Video private and public: Tik Tok settings

Video private and public: Tik Tok settings TikTok

Social networks have practically leveled the concept of “personal”. Now everything is put on display: life, daily activities, shopping, travel, relationships, work and so on. However, this can only be shared with a select few. The main thing is to know what and where to press.

The privacy policy has been changed by the Tik Tok utility. According to the company’s management, this is done to enhance the security of personal information.

“Even though Tik Tok aims to publish short videos in which users share funny jokes, protection is important. The social network allows you to download other people’s materials. If the client wants to protect the file, it is enough to specify the publishing parameters for a specific post or all at once,” the creators announced.

public video

This is the name of materials that, after publication, will be available for public viewing on the Internet.

Features of public access are as follows:

  • The material is loaded from a personal account.
  • The video is available to all Internet users, regardless of whether they have a TikTok client.
  • With a hidden account, the file is visible only to subscribers.
  • After removing the program from the device and deactivating the client, the video remains on the company’s server.
  • The publication is available for download by other users.
  • private video

    The name speaks for itself. The publication is made from a personal account and is available only to the owner of the profile.

    Features are:

  • Closed access from subscribers and other Internet users.
  • Ability to change settings to public status.
  • Automatic deletion from servers after account deactivation.
  • Important: You can’t change a public video to a private one! After getting to the server with the selected sharing, the file cannot be deleted from the Internet. When the client is deactivated, the document will appear on third-party resources with the possibility of installation on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    “Storing publications on the server aims to reduce device memory usage. Clients do not have to store materials on a smartphone, tablet, computer after uploading to a social network. Even after accidental deletion or deactivation, it will be possible to find lost files. Other social networks do not provide such an opportunity.

    This format was developed to expand the functionality of the program.

    “Bloggers, public people publish daily. Alas, in social networks there is no “Snooze” function, a timer. Thanks to the privacy settings, the client can download the file today and publish it tomorrow or another day. The number of private installations is not limited. Tik Tok can also be used as a file hosting service with one-way access. That is, the post is visible from different devices if you have a password to enter the social network,” the company said during a press conference.

    Important: duets, reactions to other people’s publications cannot be private. Such records get into the social network instantly without specifying additional parameters.

    Choose settings

    Initially, you can specify the parameters when uploading a video. For this:

  • We open an account.
  • Choose “Upload Video” or “Shoot”.
  • Specify “Private” or “Public” in the parameters.
  • We confirm the action.
  • To make public content visible to subscribers only:

  • We open an account.
  • Go to “Settings”, section “Privacy”.
  • Drag the slider to the right next to the “Private account” item.
  • Video private and public: Tik Tok settings

    Important: the changes made exclude the cheating of views, likes. Statistics depends on the number of real subscribers.

    Important: in this section, you can also specify who can download added videos, do duo with you, comment on posts, send messages, record reactions to publications.

    You can make private material public like this:

  • Tap the desired file.
  • Hold until the context menu appears.
  • Select “Make Public” from the list of commands.
  • Tik Tok developers take care of customers by releasing advanced features and enhancing security. You can get all this by downloading the utility to the latest version. Downloading from the Play Market, App Store is free. Authorized users will not need to re-register after the upgrade. The program will automatically resume access.

    The update is released monthly. With a stable network connection, the download takes one minute.

    Important: at the first download, you can confirm the automatic update command if you have Wi-Fi. Then you don’t have to go to the Play Market, App Store on your own to search for new application codes. The autoload function is activated in the settings of the phone, tablet, as well as in the OS stores (section “My applications”).

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