video in the Tik Tok application.


    Creating slideshows on iOS and Android mobile devices is no different. You can do this by following the instructions below:

  • First you need to go to the program and log in with a personal account.
  • Next, click on the “+” button, which is located at the very bottom, to go to the section for creating videos.
  • The camera of the mobile device will open, but the user does not need it in this case. In order to add pictures for a slideshow, you should click on the “Upload” button, which is located in the lower right menu.
  • After that, the user will be redirected to the smartphone gallery, in which he must mark the pictures for the future video.
  • Once the photos are selected, you need to click on the “Slideshow” button.
  • The user will now be redirected to the edit menu for the selected files. Here he can change the orientation of the pictures, add effects to them, and also overlay music. It is recommended to follow the composition of the created clip, because the details must match each other.
  • At the end, the user can publish the finished video by adding hashtags to it, or leave it in drafts.
  • What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationSlideshow on Tik Tok


    There are a huge number of different ideas for creating slideshows. For example:

  • Archive of family photos. You can insert pictures from holidays, vacations, birthdays into it.
  • Slideshow for kids. It can combine the first months and years of a baby’s life. Thanks to this, the whole family will see the gradual maturation of the child.
  • wedding slideshow. Options with a love story of newlyweds have become incredibly popular. In the video, you can put photos from the first meetings, dates and marriage proposals.
  • Gift slideshow. This is a great birthday gift idea for a friend, boyfriend or mom. You can insert your favorite joint photos and videos, and choose an iconic song for the background.
  • How to improve your camera with apps

    In the age of technology, you can turn an ordinary mobile device camera into a real camera simply by using additional utilities. More about them will be discussed below.

    open camera

    This is great application to improve the quality of photos from Tik Tok. With it, you can take high-quality pictures using the built-in settings. So, for example, you can enable the option of automatic stabilization. So you can take the perfect photo in any conditions. In addition, the program has a flash, white balance, exposure, ISO, as well as a face recognition option.

    What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationopen camera

    Advantages disadvantages
    There is built-in touch focus, special photo modes, timer and zoom. Complex interface.
    The utility can be installed for free.
    Built-in automatic face recognition option.

    Camera MX

    Using the presented application, you can take “Live photos”, “Photos from the past”, as well as panoramic shots. In addition, the utility has a built-in HDR adjustment, changing saturation and black and white spectrum. This is enough for improvements photo quality.

    What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationCamera MX

    Advantages disadvantages
    The utility records video without sacrificing quality. Not big enough functionality.
    Using the presented application, you can take pictures and process them in a special editor.

    Reference. The program can download freely, without money.

    Adobe Lightroom

    The user can create photos and edit in a special Adobe Lightroom program. You need to select a setting and turn the sliders to improve light and color reproduction. In addition, you can add filters and presets to finished photos.

    What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationAdobe Lightroom

    Advantages disadvantages
    The program can simultaneously perform several tasks at once, which reduces the time spent on image processing. The RAW option can only be opened after purchasing a subscription.
    The user can set the level of brightness and saturation for each object in the picture. The application may hang during processing.

    footy camera

    This tool can easily replace the camera in any mobile device. It supports most of the settings. For example:

  • continuous shooting;
  • manual adjustment of ISO, focus;
  • shooting in Slow Motion mode;
  • image stabilization;
  • shooting in RAW, DNG modes.
  • Advantages disadvantages
    Simple and beautiful interface. The utility is only compatible with devices that support 2 APIs.
    The program can be installed for free.

    Bacon Camera

    Thanks to the presented tool, the user can independently adjust the exposure, aperture, shutter speed, white balance for future photos.

    Advantages disadvantages
    You can use manual settings even on phones that do not support the Camera2 API. It will take a lot of time to get decent pictures.
    The utility works without an internet connection. Ads may appear from time to time.
    Installation is free.

    Photo editing services

    There are many photo editing services on the web. With their help, users can add filters, stickers to their photos.


    Users of this social network are encouraged to take pictures from the application, and then edit before publishing. The program has built-in special settings with which you can improve the quality and increase the brightness, as well as filters. In addition, a large number of masks are built-in. With them, users can take unique photos.


    The program, called Snapchat, will also be able to take photos using built-in masks. You can add all sorts of stickers and filters to finished pictures. However, in the social network, the user cannot change photo settings, such as exposure level or saturation.

    What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationSnapchat

    Photo enhancement apps

    Probably, everyone faced the problem of low-quality pictures. However, this can now be fixed simply by using special software, which is described below.


    The program uses technologies that can fix blurry, pixelated and even old photos in real time. Thanks to Remini, the user will get perfect shots. You can also improve the quality of a blurry video.

    Facetune and Facetune 2

    Facetune is a paid photo editor. With it, the user can both slightly retouch the selfie and change the image. A feature of the utility is considered to be a set of built-in tools for improving the quality of images.

    The following functions are built into the program:

  • makeup;
  • correction of lines and facial features;
  • lighting effects;
  • removal of skin irregularities and redness;
  • smoothing the tone of the face.
  • sharpened image

    This is an application that helps you sharpen your photos. Sharpen image is suitable for those users who need to get rid of blurry images. It is worth noting that the tool works quickly, which allows you to get a great picture in a matter of seconds.

    Photo Adjust

    What are the programs that will make better photos in the Tik Tok applicationPhoto Adjust

    The presented utility can also improve the image quality. The developer has implemented the following features in the application:

  • change the contrast level;
  • lightening the image;
  • noise reduction;
  • increase the level of sharpness and saturation.
  • It is also worth noting that the user can independently adjust the level of detail of objects and local contrast for images.

    For information. The program is paid, you can install it only on mobile devices from Apple.

    Fix Blur

    This is a free tool that allows you to quickly improve the quality of your images. The utility is easy to use and flexible to manage. For example, you can define the level of deblurring yourself by applying the appropriate slider.

    It will be possible to change the level of sharpness, the amount of noise and adjust the focus. In the process of work, the user can also compare the resulting image with the original.

    These are not all the existing good services for processing images on a mobile device. However, the programs described in the article definitely deserve the attention of the reader, since most of the necessary options for creating the best images are built into them.

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