TOP tracks on Tik Tok in September 2021

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Summer is over, but that’s no reason to be sad. A selection of English and foreign, sentimental and funny tracks from Tik Tok for September will give you a whole range of emotions. Download any songs you like from our collection and enjoy great music wherever you are!

TOP in Tik Tok

This month, a variety of tracks broke through the TOP Tik Tok: slow, and driving, and extravagant, and romantic.

WE, Larivane – Mirror

Group “We”

A melancholic and at the same time touching song is a truly autumn track from a English-Israeli band. The indie-pop project “We” was created by Daniil Shaikhinurov and Eva Krause, who met on Instagram in 2016. Authoritative publications have repeatedly recognized the group as “one of the main discoveries of indie pop in English” and even called the group “the most touching in 2017” when their hit “Perhaps” was released.

Gerber – Ulyalya

Bula, SVNV, Swanky Tunes – Smoldering

Lina Lee – Doesn’t matter

KHABIB – Discontinuous

Khabib - Explosive |  Listen online or download mp3 song for free on Hitster.fmKhabib

In the first half of August, Khabib released a track that he calls “cannon” without too much modesty. In the new composition, the guy admires the “beautiful”, “smart” and “breaking” girl. The song was released just during the tour of the performer in EU-US.

Pasha Maurice – Simba

The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – STAY

Megan Thee Stallion – Cognac Queen

Megan Thee Stallion went on hiatus but vowed to returnMegan Thee Stallion

The Limba, Rakhim – Hentai

ALIZADE feat VACO – A o and e and a


The song’s performers, Asya and Vasio, wrote the track on a “light romantic vibe” in an informal setting. Despite the fact that many of their acquaintances did not like the song at all, the guys decided to ignore someone’s opinion and release music that they personally like. It turned out to be light, youthful and with notes of flirting. The girl chose the name quite by accident. For some reason, during the preparation of the track, vowels appeared in her mind, which she saw in school classrooms.

Songs that did not enter the TOP, but also managed to gather thousands of fans.

Zapravka – Like Jigan

ZAPRAVKA - Like Djigan |  BandLink

Karina – I’m a womanizer

Dzharakhov & Markul – I’m in the moment

Dzharakhov & Markul – I'm in the moment (Lyrics Video) - YouTube

Tesher – Jalebi Baby

masked wolf – Astronaut In The Ocean


Find out what new hits have been released by your favorite artists.

Egor Creed and Nikolai Bulatkin – Spring is coming

Yegor Creed recorded a new song with his father Nikolai Bulatkin, and he wanted to dedicate it to his sister, because she got married this summer. It was the frames from this romantic event that adorned the video. According to Creed’s fans, the composition turned out to be heartfelt and touching in a family way.

Dzharakhov – Enjoy the little things

Nyu, Asia – stay

Mot August is you

Mot (Matvey Melnikov): Artist Biography - Salve MusicRapper Mot

EGOR SHIP – Lantern Eyes

Back in August, in his social networks, Yegor posted a video with an excerpt of a new song, recorded together with the performer Anya Fesh. In the video, Ship and his friends go to the funeral, where the inscription Hype House Rus is visible on the tombstone. Both the video and the song clearly symbolize that the guy is definitely not going to return to the tiktok house. A girl with daisies appears in the frames, which the audience associates with Yegor’s ex-girlfriend Valya Karnaval.

OneRepublic – Someday


According to Tik Tok lovers, these are the most vital songs dedicated to the actual problems of modern man. Love, joy for loved ones, nostalgia, loneliness – this is what most people face at a certain stage.

Artik & Asti – She’s not me

Fixsay – VALI

Vika Korobkova & Dasha Volosevich – Former

Mirele – Aesthetics of Sad People

The song and video in the style of “fragile electropop” are dedicated to the inner experiences of the main character. A girl throws a party on her birthday, but realizes that she has no friends and starts having fun with characters from her fantasies.

HENSY – Ray Bans



If you like driving invigorating tracks and incendiary parties, then this mini-selection is definitely for you!

Liza Evans – This night

Liza Evans (Liza Evans): biography, photos, songsLisa Evans

Nina Kraviz – Skyscrapers

Rompasso – Tesla

DJ SMASH – by the brain

Minelli – Rampampam

These are foreign compositions that are in demand among Tik Tok connoisseurs in different parts of the world.


The French singer, artist and producer released a song with a harmonious rhythm and very bold lyrics, in which he speaks unflatteringly about ill-wishers and haters. Fans have already appreciated the artist’s charisma, drive and energy in the song and video. By the way, the name of the composition is translated as “pesetas” – the monetary unit in Spain until 2002.

YN Jay x Louie Ray – Triple S

Big Homie Ty.Ni – Jelly

Cardi B – Up

Lpb Poody – Batman

LPB Poody: biography, photo, personal life, musicLpb Poody

Sports on Tik Tok

Looking for music for workouts or runs? Shooting clips from the gym or fitness club for Tik Tok? You will definitely need these hits.

Marwa Loud – bad boy

meduza – Lose control

Sueco The Child – fast

Chunnyt – Stranger

Tiesto – The Business

Of course, there are other songs on Tik Tok that are definitely worth listening to and even adding to your playlist. Share your musical preferences in the comments and enjoy a video selection of the best hits of the month.

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