TOP Tik Tok music in August 2022

Katherine Li TikTok

Top music from Tik Tok inspires creativity, helps to relax or, conversely, cheer up. Want to know which tracks are most used by tiktokers? In our selection – the best music of August from Tik Tok. Any song or audio track can be downloaded to a smartphone or computer.

These are compositions that are in demand both in our country and abroad.

Katherine Li — Never Had a Chance

Katherine Li Blogger and singer Katherine Li

Katherine Li is a charismatic tiktoker girl with 400k followers and a promising aspiring singer. She dedicated a new lyrical track to love-illusion. In the song, the girl sings that everything she loved in a partner, she came up with herself. The perfect backdrop for a little sadness or a romantic Tik Tok video.

DeLuca —

Lenny Tavarez — No Quiere Amor

Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone’s — Me Porto Bonito

Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone's

Kizz Daniel — Buga

ALEX&RUS — wild lioness

Shakira, Rauw Alejandro — Te Felicito

At the moment, the video for the song from the legendary Shakira is in the TOP-9 videos in the world – according to YouTube. Rumor has it that the performer dedicated the track to her ex-boyfriend, football player Piquet. The song contains the lines: “Congratulations on how well you play, this show suits you very well.” Shakira herself in an interview said that in the life of any girl it happens that you believe that you have a sincere relationship, but in fact there are none.

山口夕依 — She Share Story

classical music tik tok

The fashion for classical music is back! In Tik Tok you will find original interpretations of the works of great composers.

Mozart — Rondo Alla Turca

Esther Abrami, Annelie — Tomorrow

Esther AbramiEsther Abrami

French violinist Esther Abrami has gained popularity thanks to her social media videos, and now the girl has released her debut album. These are classical musical compositions seasoned with modern charm.

The Godfather — Theme Song

Godfather theme

Kevin MacLeod — Aquarium

American composer Kevin Macleod dedicated a new masterpiece to the beauty and magic of the water world. It is based on the composition of the same name by Camille Saint-Saens from the suite Carnival of the Animals.

Vitamin String Quartet — Howl’s Moving Castle

rock trend

Do you like heavy music or guitar songs? Then you should definitely check out this mini-selection of music from Tik Tok.

Machete – Tenderness

The song with lyrical meaning and gentle guitar sound is more than 10 years old, but it still remains relevant. There is both romance and nostalgia for the wonderful times when “we didn’t need cards” and “we lived without thinking about years, minutes.” In the first clip of the group playing in the soft rock genre, the actress Ravshana Kurkova starred.

Emre Aydin — Hoscakal

Everybody Loves An Outlaw —I See Red

Everybody Loves An Outlaw - I See Red (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube

A Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard

Endigo — Huggy Wuggy

I want to rivers

Songs that almost made it to the top of the Tik Tok chart.

NARMEN – let go love

The young singer NARMEEN (Narmin Behbudova) started her career in the rock genre, but gained popularity in the field of pop music. The track was created on the basis of real events, because in the life of many people there are moments when you need to let go of a loved one or close friend. The performer claims that in the process of writing songs, she seeks to live them, because listeners feel falseness. By the way, in 2015, Narmin was supposed to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision, but circumstances prevented her.

Betsy – I’ll give you a like

C-Kay – love nwantiti

Janaga — Ay bala

JANAGA - Ay bala ( Ay bala ) LYRIC VIDEO - YouTube

Michael Buble — Sway (sped up)

Background music on Tik Tok

Do not know what to put on the background while studying, working, walking? Catch song options for every taste.

Witt Lowry – Into Your Arms

Witt Lowry Witt Lowry

Fort Minor — Remember the name

Else — Paris

Gianluca Marino – Laughing


Rap music from Tik Tok never loses its relevance, especially among young people.

EGO – Sit down, I’ll ride


A trendy track in oriental style will become a carefree backdrop for rides around the warm evening city. The authorship belongs to Edgar Margaryan, a singer from Armenia. The guy writes poems for his tracks on his own.

Ulukmanapo — We flew

Scriptonite – Position

Adil Zhalelov (Scryptonite) released the track “Position” back in 2017, and it still remains one of the brightest in his biography. In the song, he touches on the actual problems of his native land: unemployment, lack of prospects, negative relations with others. The main part of the track is dedicated to a girl who gradually lost her faith in the singer and “became seduced” by money. The author laughs at the traitor who crawls up to him “on worn out knees”, and invites her to stay in his shoes, hinting at her thorny path to achievements.

SHAMI – Hundreds of times

Tik Tok – Eternal

Many of these hits were popular in July, and in June, and even in May. Something that is unlikely to go out of fashion.

D Billions — My Name Is

BLACKPINK — How You Like That

David Snell — Tomfoolery from SpongeBob SquarePants

Sponge Bob, as it turned out, is a representative of the LGBT community |  GQ EU-US

Zawanbeats — Tanbur, Zurna Yerli Hava

The Beatnuts — Se Acabo

How do you choose music for new Tik Tok videos? Do you prefer popular hits or are you looking for rare songs to stand out on the social network? We are waiting for answers in the comments!

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