How to Log in to Musically & What To Do If It’s Not Working

Ways to sign in to the app TikTok

Youth social networks practically do not attract the attention of older people. One of the projects has long been considered a niche for teenagers, although login was not banned for any age category. Ways to sign in to app


The musical originated from the educational program Cicada. Its authors initially created a platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills among participants. The idea did not gain popularity, which forced the developers to form another version on the same resource – Musical Ly.

Ways to sign in to the appLogin to

What is it needed for

The application belonged to creative social networks, where participants uploaded their own video files and music tracks, and communicated.


The app allowed:

  • create short videos 15-60 seconds long;
  • add audio tracks with different speed options to video fragments: slow, slow, standard, fast or epic;
  • make effects, use filters.

On a note. The program was used to watch videos, listen to sounds and trend songs.

History of development

The first version of the application was created in April, and the official version in August 2014. In July 2016, the service had 90 million registered members and about 12 million videos. In May 2017, the number of users crossed the 200 million mark.

The company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco and Shanghai. The successful venture was resold to Byte Dance for $1 billion on November 9, 2017. By August 2018, the two platforms, and TikTok, had merged.

New life for the app

The platform buyer company entered the global market by merging similar projects: TikTok was popular in China, and the second resource was popular in the US and European countries. The Musical officially ceased to exist on August 2, 2018. Service user accounts were automatically transferred to the TikTok program.

The application continues to develop dynamically, without deviating from the basic principle of the length of videos, prohibitions and permissions on the content of materials.

Ways to sign in to the appByte Dance

Is it possible to download the old version

Previously, Musical.Li was available for download from the App Store or Play Store for free. The functionality after installing the utility became available without restrictions and additional fees for use. The application was compatible with all versions of operating systems, but does not work correctly with modern operating systems.

What options are available

It is impossible to download Musical from official stores, it was replaced by the Like utility. You can use the old version of TikTok or Lite.

Where to find

You can download the old version of Musical from third-party sources that have saved the utility:

  • on Threshbox;
  • Top Android;
  • AN1, etc.

Interesting. Before installing applications from unknown sources, you need to check the archive with an antivirus program.

How to watch videos

Initially, the TikTok application was developed for a mobile phone. But not all users have sufficient smartphone performance, and some refuse to download the program. In this case, the system is logged in through a personal computer. You can use a browser (during the transition to the official resource) or use a specialized emulator.

Browser version

You can enter TikTok from a PC without downloading using the following algorithm:

  • In the browser, log into your account and open the official page of the social network.
  • Click on the “Watch” icon – it is located at the top of the display on the right side.
  • Authorization takes place through a phone, an identifier or an account in an outside social network.

Some browsers do not support TikTok, so it may not display correctly. For the normal operation of interactive elements and publications, regular updating of the flash player is required.

Ways to sign in to the appLogin to TikTok from PC

Via PC

To visit the resource through a computer, you do not need to download an application or a stationary version. The authors left users the opportunity to view videos without additional software and registration. When you enter “”, there is an automatic transition to the official resource of TikTok, located at:

Important. The computer version is limited in functionality. The browser allows you to pass authorization, manage individual profile features.

Not all options are available: if you log in through a browser, it is impossible to view the subscription feed or leave a comment under publications.

Via smartphone

On the phone, you can use the resource through third-party services:

  • Instagram – here are the pages of TikTok and;
  • YouTube, VK, etc.

In the latter case, you should not rely on watching new videos. Versions of 1-2 weeks ago get on YouTube.

Application Version

The utility is downloaded from the Google Play Store. After opening it, you need to enter the name in English or English in the search bar, select the appropriate version and click on the download shortcut. After installing the file, it will become available for work.

On the computer

To log into your account and interact, you need to adapt the PC to the mobile program. After downloading special software, it must be checked with an anti-virus utility in order to avoid damage to the operating system or theft of personal data.

The procedure is carried out step by step:

  • You need to install one of the popular emulators: NoxPlayer or BlueStacks.
  • Download libraries that allow the system to read the mobile application code.
  • Create a virtual Android smartphone on which the software will be installed.
  • Run the previously downloaded program from Google Play. The method is suitable for all files running under the Android operating system.
  • After the launch of the social network, authorization is carried out through the standard login window.

Ways to sign in to the and TikTok

The application will be reflected in the emulator with the usual functionality. The PC does not affect the interaction with TikTok. The OS reads the codes and displays the full version, but only through third-party software.

On the phone

If you download the application on your phone, you do not need to register. Without authorization, the utility allows you to watch popular videos. To do this, just click on the “Home” block, then on “Recommended”. The buttons are located at the top of the screen.

How to enter

The program is entered in a standard way, using classical registration or using old data if a person is a member of a social network. You can not pass authorization, but then the version will be seriously limited in capabilities.

What is not available without logging in

With the application you can:

  • view videos from the “Home” section related to popular ones;
  • search user page by nickname;
  • browse content by category with hashtags.

Without login, it is impossible to put likes, leave comments.


To join the ranks of tiktokers, you must register via email or phone number. The new account will automatically become available on mobile gadgets.

In the application

Instructions for registering via email:

  • on the main page of the service, you need to click on the “Login” button located on the upper right side;
  • click on the “Registration” button – it is located in the lower section of the start window;
  • the inscription “Register” will appear on the display – the block “Enter phone number or e-mail” will be activated in it;
  • in a new window, the date of birth is entered, then the mailbox address;
  • a code is invented with special characters, Latin letters, numbers;
  • after clicking on the “Send code” button, an email with information will be sent to the mail;
  • data is inserted into the field of the registration form;
  • a unique username is created, registration is completed.

Ways to sign in to the appregistration tik tok account

After the end of the procedure, the user gets access to all functions.

Through third party services

The registration page lists all available options. In the bottom row are social media and Google shortcuts. If you have a registered account, you can use it to create a TikTok page.

To complete the procedure, just click on the social network icon, enter your username and password. Information from an open account, along with an avatar, will be copied to the profile. After the process is completed, you can change it at the discretion of the user.

Possible problems

When registering, sometimes there are problems associated with the failure of the system to create an account. They are related:

  • with age – users under 13 cannot work with the social network;
  • device features – not all gadgets fit the TikTok parameters;
  • blocking the previous profile on the social network – re-registration is not possible from the same device.

note. These problems are solved by creating a page using another device: tablet, smartphone. Particular attention is paid to age – it must be more than 13 years old.


An online profile visit is carried out according to the standard scheme with user identification using one of the available methods. Sometimes there may be difficulties when logging in, which can be easily solved with simple actions.


Login and password

At the bottom of the screen there is a little man icon, when you click on it, the authorization page opens. The user must click on the “Registration” section and select one of the options:

  • log in through the saved data on the phone;
  • manually enter your username and password.

After the correct entry, the profile will open.

Through social networks

When you activate the “Login” button, the system will provide available options to choose from. The user must click on the relevant social network icon and agree to the transfer of personal information to the platform. In some cases, a username and password from an outside account are additionally entered.

If it didn’t work out

Sometimes you can’t log in or the page owner forgets the password. In the latter case, it must go through several steps:

  • click on “Register”, go to “Login”;
  • select a login method, switch to the “Mail or username” tab;
  • click on the “Forgot password” button and select the option to reset it (via phone, mail);
  • the system will send a message with a code that is entered into the application;
  • access restored.

When trying to open a page through social networks, problems may occur on the TikTok server side. The issue is resolved by the administration, nothing depends on the user. Problems also arise due to an overloaded cache – after cleaning, they are automatically eliminated.

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