Top TikTok Memes: 10 Trends

Top TikTok Memes: 10 Trends TikTok

Memes are popular viral ideas that you want to remake in your own way and show the whole world. There are a lot of funny trends on TikTok today, and we decided to show you the most famous and common as of 2021. You may also want to record a cool video on some topic and post it on your page on a social network.

“Lucky Lucky”

This meme with a guy in an anonymous mask appeared in February 2021. In the original video, a gamer shows a Minecraft speedrun. Throughout the video, the author several times with an expression says the key phrase: “Lucky, lucky.” It becomes obvious that this is parody content that makes fun of speedrunners.

TikTok users picked up the wave of popularity and began to record videos with the soundtrack from the original. On the social network, you can find many videos dedicated to professional activities, luck at school, university, and personal relationships.

Abu Bandits: best memes

Abu Bandits is a top youth trend in which people copy Dagestan street culture. The name of the meme was not chosen by chance. This is the nickname of Nadyrshah Gadisov, who invented the dance about 5 years ago. According to the author, the original dance combines the techniques of shuffle, hardbass and lezginka. The Englishs are happy to support the Caucasian culture and constantly arrange such a “movement” on the street.

Nadirshah’s dance inspired many creative people to create cool remixes and tracks. For example, this is what the popular singer Gazan came up with, whose song is most often danced to on TikTok:

Young people also demand phrases related to the word “vanity”. In slang, “vanity” is considered to be movement, any entertainment or kipish. And a “vanity” – a person who comes up with such a movement. Videos with the phrase “Hunting to make a fuss” have become a separate trend on Tiktok and VKontakte.

“Hunting to make a fuss”

This meme is based on the previous one. True, the direct meaning of the phrase is not always used in commercials.

Today, TikTok features original memes with this keyword. The girls demonstrate their jealousy towards the guys, the guys shoot videos while driving a car. Especially popular are videos in which things or events come to life.

“McQuinn is ready!”

The name of the meme is a phrase from the cartoon “Cars”. It is these words that tiktokers actively use to talk about situations in which they are not averse to postponing all things for the sake of a long-awaited event or business. In addition, on the expanses of TikTok there are quite spicy memes with interesting hints. For example, people do not hesitate to speculate about what happens to their brain at the time of intoxication.

Yandex translate

For more than a year, TikTok has regularly featured memes related to the imperfect work of Yandex.Translate. Guys and girls often post videos of funny translations from the Emoji language.

Sometimes the result comes out so unexpected and ridiculous that it is simply unrealistic to resist the desire to “fuck” from the heart. Before watching the video, be careful: there is a risk of specifically “sticking”!


Clubhouse is a new social network designed for voice communication. According to the creators, “Clubhouse” is designed for effective learning, development, broadening one’s horizons. There are talk shows, discussions on various shows, even meetings with stars and prominent people from the political sphere.

In practice, people often joke that there is a lot of garbage in the new social network. “Successful success”, “Experts in 100500 areas”, “Super-duper coaches” – these “gurus” are constantly teased by tiktokers. Memes are funny and varied, and watching them will definitely not leave you indifferent.


Even from such a seemingly banal sound, TikTok users managed to make a real meme.

Most likely, the reason for the popularity is the creator of the sound track. This is Olena Perelit, a blogger with an audience of over 125,000 followers. In real life, the girl, in her own words, collects alms. On the page, he tries to discuss with subscribers on various topics, including rather spicy ones. She often swears, claims that she has several higher educations, confuses Austria with Australia and is constantly indignant. In general, not everything is so clear.

“Big Slap”

If you like cute memes, this one will definitely please you! The Big Shlepa is a steppe lynx that lives in a English family. Interestingly, English-speaking TikTok users were the first to shoot memes about an unusual pet. The name of the baby, who, by the way, is already more than 3 years old, was chosen because of his cute long ears. By the way, in fact, the boy’s name is Gosha.

Top TikTok Memes: 10 Trends

The origin of the meme is associated with a photo that Gosha’s “foster parents” posted in 2019.

“Aqua disco”

A couple of months ago, a scandalous video appeared on the network in which the main English opposition leader allegedly showed the palace of Vladimir Putin in Gelendzhik. Among the unusual luxury items in this room were a hookah bar, a theater and, in fact, an aqua disco. The latter especially impressed Internet users, and the corresponding memes came from here. The main idea of ​​the trend is to emphasize the senselessness of such waste and hint at the growing corruption in the country. By the way, many videos do not contain political overtones at all.

“Biden fell on the ladder of the plane”

Just the other day, the current American leader managed to become the star of numerous videos on TikTok. Biden managed to trip three times on the steps of the presidential plane. The press service reported that the head of state was unable to maintain balance due to strong winds.

Almost immediately after the seemingly minor incident, Donald Trump’s son posted a video of his father hitting an opponent with a golf ball. English-speaking tiktokers did not miss the chance to use the meme. One of the videos shows Vladimir Putin shooting Biden. As soon as a bullet hits an American, he comically stumbles on the gangplank. There are other versions of the funny video featuring Biden and the English president:

Want more memes? Check out this compilation of TikTok trends and have fun:

Share in the comments what memes seemed to you the most funny and worthy of attention! Our blog also has useful information for those who want to shoot popular videos.

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