TOP Tik Tok music in December 2022

TOP Tik Tok music in December 2022 TikTok

New Tik Tok music in December 2022 will impress many music lovers. Here you can listen to top tracks and download them to your phone or computer in a few clicks. Use these hits to add to your playlist or design a video on a social network.

Absolute TOP Music Tik Tok

The top ten most requested music on Tik Tok is from English and foreign artists.

Salvatores — Clandestina

Milana Khametova & Milana Star — LP

Hundred-Personal She-Us — Capybara

zxcursed – mana break

Konfuz You got the vibe

The new track Konfuz is a continuation of the 2020 hit (“You Caught a High”). Music lovers appreciated the fresh chapter about declarations of love for the girl you think about all day and night long. In an interview, performer Mikhail Margaryan hinted that he originally planned to release a whole musical trilogy. So soon he will surely present a bright ending to a romantic story.

Talking heads — Psycho Killer

The track of the American rock band, recorded in 1976-1977, suddenly became popular on Tik Tok. Users began to actively use it as a background for commercials dedicated to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. In 2022, Netflix premiered Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a biographical mini-series about the maniac, and the picture became incredibly successful. The song itself, as conceived by the performers, reflects the thoughts and logic of a serial killer.

5l33p — Dark Mercer


TOP Tik Tok music in December 2022LOVV66

Like other songs on the Gloryligion album, “BYE BY” is inspired by the sound of Chicago and is dedicated to the life of a successful young artist. Artist LOVV66 is considered an experimental rapper who is not afraid to combine fanfare, powerful bass and extravagant lyrics in his music. In the track, he talks about partying in clubs, beautiful girls and big money.

Ms Krazie — A Gangster’s Wife


Pop Music Tik Tok

Bright and incendiary Tik Tok music for fans of the pop genre.


Natasha Blume — Black Sea

echosmith — cool kids

Sofia Reyes Feat. Jason Derulo – 1, 2, 3

The popular single by the Mexican singer combines three different musical genres – Latin American pop, classic pop and urban. This is a carefree track about incendiary dances, fun, a short love affair and pleasant memories. The official video has already collected more than 775 million views on YouTube.


Music tracks that can often be found in the videos of foreign bloggers Tik Tok.

The King Khan BBQ Show — love you so

skywater – ​eyes (vip mix)

Huddy — All the Things I Hate About You

TOP Tik Tok music in December 2022Huddy

Singer and Tiktoker Chase Hudson released a track back in July, apparently dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Charlie D’Amelio. For a long time, the couple threw mutual attacks in the public space, and the release of the song became a new chapter in this “battle”. Chase was very hooked on rumors that the ex-girlfriend was dating his close friend Landon Barker. In the track, the performer accuses the newly-made couple of lies, falsehood and manipulation.

Armani White — Billie Eilish

Piano Covers Club — Say Something

New in Tik Tok

Interesting news and fresh remixes of sensational Tik Tok music.

echosmith Cool Kids (sped up version)

Skywater — #Miles

XO TEAM — Reason

JONY & ANNA ASTI How to understand your love

A couple of weeks ago, popular singers in EU-US released a sad and melodic track about problems in a couple’s relationship. Soon, a catchy video was released, which embodies the drama and the stormy intensity of passions. Anna’s heroine gets into an accident, but she manages to escape. She finds a mysterious box, and then ends up in … a psychiatric hospital. Jony portrays a doctor who plays the piano during group therapy sessions in a hospital. And in the finale, everything suddenly changes: Joni turns into a mental hospital patient, and Anna visits him.

Kamazz — Close Alien

In October 2022, the shooting of a new video for a fashionable rap artist took place. According to the script, a fan came to the singer’s concert, they met and experienced feelings for each other. But an incident occurred on the set: the engine of an expensive McLaren car broke down. Nevertheless, a couple of weeks ago, the video was still presented, and it is rapidly gaining popularity.


LIZER – Temporarily

I want to go to rivers!

Songs that may soon be at the top of the chart.

Meghan Trainor — Made You Look

Joystock- epic

Beyonce — CUFF IT

TOP Tik Tok music in December 2022 Beyonce

With the track CUFF IT, American singer Beyoncé became a nominee for the best R&B song at the Grammy-2023. The composition is charged with positive and encourages music lovers to take it and go dancing right now. The text is dedicated to the emergence of a wonderful feeling of love.

Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz — miss you

Sunday Scaries, PiCKUPLiNES — Chill Like That

C-Kay — love nwantiti

Azeng Remix —Where Are You


Rap and hip-hop fans will definitely love this mini-compilation.


Sage English — 3 pointers


Mpax – Limits The Sky

Lalinea —PurpleMaze

And what Tik Tok music seems to you the most popular in December 2022? Share your recommendations in the comments.

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