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In order not to lose sight of your favorite video blogger, you can follow his Tik Tok account. Becoming a follower is easy, watching videos with tiktoker will be available from the news feed. Registration, searching for a person and subscribing to him will not take much time if you follow the recommendations given in the article.

Subscribe to Tik Tok

Tik Tok was developed in 2016. An application for mobile phones appeared in the English Federation a couple of years later. Initially, the service was focused on the Asian market, but soon TikTok became popular all over the world (boys and girls, guys and girls, men and women – everyone is interested in TikTok).

A subscription implies the ability to track new videos of your favorite blogger through a mobile application. By submitting an application for confirmation of the subscription, the user of the service receives up-to-date information about the tiktoker he is interested in online. The Subscriptions section of your account will display the channels you have subscribed to.

To subscribe to TikTok to your favorite star, the application must be downloaded and installed on your mobile gadget. It is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Features and uses of memes in TikTokTikTok By the way. To use the service, you need a mobile phone with an iOS or Android operating system version 4 or higher. The application is freely available, there is no download fee. You will need an email address and a mobile phone number to register. The user can register through popular social networks: VK, Instagram and Facebook.

To an open account

The content of this application consists of videos up to several minutes long. Capacious and meaningful vines, dances and jokes are accompanied by trendy audio tracks and cool special effects. Most celebrities have already registered on Tik Tok and continue to post interesting content.

You can subscribe to your favorite channel using a mobile phone or a personal computer with Internet access.

Let’s consider both options in more detail:

  • How to subscribe to Tik Tok using a mobile gadget. After downloading and unpacking the program, you need to register. By entering your mobile phone number and email address, you must verify your identity.
  • Registration using a PC or laptop. You can become a user of the service thanks to the Android emulator for PC (MEmu, Nox, BlueStacks).
  • Registration in both cases is free of charge. It remains only to come up with a nickname and use the application.

    The user account you want to followThe user account you want to follow

    To a private channel

    To watch videos on Tik Tok, you need to be subscribed to the channel. An account with limited access rights to it allows only subscribers to view content. The application is submitted in the name of the channel owner, and if approved, the person can view the content of interest to him.

    Important. The owner of the channel has the right to add you to the black list of users. Then access to the channel information will be lost. You can solve this problem by personally talking with the owner. Another option is to create another account and subscribe to the channel of interest.

    Search for acquaintances and friends

    In TikTok, the search for a friend is carried out without specifying his nickname (by hashtags). It is enough to enter a certain set of letters and symbols on the topic of interest, and the search engine of the service will display all the relevant options.

    The process of searching for a person in the application involves the following actions:

  • go to TikTok and log in (in the case of using a PC, we do this through the emulator);
  • click on the magnifying glass icon with the name “Interesting” and enter data about the channel of interest or the nature of its content;
  • select the desired account from the list proposed by the system (the first in the list will be the popular channels associated with the specified search query).
  • On a note. The program is focused on English, so the search for accounts should be done exclusively in it.

    Unfollowing on TikTok

    Each channel subscriber in Tik Tok periodically sees published materials from the list of their channels. Lack of interest in them, rare publications and other reasons may become the basis for unsubscribing from certain service accounts.

    Important. This social network fines users who have more than a thousand subscriptions. It is also not recommended to wind up followers, as the service can ban a user with such suspicious activity.

    From the channel you were subscribed to

    You can delete subscriptions like this:

  • in your profile, go to the “Subscriptions” section;
  • in the list that appears, select the desired channel and click on the “Unsubscribe” button;
  • an alternative option is also to unsubscribe from general updates, this feature can be enabled in your own account settings.
  • How to unfollow someone on tik tok How to unfollow someone on tik tok

    From a non-reciprocal subscriber

    Subscribing to the channel you like is not always mutual. Many users after applying for their updates do not subscribe in response. The number of such channels turns into empty numbers. Unsubscribing from such accounts is carried out in the manner described above or using the appropriate software.

    Unsubscribing in automatic mode is carried out in the following order:

  • the necessary application is downloaded to the phone or a PC program (TikTok Tool, Cybertok, TikTokHelper);
  • after successful installation, it opens, the login and password from your account on the service are entered in the data fields;
  • in the program settings, check the box with the removal of non-reciprocal subscribers and click on the button to start the process.
  • On a note. At the request of the user, you can set up periodic unsubscribing from unnecessary channels. In the program settings, you need to enter a specific time interval for which non-reciprocal subscribers were added. The system will analyze the data and delete such accounts automatically.

    How to increase the number of subscribers

    The number of reposts and likes, the video getting into trends – it all depends on the number of followers of your account. You need to develop your own channel correctly, publishing content and gaining popularity in stages.

    Technologies do not stand still and you can use the following services to cheat subscribers:

  • SmmCraft;
  • Tik Top;
  • SmmTouch;
  • TikTokTool.
  • Attention! By accessing such services, you expose your account to blocking.

    Tik Tok subscription limits

    The system perceives mass subscriptions negatively, so your account may be banned at the first suspicion of the administration. The service has a system of restrictions on likes and subscriptions, which you should familiarize yourself with.

    Within a day, more than 500 likes and more than 200 subscription requests should not be sent from one account. Exceeding these limits is subject to violations of the community rules, which the user is introduced to when registering in the system.

    The number of videos on Tik Tok is constantly growing, the platform is developing and allows you to earn royalties. It is enough to download the application, register in it and upload videos regularly.

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