Ways to advertise on Tik Tok – how to make money in the application

Ways to advertise on Tik Tok TikTok

Today, social networks are increasingly used not only to communicate or view interesting photos and videos, but also to earn money. That’s what Tiktok ads are for. What it is, how and why it is used, we will consider further.

Service Benefits

The Tik Tok app is a music platform where you can create short videos that are watched by millions of people. All of them are structured by date of addition, genre and popularity.

To be among the recommendation feed, bloggers use the following when creating clips:

  • Music. Songs can be found in the app’s gallery or downloaded from your smartphone.
  • Effects. These are peculiar chips that allow you to create interesting and unique content. in the application
  • Filters. With their help, you can remove some defects, making the work more colorful.
  • What is advertising

    Ways to advertise on Tik TokAdvertising on Tik Tok.

    Social networks have firmly entered the life of a modern person. Almost each of us has our own page on one or more platforms.

    Their main task was to unite people with similar interests, the opportunity to communicate, find friends, and show their talents.

    This is what modern marketers use, seeking to promote a product by introducing it to a larger number of users in an advertising campaign.

    In addition, the advertising campaign in Tiktok ads is used by the subscribers themselves to promote their own account.

    SMM, namely this name she received, has some nuances:

  • SMM of standard ads is characterized by the inability to influence the promotion of a product or service among search engines in advertising.
  • Usually the bet is placed on hidden promotion. Direct advertising can become only with an agreement or a loyal attitude on the part of users.
  • The format and location of advertising is taken into account.
  • You can earn from advertising on Tik Tok from 10 thousand *** a month.

    How to present

    There are many ways to express yourself on social media.

    Usually for this, users:

  • Choose an original nickname. It is important that it fully reflects the real name, habits, mood, tastes.
  • Find an interesting avatar. Here you can put a real photo, draw a picture using the editor, or add a ready-made image from the gallery or mobile device.
  • Write an attractive status. The posts posted on the page are also important.
  • Add photos and videos.
  • Participate in groups and communities. This is a kind of informal association of people with similar interests.
  • And to present themselves, some users use Tiktok advertising. The main thing is to choose the right hashtags for Tik Tok.

    On your page

    This option is suitable for those who advertise a personal brand, sell certain products or services. It is actively used by specialists in a particular field, representatives of the information business, travelers, and coaches. To promote posts, they create communities.

    Advertising on Tik TokPromotion of the account in Tik Tok.

    On the personal page, you can place a thematic image or add a selling image to the header.

    This is how they attract the attention of the target audience of Tiktok and make them study the content of the advertising post.

    The disadvantage here is that only those who follow your updates or came here using the hashtag will be able to see the information.

    On other people’s profiles

    Option suitable for:

  • novice bloggers who have just started promoting their account and want to advertise faster;
  • wanting to test their channel.
  • To use other people’s Tiktok profiles, you need to select a page with a similar theme and write a message to the administrator. Usually you have to pay for such advertising. The cost will depend on the promotion of the selected Tiktok account. Some agree to barter – placing your ad in exchange for a promoted product or service.

    For example, on YouTube, you can often see how bloggers talk about a new cosmetics or clothing line in a video on their official pages. So, after shooting, they keep the advertised product for themselves. The owner of a coffee shop can invite a popular user and treat them with a free cake. He, in turn, will remove all this and make advertising on a personal channel.

    The disadvantages are the same as the previous method – among the viewers there will be only subscribers and people who accidentally entered.

    Another way of hidden advertising is the opportunity to make a duet on Tiktok.

    On third party resources

    You can promote yourself by placing ads in groups, communities, or other sites. But this type of advertising always requires investment. The price for a post, link or banner directly depends on the promotion of the chosen site.

    Advertising opportunities

    It is social networks that are most often used today as a platform for placing their ads, targeted advertising and other things.

    Hashtag Challenge

    This is one of the main content destinations for Tiktok ads and ad formats. The application regularly hosts challenges that attract the attention of a large number of people.

    The mechanism of their work is simple: promoted bloggers offer to launch a competition between everyone – they need to record a video for a certain song, add the proposed hashtag to it and publish it on Tiktok.

    How to advertise yourself on Tik Tokhashtag challenge.

    Such a clip is able to collect up to 500,000 views and get into the recommendations feed, where it will be seen by an unlimited number of users, many of whom will want to join the project.

    brand takeover

    This name was given to a large announcement that becomes available after the opening of Tiktok. It is a photo, video or gif of a small size and contains a link or a hashtag.

    In-Feed Native Video

    The promotional video is displayed in the feed of Tiktok ads users along with other content. The clip can contain a link, a unique description, or a call to action.

    Advertising in public

    Many famous personalities have accounts in various social networks, which helps to view their clips to a larger number of fans. TikTok ads was no exception. Users also have the opportunity to broadcast live on TikTok by connecting profiles on other sites here for broadcasting. Thus, you can increase your Tiktok audience reach by several times.


    By 2019, the number of users of the music platform Tiktok ads reached 500 million people. Thanks to this, the social network has become an excellent tool for promoting a personal profile, promoting goods or services. Setting up ads in the Tik Tok app is easy. And by doing this, you can get a huge number of new subscribers in Tiktok ads.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

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