TOP tracks on TikTok in August 2021: summer music

Something like this, but nothing else”: an interview with asanrap TikTok

Music from Tik Tok never ceases to amaze music lovers with its variety. In August 2021, not only new items, but also long-familiar hits became popular on the social network. And some tracks that were in the TOP many years ago got a new life.

Music Tik Tok: absolute TOP

Here is the music that is constantly used by tiktokers to shoot videos. You probably already know these tracks, so click on the three dots on the right side of the player and download your favorite songs to your phone or computer!

Gerber – Ulyalya

The Limba, Rakhim – Hentai

The fit of Rakhim Abramov and The Limba is made with oriental motifs and is dedicated to Japanese culture (hentai is an anime genre with erotic overtones). The song itself tells about a mercantile girl who is only suitable for a one-time meeting.

asanrap – Shoma Tiger

Something like this, but nothing else”: an interview with asanrapasanrap

Several hundred thousand Tik Tok videos have already been shot for this track, and its popularity continues to grow rapidly. The author of the song talks about a stupid girl who was left with nothing, apparently exchanging it for another guy. 16-year-old singer Aslan Osmaev conceived the track as a prank, allegedly he became an abu bandit. The listeners appreciated the funny text, the measured rhythm, the game with an accent. The guy did not even suspect that the song would become so popular.


Sunny day – Matteo Rossanese

Artyom Pivovarov – rendezvous

Kobyakov – A gun

Doja Cat – Need To Know

Lvnx & Anamun – Crimson Sunset (Remix)

dhruv – double take

In trend

Music in the trend is hits of different genres that have received high marks from music lovers.

KARA KROSS x Mumiy Troll – Time Run Away

“Mumiy Troll” and KARA KROSS refreshed M. Troll’s track, which was incredibly popular in the late 90s. The blogger adored the singer since childhood, so they quickly agreed on cooperation. The main message of the collaboration is to prove that boomers and zoomers can find a common language. In the clip, in addition to the performers themselves, Valya Karnaval and Jan Tsapnik appeared as a daughter and a father, who depict the eternal conflict of fathers and children.


Nikitata – Do not lose

Eminem – My Mom

Katya Adushkina – Sweet

Music of August: new items

So different, but such bright new items deserve to be added to your track list!

little big – MOUSTACHE

Another extravagant clip of Little Big has become a real challenge to traditional values. In the video, the artists showed mustachioed women. The Israeli singer Netta, the winner of Eurovision in 2018, was involved in recording and filming.

Zivert – You

Instead of Eurovision ZIVERT will come to Kostroma |  KOSTROMA.TODAYZivert

ANAR DREAMS – Cleopatra

Sub Urban & Bella Poarch – INFERNO

ERSHOV – Metro or Lambo

There is too much duplicity in the world |  Very Life VictoryEvgeny Ershov

Shoma Mishin, Kavabanga Depo Kolibri – Domino

global trend

Popular world hits – music that surprises with a whole range of emotions.

Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits

Olivia Rodrigo – brutal

Olivia Rodrigo is an 18-year-old singer from the United States, who is called the queen of teenagers. In the first track of her debut album Sour, the girl decided to dispel the myth that adolescence is the best time in a person’s life. In her opinion, during this period, the teenager experiences fear, sadness, self-doubt, he lacks understanding and participation. The track is made in the extravagant genre of pop-punk.

Nicki Minaj – Itty Bitty Piggy

Daddy Yankee – EL PONY

Cardi B – Up

Fashion and make-up

This is the music that beautiful girls, lifestyle bloggers, makeup artists, nail technicians and fitness fans record videos to. Effective, bright and unforgettable!

Anya Pokrov – You are free

Peach Prc – Josh

Justin Bieber – Peaches

Amber Van Day – See You In Tears

Amber Van Day, ILIRA - See You In Tears » free download 2021 song


The song, released at the turn of the century (in 1999), suddenly became popular today. The track in the synth-pop style can be called truly nostalgic: a simple but memorable melody, simple lyrics are associated with club parties and carefree youth. Under it, you just want to dance and have fun, without thinking about problems and everyday routine.


Music that energizes and awakens a taste for life!

YungManny, Flo Milli, Sada Baby – Clap for ’em

Expine – bye bye

Fat Joe Remy Ma – All The Way Up

21 Savage – Bank account


Music about love

This is sad and cheerful, nostalgic and atmospheric music about romantic feelings.


Lida – I’m crazy about you

Kiwi & Nikida – A heart

Kiwi feat.  NIKIDA - Heart of paroles |  MusixmatchDuo Kiwi & Nikida

A romantic track about unrequited love in a modern pop style gave real popularity to a 16-year-old kiwi singer from Novosibirsk (real name is Katya Maksimova). The girl composed and sang songs from an early age, and back in 2019 she wrote to Artem Artego, the producer of the PARADIGM label, with a proposal for cooperation. He appreciated the demo of the future track, and he was impressed by the chorus. Artem made an arrangement in the style of Dancehall Pop and sent it to the artist Nikida (Germany) to hear his opinion. Nikita liked the result so much that he suggested doing a fit. The raisins of the song were given due to the guitar part and the broken beat: it turned out bright and modern.

New – Three days

NYU "Yuri Nikolaenko".  Big solo concert - concert May 29, 2021 in LondonYuri Nikolaenko

Under the laconic abbreviation NYu is a talented singer,
participant of the 2nd season of the show “Songs” Yuri Nikolaenko. By the way, he played one of the main roles in the series “Street”. In the new track, he talks about a short romance with a girl who managed to become the closest to him. Music lovers consider Nikolaenko’s songs to be smart lyrics that mix different musical genres: from piano rock to rock and roll.

CONFUZ – Ooty Putishka

If you are interested in popular music from Tik Tok, be sure to check out this compilation:

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