Video with dressing up in “Tik Tok”: step by step instructions for shooting

Dressing up on TikTok TikTok

#MtotheB, #Looks like someone, #Photogenic is just an incomplete list of challenges that are currently at the peak of popularity on the Tik Tok social network. But trends, as you know, are changing at a cosmic speed: users are constantly coming up with new shooting techniques and creating original video formats. TikTok has become such a format with dressing up.

Next, we will talk about how to make a video on TikTok with a makeover so that it instantly gets into the recommendations feed and collects a lot of likes.

Dressing up on TikTok

Daily TikTok users may have noticed how popular dress-up challenges have become in recent times. Such videos often end up in rivers, although their plot is unimaginably simple: a person appears in the frame in one outfit, but after a second his image is replaced by another, more spectacular one. The unusual and dynamic nature of the picture makes dress-up videos so popular.

Dressing up on TikTokDressing up on TikTok

Where did the trend come from

The dress-up trend originates from the paired flash mob Flip The Switch Challenge, the essence of which is to change clothes with a partner, whether it be a girl or a guy, after a short blackout. A second of darkness in this case became the ideal moment for mounting gluing in the video. The basis of the flash mob is Drake’s single “Nonstop” from the album Scorpion.

Later, various variations of TikTok appeared with transformations. For example, at one time videos were popular, the characters of which changed their images after performing simple hand movements to the dynamic song “Absolutely anything”. Also, videos with reincarnations under the composition “Try me” fell into the trends. Only in these videos there was a special attribute – a chain that was twisted around the neck, and thus changed the images.

Pretty young trend – #dripchallenge or shoe challenge. Its essence is simple – the user sits with a shoe in his hands, then throws the shoes up (“drip” is translated as a drop, and the shoe in this case symbolizes a drop), and then suddenly finds himself in a new image. The dynamic track and the effect of reincarnation, which the application functionality allows you to create, made this challenge popular all over the world.

Ideas for videos

Those who want to present Tik Tok dressing up in an original way can use the following trend execution options:

  • The change of night and day. Such a trick will create a certain contrast between the images, which will look very impressive. For example, you can record the beginning of the video in pajamas or underwear, in the morning hours and in natural light, and the end in the evening, in the dark or with artificial lighting.
  • Click or beep. You can make a cool transformation by changing clothes after a characteristic sound or movement. It can be a snap of the fingers or a clap of the hands.
  • Fall or jump. The hero of the video can fall / jump in one outfit, and rise / land in another.
  • Dancing. Vigorous movements combined with dressing up will make for a really cool clip. However, in practice, such an idea is difficult to implement: a dance, even a very simple one, needs to be learned, and there must be several image changes at once to make it look really impressive. But believe me, the work will justify itself.
  • Vocal. The meaning of this idea is similar to the previous one, only not dance movements are used, but musical compositions of different genres, and themed outfits are selected for them.
  • Changing the image is a common trick that will surprise few people. And only by breathing the author’s idea into it, you can create a truly original video, unlike any other.

    How to make a makeover video

    To capture the cross-dressing trend, the user should fix the phone on a stable surface. A tripod is best for this. In addition, the location and change of clothes must be prepared in advance.

    Note. The meaning of the challenge is in the showiness and dissimilarity of the images. Therefore, things should radically differ in styles.

    Step-by-step instruction

    To shoot a trending makeover video:

  • We stand in front of the camera and pick up a suit for reincarnation.
  • We apply it to ourselves, as if we are now putting it on immediately from the hanger.
  • Stop recording, change clothes.
  • We start the frame and continue to move in a new image.
  • This is one of the options for the execution of the trend. Instead of putting clothes on the body, you can use another way to transition to a new image: snapping fingers, bouncing, rubbing a mirror or camera lens, etc.

    You can also shoot an original video with a gadget in your hands:

  • We pick up a smartphone or a tripod with a device and start recording.
  • Cover the camera lens with your hand and stop recording.
  • We change clothes and resume shooting the video in a new look, continuing to sing along to the playing song or demonstrating the outfit.
  • Now it remains only to edit the footage so that the transition between parts of the video is invisible, and upload the video to the site.

    Dressing up on TikTokDressing up on TikTok

    Musical compositions for dressing up

    The following tracks are ideal for shooting a trending video:

  • Drake – Nonstop.
  • Fat Joe
  • Ibenji – Boom (feat. Talabun).
  • Krypto9095 – Woah (feat. D3Mstreet).
  • Charlie Green
  • On a note. Other music can be selected for the dressing up video. The main thing is that it should have sharp musical transitions – so the contrast of images will be even brighter.

    Thematic hashtags

    With the help of hashtags, tiktokers draw attention to the content, get more likes, views and new subscribers. To promote a dress up video as a recommendation, you should use the following short words: #recommendations, #rivers, #dressup, #fliptheswitchchallenge, #dripchallenge, #absolutelyanything, #images, #transformation, #top, #intrend, #style, #transitions.

    How did celebrities dress up?

    The Dress Up Challenge has quickly become a popular pastime for couples, friends and family. Star personalities did not remain indifferent to the trend: spectacular videos were posted by Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez, Emily Ratajkowski with her husband, and even former US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

    Domestic artists also keep up with fashion trends – Nadezhda Babkina, Ivan Urgant, Olga Buzova and other tiktokers enthusiastically filmed their own transformations on video.

    Every tiktoker should at least once try to shoot a trendy dress-up video. Change of appearance is an interesting video format that will suit everyone: boys and girls, teenagers and quite adult users. The main thing is to decide in advance what the transition effect will be and choose the right images.

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