TOP songs on TikTok in November 2022

TOP songs on TikTok in November 2020 TikTok

Can’t wait to find out what tracks TikTok will please in November 2020? Do you want to update your usual playlist and get the maximum of emotions from the cool songs of popular and talented young performers? So that you do not waste time searching for tracks from the TikTok TOP for November on your own, we have prepared a selection of the best songs from the social network on this page. You can not only listen to music in the player, but also download your favorite songs! We wish you a pleasant stay and maximum inspiration for recording videos on TikTok.

Absolute TOP

The TOP category contains the most listened to songs that users often use to design videos. Melodic and dynamic, positive, danceable and sentimental – these tracks simply must appear in your playlist.

Bianca and Artur Babich – there were dances

Cardi B feat Megan Thee Stallion – WAP

SLAVA MARLOW – I’m getting drunk again

TOP songs on TikTok in November 2020Slava Marlov

Recently, a sad track about unrequited love was released by Slava Marlow, a famous music producer, blogger and rap artist. In the song, the singer raises the issue of injustice in relationships: the girl she loves does not want to be with him because of her own commercialism, and they are not compatible, since he has an empty pocket. By the way, Slava said that in the near future he plans to get to the first place in the TOP in Apple Music. We hope that the young and ambitious guy will be able to achieve his goal.

Artur Babich – Marmalade

Foushee – deep end

Rakhim – Fendi

Rhombi & Bombi – Rom Bim Bom

Karna.val — Hysteria

blackpink – How You Like That

Another small selection of popular music from TikTok in November. Foreign and English artists have recorded tracks that are in the minds of millions of TikTok users.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Sasha Popova – Not your little one

Monaldin feat Emma Peters – Femme Like U

The lyric song in French, sung by Emma Peters, is the newest version of the popular 2009 track by Canadian rapper K-Maro. This time the musical composition has become even more tender, more melodic and more romantic.

redfoo – New Thang


Danya Milokhin and Nikolai Baskov – wildly partying


These are songs dedicated to various life problems that each of us faces sooner or later. Fashionable singers talk about problems in relationships between friends and lovers, the struggle with their own complexes and tolerance, secret fears and memories.

Nastya Kosh – Ice

Nastya Kosh – Boy

ALEX – Nesmeyana

Xcho & MACAN – Memories

Zuwu – waiting for summer

buckwheat – Enough

In October 2020, a young English singer, often compared to Zemfira, presented a new mini-album Enough. All 4 tracks, including the song of the same name, are devoted to the theme of fatigue and hopelessness. The girl talks about the situations in which she felt out of place, and her words are very close to any modern teenager.

Mumiy Troll feat Scriptonite – go on a spree

New TikTok

If you have already listened to the most TOP songs more than once, treat yourself to the latest musical news.

ATL – Bracelets

HENSY & Klava Koka – Bonfire

Konfuz – Lambo

New – It sucks without you

Vera Brezhneva – Sestra

TOP songs on TikTok in November 2020Vera Brezhneva with her sisters and mother

The former member of the legendary VIA Gra released a new single, which she worked on together with her husband Konstantin Meladze. The song is a mini-story in which most listeners recognize themselves: probably, each of us had to go through parting with loved ones. The singer herself has three sisters who always support her, with them, according to Vera, one can share both positive and sad moments.

Timati – Starfall


This is a bewitching and magnetically attractive music, under which it is very cool to shoot fashionable bows, master classes in hairstyles and make-up.

polnalyubvi – Girl and the Sea

TOP songs on TikTok in November 2020 Marina Demeschenko

polnalyubvi is a English indie pop artist with a melodic and magical voice. It is known that Marina Demeshchenko graduated from a music school, and then studied academic and folk singing in St. Petersburg. In the new song, the girl compares the feeling of falling in love with the sea, which worries and beckons her to choke. The specific and atmospheric sound of the musical composition seems to take the listener into a mystical world, forcing them to escape from everyday routine and worries, to switch to the rhythm of something unrealizable, but so desired.

Ritt Momney – Put Your Records On

Royal the Serpent – Overwhelmed

Tessa Violet – Wishful Drinking

TOP songs on TikTok in November 2020 Tessa Violet

XIX – Kismet

ZABO – Breathe

Find out which tracks of foreign artists are most in demand on TikTok!

Bebe Rexha feat Doja Cat – Baby I’m Jealous

DJ Chose & Beatking – THICK

Dua Lipa feat DaBaby – Levitating

Jennifer Lopez & Maluma – PaTi

Sada Baby – Whole Lotta Choppas


Summer is long over, a long winter awaits us ahead, and quarantine everyday life does not add a good mood at all. However, you should not be upset, because now you can warm up and cheer up thanks to cool musical compositions. While listening, you yourself will not notice at what exact moment you began to smile!

MOZGI feat Magic Five – Show you Magic


RULER, VUTK – move like this

VERBEE, Kravts – on the move

Asia – Mona Lisa

About love

Sometimes you really want to go for a walk around the city alone, grab your favorite hot drink in a coffee shop and turn on sentimental music in your headphones. To grieve, to remember, to hope, to dream, in the end. These songs are perfect for that mood!

Kagramanov – How much does love cost

Danya Milokhin – Love

In the new video, Danya Milokhin dispelled all the doubts of the fans associated with his relationship with Yulia Gavrilina. After her appearance in the video, fans were convinced that the couple was doing well:

In the video, the girl’s parents do not let her out of the house, and the guy in love decides to steal her from the apartment, after which the characters go on a romantic walk.

Dora – fell in love

KUCHER & JANAGA – Tears down the cheeks

Maxim Kruzhenkov – I miss you

just Lera – Buttercups

A lyrical and incredibly sad song from a Belarusian performer with an unusual timbre of voice definitely deserves attention.

We hope that you have already managed to appreciate English and foreign hits! Share a selection of TOP songs from TikTok with friends and family and leave feedback about the tracks in the comments to this article.

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