TOP Tik Tok music in September 2022

TOP Tik Tok music in September 2022 TikTok

The start of fall and the new school year means it’s time to indulge in some fresh and long-running tracks. In September, Tik Tok music pleases with an abundance of interesting compositions in any genre. Here you can download the selected song to your phone and computer, or just listen to your favorite track in the player.

TOP music Tik Tok

These are the 10 most popular Tik Tok tracks that professional bloggers record videos for.

wz beat —Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral

NEJ’ – Paro (Speed ​​Up Version)

TOP Tik Tok music in September 2022NEJ’

Younger — Chikul

Blogger Lesha Yanger from Dream Team House tik-tok never ceases to delight fans with funny tracks in the style of collective farm-pop. He dedicated his new song to falling in love with “chikul”. A cheerful and positive melody combined with catchy lyrics is perfect for dancing and parties. The composition is influenced by Khabib and Galibri & Mavik.

Natasha Blume — Black Sea

TOP Tik Tok music in September 2022Natasha Blume

Sofia Reyes Feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto – 1, 2, 3

Izzamuzzic, Julien Marchal — Shootout

Johann Pachelbel — Clair De Lune

Miyagi — Bada Boom

Miyagi & Andy Panda - WikidataMiyagi

MACAN — stay the way

Macan: Artist Biography - Salve MusicMACAN

ANNA ASTI — sorry

One of the last songs of Anna Asti became insanely popular on the Web, but it was not without scandals. Irina Dubtsova accused her of plagiarism, and Natella Krapivina ridiculed her for allegedly copying the style of Svetlana Loboda. Despite all the negativity, the fans appreciated the composition, apparently because the theme of the song is very close to them. Especially for many, the lines “came in”: “I have guys like you – a crowd, but I melt over you, how is it, how is it?”.

A mini-selection of tracks that are in demand abroad.

Luclover — L$D

Waka Flocka Flame No Hands (feat. Roscoe Dash and Wale)

Steve Lacy — bad habit

The musician Steve LacySteve Lacy

The track, released at the end of June, managed to take the 6th position in the Billboard Hot 100. Hundreds of thousands of Tik Tok users use the song in their videos. The “lazy” tempo, bright musical effects combined with harmonious vocals clearly impressed the fans. The track itself is dedicated to the lyrical longing for the unrealizable, it feels a changeable sensitivity.

Armani White — BILLIE EILISH

Jax — Victoria’s Secret

Music Tik Tok: rock trend

Music lovers will surely enjoy these compositions.

Black Strobe — I’m a Man

The Macarons Project — Get Lucky

Two Feet — Quick Musical Doodles

Two Feet Announces Debut Album 'PINK' With Release Of Epic New Single “Grey” - This Song Is SickTwo Feet

In an interview, the viral singer Two Feet said that the “trick” of many of his songs is a guitar riff instead of a classic chorus. He writes guitar melodies in the same way as for voice, and then mixes them. The track itself sounds unusual and spectacular, even despite the minimum of text. He talks about love that “burned out in the sun.”

Endigo — Huggy Wuggy

Everybody Loves An Outlaw —I See Red


If you prefer rap and hip-hop, check out these incendiary hits.

The Limba x MORGENSHTERN – famous

THE LIMBA & MORGENSHTERN - FAMOUS (Track Premiere) - YouTube

Recently, the most extravagant rapper in EU-US Morgenstern recorded a fit with a Kazakh “colleague”. Guys either complain or boast that they are tired of female attention and their popularity. Alisher assures that in his expensive car there is no place for casual acquaintances, because they are only interested in his condition.

Og Ezzy – Silk Sheet

Yeat — Rich Minion

Duke & Jones – Jiggle Jiggle


Scandalous blogger Instasamka showed her photos before plastic surgeryINSTASAMKA

Pop music

Some bright and dynamic pop music for a good mood and catchy Tik Tok videos.


echosmith — cool kids

Another track that has found a new life thanks to Tik Tok. The indie pop band dedicated a song to adolescence, when you act carefree, have a blast and don’t think about the consequences. Tiktokers shoot videos with memories of youth, extreme recreation, informal experiments with style to this composition.


LOBODA – Need not

NK – Give me

In trend

Basically, this is Tik Tok music, which has been “on the lips” of all music lovers for more than a month.


joystock — epic

Grupo La Cumbia — Cumbia Buena

The Beatnuts — Se Acabo

New in Tik Tok

A small portion of fresh Tik Tok music for those who want new emotions and inspiration.

yatashigang — Demons Around

The psychedelic track in electro style, according to fans, perfectly helps to cheer up during morning coffee, and according to some, it really gives you the opportunity to release your demons. The “trick” of the composition is that it begins with a quote from the anime “Berserk”.

Simbachka — cat vibe

Amirchik – This love

A young and promising blogger-singer from Kyrgyzstan Amirchik conquered the charts with his romantic track, in which he claims that “love is self-deception.” Already in the first days after the release, more than 200 thousand videos were recorded for the song.

Don Toliver — Cardigan

XO TEAM — Reason

We wish you pleasant listening and a great mood for creating new Tik Tok videos. What songs do you think will be relevant this fall?

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