Voice effects on TikTok: ways to create and original ideas

Users use a variety of effects to draw attention to videos, including a modified voice on Tik Tok. In addition to the soundtrack, the appearance can change, but the voice filter in conversational videos makes them more interesting.

Change your voice on TikTok

Tiktokers use additional opportunities to create non-standard video materials, attract a new audience to the account, and promote the page to the “Recommended” ones. TikTok has created a special section “Voice Effects”, where you can choose the right effect to change the tone.

It is proposed to change the usual voice, supplementing it with the following sounds:

  • vibration
  • in a trembling voice;
  • squirrel;
  • baritone;
  • alien;
  • megaphone;
  • robot;
  • echo;
  • elf;
  • giant;
  • synthesizer;
  • sound waves;
  • electro;
  • dead battery.
  • On a note. The function is built into the application’s camera and after the publication of the record of the filter used, there will be no mark on the video. Only editors selected before recording the video are marked (in the “Effects” block).

    Voice effect overlay

    To change the tone, do the following:

  • After opening the TikTok application, you need to go through authorization.
  • Click on the “plus” at the bottom of the panel and move to the video recording block.
  • Open the effects planned for use, select the appropriate one.
  • Activate clip recording.
  • Click on “Voice Effects”. In the proposed list, find the appropriate sound and overlay it on your voice.
  • After saving the processing, the video is published with the addition of a description and hashtags.
  • The finished work is displayed in the tape or saved in the “Drafts”.

    other methods

    Separate filters in the “Effects” group change not only the sound, but also the appearance of the person in the clip. Such an approach is not always appropriate, therefore, when applying an “alien”, you need to remember that changes will occur in appearance, and not just in voice accompaniment.

    Ideas for videos with voice effects

    Voice change is often used when creating humorous content. To diversify the feed on a social network, you can implement several ideas:

  • Scene of a daughter with her mother (requires the use of “baby talk”). In addition, filters change the face, impose music.
  • Doctor and patient (a “trembling voice” is appropriate, for plausibility the second should shake in horror).
  • “Vibration” is suitable for rollers with animals. If the cat is angry or playing, then the applied filter causes laughter from subscribers and random guests.

    When Not to Use a Voice Editor

    It is not always appropriate to use such functionality. The soundtrack with the distortion of the real voice looks ridiculous in:

  • educational videos;
  • commercials created to familiarize the audience with goods or services;
  • news about serious incidents, etc.
  • You can periodically dilute the tape with a cheerful repertoire. On a regular basis, this approach is used only in a humorous account. In other cases, recording videos, supplementing them with inappropriate filtering, destroys the reputation of a serious Tik Tok channel.

    Is there a Tik Tok voice control?

    You should not look for the functionality of TikTok voice control, it does not exist on the social network. The application is used for smartphones with Android or iOS OS, control is carried out using assistant programs:

  • Siri;
  • Alice;
  • Dusi;
  • Marousi;
  • Alexa;
  • Google Assistant.
  • Voice editing in TikTok videos does not take much time. Before applying a filter, you need to think about the appropriateness of “baby talk” or “shake” in a serious story about a new club or company. The reputation of an account is created over the years, and is destroyed instantly due to the implementation of strange ideas.

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