What are rivers in Tik Tok?

What are rivers in Tik Tok? TikTok

Rek in TikTok is an abbreviation for the word “recommendations” or “recommended”. Having opened the feed in TikTok, the user immediately sees a list of videos that the social network offers him to watch. The “trick” is that rivers are determined automatically, that is, taking into account the preferences of a particular person. Thus, the chance that you will like the presented videos is quite large.

How to watch rivers on TikTok?

Getting into the block with recommendations is quite simple. To get started, launch the app on your phone:

What are rivers in Tik Tok?

The recommendation feed will open automatically and instantly. Pay attention to the inscription “For you” at the top of the screen next to the word “Subscriptions”. The “For You” block is just the videos recommended to you.

What are rivers in Tik Tok?

To go to the next video, just scroll down the page in the application:

What are rivers in Tik Tok?

How can I find out what music is currently recommended?

It often happens that you heard a cool track on TikTok, but for some reason did not remember its name. To find out what’s currently recommended in terms of music, you need to:

Switch to video recording mode and press the button at the top of the Music screen:

What are rivers in Tik Tok?

Check out popular top-lists:

What are rivers in Tik Tok?

You can explore the full list of popular categories. There is a separate tab #HochuvRek. In this section, you are waiting for trendy tracks, which in the near future may be at the very top of the Tik Tok chart:

What are rivers in Tik Tok?

How the recommendation feed is formed

The recommendation system focuses on the user’s preferences, that is, which videos he likes and comments on more often. In addition, the sounds and hashtags you like are taken into account. It is worth knowing that recommendations are also formed taking into account the geolocation of a person. However, this is not the main selection criterion.

How to get into the rivers?

We have already written about how to get into the recommendations. So let’s briefly summarize the main points:

  • regularly make interesting, not boring content, preferably in the highest possible quality;
  • do not delay the video: Tik Tok’s smart algorithms do not display videos that people do not watch to the end;
  • experiment with different formats: don’t limit yourself to lip syncs, dances, vines, be creative;
  • try to upload videos daily: this way the probability of flying into the rivers is much higher;
  • Supplement the video with relevant thematic hashtags. By the way, contrary to popular belief, just the #rek tag is not enough to get into the recommendations;
  • be in trend: it is important to know what people’s preferences are now, what topic is in fashion;
  • be active, for example, participate in challenges;
  • don’t forget about audience feedback: encourage communication with the public, ask questions at the end of the video, arrange live broadcasts for the sake of communication.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about rivers

    This information is clearly useful for newcomers to Tik Tok!

    Why do all the tiktokers want to go to Rek?

    Since it is the recommended videos that users watch most often. Such videos open automatically, and their viewing is addictive. Therefore, there is a great chance to significantly increase the number of followers. By regularly hitting the Rivers, you will promote your account much faster.

    Is it worth it to try to get into Reck with the help of promotion services?

    Definitely not the best option. TikTok may ban or block an account for such actions. It is better to focus on improving the content.

    Is it possible to somehow guarantee that the video gets into the Rec?

    No, the TikTok social network does not disclose any algorithm for guaranteed content to get into Rec. This “mystery” is done on purpose so that bloggers have more incentive to create an exciting and unique video. At the same time, the chances of being in the Rivers are the same for both advanced tiktokers and beginners.

    If you are actively developing your TikTok page, then you have probably found yourself in Rek more than once. Tell us about your experience, perhaps you have certain “tricks” for video promotion. In addition, we will be grateful for any comments on the topic!

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