Ways to make money on Tik Tok

Ways to make money on Tik Tok TikTok

Despite its youth, this musical social network has already gathered a huge army of fans. All of them are potential clients. Therefore, business owners and ordinary users were interested in the question – how to make money on Tiktok. What needs to be done and for what money can be paid here, we will consider further.

Service features

Why did the app become popular so quickly? Everything is very simple. On Tik Tok, you can make a short video for free, and it will be viewed by millions of people around the world. By 2019, over 500 million people had already created an account here.

The advantage of the public is also that the video is easy to make original with:

  • A huge selection of tools with which it is easier to edit your work (create duplicates, cut and glue frames, change the playback tempo).
  • Numerous effects: masks, emojis, account stickers.
  • Constantly updated gallery of popular music tracks. Thus, it is easy to choose a song in accordance with the theme of the video in the account.
  • Ways to make money on Tik TokPay for likes on Tik Tok.

    In addition, the TikTok application has a preference feed, where accounts, based on their interests, look for content that is useful to them, according to the tikttok.ru portal.

    Having created a video, you can immediately share it with friends, get a lot of likes and subscribers for it. It is on their number that the income of the Tiktok account will depend.

    How to make money on tik tok

    It turns out that Tiktok pays money. But only to get them, the account owner needs to work hard. To do this, the account will need creativity, ingenuity and, of course, luck. What earning options are available here?

    Monetization of gifts

    If the user already has more than 1000 followers, he can use this direction. First you need to organize a live broadcast, during which fans donate coins directly on the air, which automatically appear in the blogger’s wallet. After earning a sufficient amount, they are converted into real money.

    From a virtual account, you can withdraw at least $100 and no more than $1,000 at a time. You can do this at any time if you have enough money. Tiktoker receives information about each transfer in a message.

    Brand Collaboration

    You can monetize your video content by agreeing with the producers of goods and services that offer them using social networks. The only condition is that the required number of subscribers must be at least 1000 people.

    Earnings directly depend on the popularity of the blogger. Prominent companies are willing to pay $200-$20,000 to advertise their products in a short tiktoker clip.

    Many brands independently search for platforms, analyzing the market based on the interests of the audience. Therefore, if their main product is products for teenagers, they will look for a user whose subscription base consists of schoolchildren aged 13-18.

    Basically, brands offer a fixed amount for placing a mention of their product in a video. But very popular authors are able to earn for the number of views or set it based on the number of channel fans.

    How to make money on Tik TokAdvertising on Tik Tok.

    You should always remember that fans are interested in the real video, as they subscribe to a specific person.

    Therefore, you should be wary of proposals when the customer requires you to change the script of the video, the image or voice of the author.

    It’s better to do this:

  • Create a simple clip without rehearsed movements or words.
  • Make unobtrusive placement of the product in the frame or its creative unpacking.
  • Sale

    This is the most realistic way to make money on Tik Tok. It is not even necessary for him to have a certain number of subscribers and be mega popular.

    Owners of online stores or other businesses can earn in this option. The application for them becomes a kind of platform for sales and earnings. For these purposes, short clips are recorded, polls and promotions are held, where the winner receives a prize.

    Advertising in social networks

    You can earn money in TikTok in this way by adding ads in videos on the platform or cross-posting them in other applications.

    Customers are searched for on specialized sites and exchanges, where the blogger gives complete information regarding his account (the number of real subscribers, content topics and how much he wants to receive for services). After that, it remains only to wait for the offer and choose the most interesting of them.

    If the tiktoker is already quite promoted, then with a high degree of probability, advertisers will find it themselves and offer cooperation. In this case, you do not need to deviate from your beliefs and agree to dubious advertising. Otherwise, you risk losing fans.

    Hashtag Challenge

    Hashtags are also effective formats. How it works? A popular tiktoker is launching a challenge by recording a branded creative video. Due to the novelty and uniqueness of the method, it attracts the attention of others, and they strive to repeat it by making the same videos.

    So there is content that users create themselves. The average audience coverage is 50%. All clips are easy to track with a single hashtag.

    Regular publications

    Is it possible to make money on Tiktok without having enough followers? The answer is negative. Earning an account depends on the quality and volume of the video posted on it, as well as the number of fans of your work.

    Is it possible to make money on Tik TokCheat subscribers and likes in Tik Tok.

    To achieve popularity, it is recommended to regularly record and upload original clips.

    Fans never leave tiktokers who add new posts at regular intervals.

    Cheat subscribers

    So, you can earn only on “advanced” pages. But, as practice shows, people are in no hurry to join those who have not yet gathered an army of fans. Therefore, it is necessary to increase them artificially.

    Twisting has its advantages:

  • Gives the user page attractiveness. An account that has thousands of users already subscribed looks more interesting.
  • The chance to win new fans, which leads to increased profits.
  • Save time, as the tiktoker does not need to spend hours and days on page promotion and can focus on creativity.
  • Audience coverage. Each new video will be viewed by more viewers. And if they still share it, then the number of fans will begin to increase exponentially.
  • For artificial cheating, very small amounts are needed, which are taken by special services.
  • But, even using the services of third-party applications to promote your account, you should not forget about the need to constantly update content.


    You can really make money in public. There just aren’t enough ways to make money yet. How much they pay on Tik Tok depends on the number of followers and the promotion of the account. Therefore, those who plan to receive income from their work in the future should try to promote the page.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

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