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How to make videos on tik tok TikTok

How has the social network Tik Tok so captivated modern youth? First of all, the possibility of self-realization. In the application, everyone can make an interesting clip, which will then be viewed by his friends. Therefore, those who have already been able to download the program want to learn how to shoot a video on TikTok and post it on the Web. We’ll talk about this.

Video duration

The difference of the service is that it is permissible to upload only video files here. Their duration should not exceed 15 seconds. According to the developers, such a segment is enough to create a cool story and not tire the viewer while watching.

At the same time, it is allowed to shoot longer videos – up to 1 minute. But in this case, they will not be able to put music on them. The process will also be slightly different.

Shooting Features

The music app is popular with kids and teens. Here they can create videos, add soundtracks and special effects to them. It is allowed to shoot alone, together with a friend, to record a duet with the stars.

In order for the work to be viewed by more people, it needs to be posted on various social networks. Thus, there is a chance to win the hearts of millions of viewers.


Burning with the desire to become a Music Lou star, users want to understand how to make a cool video on Tik Tok? Even beginners can do it, as the application management is very simple.

All the tools you need to shoot are at the bottom of the screen:

  • House – by clicking on its image, the main page opens.
  • Search – allows you to find any video. For you need to write the name of the artist or the hashtag of the video.
  • The “+” sign is needed in order to add your own video clip to the application.
  • “Message” is used for private conversations with friends and TikTok users.
  • Profile – a button that manages to change any data about yourself (nickname, password, photo).
  • At the top of the screen, you can also notice the controls. With their help, settings for working with the program are changed.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

    Recording instructions

    Almost all the content of popular video hosting and social networks was made by ordinary people without acting data and special knowledge. Shooting and editing videos on Tik Tok is not difficult. For this, developers have provided a large number of available tools.

    To record a clip up to 15 seconds long, the user will have to spend about 1 hour. Before that, you need to come up with an interesting idea, write the text of the script and get to work. How to learn to shoot on Tik Tok?

    Basic actions

    Make sure your iPhone or Android gadget is charged. Choose music in advance that will be in harmony with the plot, rehearse your actions.

    To shoot, press the “+” button.

    How to make videos on tik tokVideo creation on Tik Tok.

    At the very beginning, you should select the audio file playback speed option:

  • 0.1x – very slow;
  • 0.5x – variable;
  • 1x – standard mode;
  • 2x – accelerated pace;
  • 3x is fast.
  • The next step is to add music. You need to press and hold the button at the top of the screen. The user is prompted to select a track from the playlist, phone, computer or laptop.

    Separately, you need to insert effects, which are plenty here. This is not only speeding up and slowing down the image, but also “Beauty”, “Slowmo”, reverse movement, eye color change, double chin.

    Now you can proceed directly to shooting the clip. To do this, press and hold the red button at the bottom. The download process will continue as long as it is clamped. If you release it, the video will pause.

    When the clip is filmed, holding the button stops and the icon on the right is pressed. The finished work can be edited and viewed or downloaded immediately.

    How to make a duet

    This is one of the most popular features of Tik Tok. Not only a friend can become a partner, but in general any user of the application. In addition, you can make a video with a cat or a collage of your own work.

    To do this, in the “Favorites” section, you need to download and save the video file you like. When it is finished downloading, you must click on the icon with the image of three dots. In the window that opens, select the “Duet” function.

    In this case, the screen will be divided into two parts and next to the added clip, which is played automatically after pressing the red button, recording of your own video will begin.

    Video effects

    A cool and cool clip will turn out if you use the chips that are available in the application.

    Video in Tik TokEffects for video in Tik Tok.

    With their help, any ideas for Tik Tok are embodied:

  • Position Alternation – allows you to change the view by flipping the camera to a different position, and shoot Tik Tok without hands.
  • The arrow labeled Off changes the speed of the video.
  • Star – toggles Beauty mode on and off.
  • Multi-colored balls – used to regulate shades.
  • Timer with the number 3 – puts the recording into silent mode.
  • Musical note allows you to trim video in Tik Tok from audio file.
  • Square – a flashlight that can be turned on in low light for high-quality recording.
  • All these effects help the user to show their imagination, making the clip memorable. Additionally, masks can be applied to the image.

    Online booking

    The advantages of Tik Tok include broadcasting live for their subscribers. This function has no time limits. Thus, you can also create a spectacular and original clip. However, this is only available to those who have already collected more than 1 thousand fans.

    Video Ideas

    To make a video really popular, you need to come up with an original plot, find the right music and use special effects correctly. Tik Tok video ideas can be very different.

    Here are just a few of them:

  • A beautiful, incendiary dance often ends up in the TOP.
  • Adele Challenge – a video filmed to the music of the famous British performer.
  • Image change. Many stars with a new image immediately post photos in front of fans. Tik Tok users can also send videos to their friends in an unusual format for them.
  • Anecdotes, comic adaptations and amusing miniatures.
  • Dance on the steps. This trend has appeared quite recently, but has already managed to win a huge number of fans who have filmed such a video.
  • By the way, the most popular bloggers are not trying to create a bicycle. Very often they just take the videos they like and play them in their performance.

    public or private

    Types of videos in Tik TokPublic video on Tik Tok.

    All videos in Tik Tok are divided into 2 types:

  • Public. Clips from this category are downloaded and then stored on the resource owner’s server. Even if a person decides to delete their account from a computer or mobile device, their work will remain freely available. This will continue until the user changes his account to a private one. After that, all his videos will be seen only by subscribers.
  • Private. Even the user’s friends will not be able to watch such clips until he changes the settings, making them public.
  • You can choose a different status at any time.

    For this:

  • The profile opens.
  • Select “Settings” and “Privacy”.
  • Near the “Private account” column, the slider moves to the desired position.
  • How to post on Tik Tok

    Thanks to a clear interface, it is very easy to understand the functions of the program.

    You can send content in several ways:

  • Using download. This opens a gallery where you can select the video you want to share. When you open a clip, it is easy to trim it, combine it with music, add effects. After checking the draft, hashtags are prescribed, and the work is fasted.
  • When recording. Immediately after the end of the recording, the user will be prompted to publish the video.
  • findings

    Shooting a video on TikTok is a great opportunity for today’s youth to fulfill themselves, show their talents and find new fans. To do this, you just need to record a video and publish it on the Web. But first, it is important to think over the plot of the clip to the smallest detail, rehearse it, and select musical accompaniment.

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