TOP TikTok Music in May 2023: Top Hits

Ramil' (Ramil Alimov): Artist Biography - Salve Music TikTok

Spring is already spoiling us with great weather, and TikTok with good music for every taste. This month, bright and dynamic, lyrical and tender, sentimental and sensual, as well as humorous, funny, positive tracks sound on the social network. We have compiled for you a selection of songs that are now in vogue on TikTok.

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Absolute TOP TikTok

Ramil’ – Dream

Ramil' (Ramil Alimov): Artist Biography - Salve MusicRamil’

Ramil Alimov released a new song at the beginning of last month. According to him, the track appeared almost by accident, namely in the process of recording another musical composition. The singer realized that it was at that moment that he had to create something bright, lively and special. The talented performer wrote the lyrics and music in just a matter of minutes, and he immediately realized that the song would excite all the charts.

masked wolf – Astronaut In The Ocean

Egor Creed – Not ideal

Artur Babich – grandmas

ElyOtto – SugarCrash!

Dzharakhov & Smeshariki – DRILL

The famous hip-hop artist and humorous YouTuber Eldar Dzharakhov combined the life of the heroes of the popular cartoon with street beats in a new track and video. The composition also contains parodies of the voices of popular heroes of the English show. In the first day, the video gained more than 600 thousand views. Now the fans of the star are looking forward to Eldar’s joint fit with Luntik and the Fixies.

Danya Milokhin – Boom

DEAD BLONDE – Boy on nine

DEAD BLONDE (Arina Bulanova), GSPDDead Blonde

Dead Blonde is a project of the GSPD backing vocalist, and you can feel it from the first seconds of the track. Rocking rave rhythms, bright dance frenzy, popular stereotypes about the 90s – all this is combined in an original way with cute female vocals. Arina Bulanova did not catch the time she sings about, but this only stirs up the interest of the listeners, because the girl is perceived as if she were a guest from the future.

Milana Khametova – UMKA

Milana Khametova: biography, how old, parents, photos in 2020Young tiktoker, member of the tiktok house “SuperHouse”

AMCHI – It doesn’t matter anymore

Giza: what is relevant

Kiddie, Dina Mirnaya – Together

ONErpm: Together by KidDIE H & Dina Mirnaya |  Music Distribution to iTunes and BeyondKiddy and Dina Mirnaya

Demyan Zaiko – Shell

AKHA – You are so Beautiful

NLO – Do not be sad


Tim Belorussky – It’s better for you not to know

According to Tima’s fans, after leaving the Kaufman Label, the musician began to make more conscious and deep tracks. The song, released during a difficult period for the star (we wrote about the drug situation), according to fans, has a double bottom. Like, the guy talks not only about the completed relationship, but also expresses his emotions related to what is happening in his life at the moment.


Mary Gu – +1

Asia – Cure for loneliness

LVNX & Alina Selyakh – White Night (Remix)

ARCHI – So they want to break

global trend

Yung Gravy – oops!

Cardi B – Up

Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite

Big Homie Ty.Ni. – Jelly

Kali Uchis – telepathia

Mooski – Track Star

The song and video of Mooskie and his girlfriends in the world of hip-hop Coi Leray managed to conquer tiktokers and not only. In the first day, more than 1 million music lovers watched the video, and they appreciated the bright design and romantic text about a girl who constantly runs away from him. It even becomes a little sad that the unfortunate lover cannot keep her attention to himself.


KYIVSTONER – ICE* (feat. Juicy J)



TOP TikTok Music in May 2021: Top HitsSaluki

The English hip-hop artist has released a new track in which he boasted of his musical success. He recorded the previous song “I Will Not Be” together with his beloved Anikv. There is a line in the track that clearly hints at the fact that together they have achieved a lot: “I gave up my strength and did business with a girl cooler than ZIL.” Fans appreciated that the composition combines different musical styles. Someone even recognized Spanish motives in the song.

Rozalia, Kaguya – Spot

Rozalia – Spot (Spot) Lyrics |  Genius LyricsRosalia

The young singer delighted fans on TikTok with a peppy and cheeky rap hit in which she advises a guy to “bring her out like a stain.” Interestingly, the song for the girl was written by her friend, Andrei Baranovsky, known under the pseudonym Gudron.


About love on TikTok

HENSY – 36.6

HENSY.  BiographyHensy

Fans of pop ballads Hensy have already appreciated his new track, in which he shares his romantic feelings, comparable to a fever. Alexander Stratonov admits that he has a normal temperature only when his beloved is next to him. It is worth noting that during a pandemic, a song with this name is more relevant than ever.

Alllex Black – There is no place

Army of BTS fans subjected Ukrainian rapper Alllex Black to bullying in social networks video - News on KP.UA
Alllex Black

Dora — fell in love

Disco Lines – love story

Kiwi & Nikida – Heart

Electronic Music on TikTok

Sembari – Among us

OMFG – hello

Piano version of the song from the fans

The Tech Thieves – Fake

Shou – Bass da da da

beatrich – Superstar

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