TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music of April 2022

April is warm sunshine, the beginning of the blossoming of nature and, of course, bright music that makes you want to create and dance, have fun with friends and get nostalgic on a walk, relax and record cool videos for Tik Tok. Today we invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of trendy tracks and find the right songs for amazing videos on Tik Tok. Music is available for both listening and downloading on any device.

TOP Music Tik Tok

Tik Tok music, which, according to music lovers, deserves the highest ratings.

The King Khan BBQ Show — love you so

The King Khan & BBQ Show – The King Khan & BBQ Show (2005, CD) - Discogs

kyz9ka — hagi waghy


Timur and Ilyas Gayazov dedicated their super hit to the romance of rides around the city at night. The song, recorded to the rhythms of the 90s, became even more popular thanks to the original video. According to the plot, the main characters find a raspberry “lada” in the garage, which turns into a time machine. Together with a pretty rebel girl, the guys plunge into the atmosphere of different eras. The guys also make fun of the domestic auto industry, saying that they are “at least not on foot.”

D Billions — My Name Is

Dorian Marko — Cornfield Chase

WATCH: Pianist releases stunning remote recording of Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No 1 - PianistDorian Marko

alyona shvets – FIRST DATE

Golden Tbilisi — Texili (Trap Remix)

Labrinth — Forever

Labrinth Comes Again | EsquireLabrinth

Studio Killers Jenny (Hearteye Speed ​​Mix)


Konstantin Zhukov – Gazan – a popular performer in EU-US, who became famous for the hits “ABU BANDIT” and “Coronaminus”. The new track from the singer of Azerbaijani origin is made in the traditional oriental flavor, with positive dance motifs. The main character of the track is a man who looks simple, but in reality is authoritative and inspires fear in others. By the way, the video for the song is based on the TV series “Game of Squid”.

New music on Tik Tok

Fresh music from Tik Tok is a great opportunity to test new formats of video creativity and simply add the tracks of idols to the playlist.

Danya Milokhin – Without a drop of thought

Hedgehog – Story

The modern and bright song of the artist Hedgehog motivates to action and change from the first seconds of listening. Together with his friends, the guy encourages fans to “fall, but do” – again and again – because “to remain nobody is the main phobia.”

Oxy Avdalyan — Asa hosa

Sasha Santa – Where are you? (prod. by Sashko Oleg)

Vector A — lyrics

Vector A - Lyrics download and listen to a song online for free


The music of April, which has gained millions of plays, also deserves your attention.

Karina Cold feat. case — Tayu

Karina Cold - Tender is the night | Band LinkKarina Cold

AlZaBi — Camazhay

Ahmedshad – I will love you ever

Ahmed Shad - YoutubeAhmedshad

The lyrical, tender and heartfelt sad song of the singer from Turkmenistan corresponds to the general style of the guy’s work. It is melodic, filled with bright epithets, smooth and harmonious. The author promises his beloved to always take care of her, despite the separation. A real ode to love and the perfect complement to romantic dates on spring evenings.

WHITE GALLOWS – Queen of the ball

Anton Tokarev – Seventh Petal


How about taking a trip or just indulging yourself in a spring weekend with the best April music from Tik Tok? It will be an unforgettable experience and fantastic emotions.

Sol Rising — The Journey

Shawn Mendes — Wonder

Canadian singer Shawn Mendes was so inspired by his philosophical track that he tattooed its name on his right arm. In the song, the pop artist talks about his own feelings and frankness, imagines what it is like to “live in a world other than black and white” and, of course, touches on romantic themes. According to critics, Mendes was able to combine youthful ardor with sentimental lyrics.

Argon Riffer — Peaceful

Trees and Lucy — Travel

Electronic Music Tik Tok

Dancing, drive and positive – that’s how you can describe this mini-compilation of electronic music from Tik Tok.

Minelli — Rampampam

Ander Huang & DJ Kuromi — F Boy

Dimitri Vegas — Pull Me Closer


Marshmello x Arash — LAVANDIA

Music for sports and fitness in Tik Tok

For productive workouts, appropriate music is sure to come in handy. Improve your sports results and post useful fitness videos under these tracks.

Y2K, bbno$ — Lalala


Nastya Kamenskikh - NK Elefante: in English in Ukrainian - translation of the song

An exotic and provocative song by Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh has been motivating TikTokers to create incendiary videos for the social network for several years. In the composition, the girl combined the traditional for her country sopilka with Latin American beats, turning the track into a spectacular festive carnival. According to Nastya herself, her main task was to show the audience the uniqueness of each world culture and prove that we are all individual, and this is the beauty of it.

Marwa Loud — bad boy

Ivan Reis – Fire


Music that touches on the most exciting topics, awakens a sea of ​​emotions and thoughts, makes you think about important things or remember pleasant moments.

Palina – Month

Palina (Polina Poloneichik): Biography of the singer - Salve MusicPalina

Vanya Lyulenov – First time

Ivan Lyulenov will become a participant in the new season of Dancing with the StarsVanya Lyulenov

After the popular track “She’s a Star”, Vanya Lyulenov surprised the fans with a provocative guitar song about the first kiss, which can be characterized by the phrase “the first pancake is lumpy.” As the singer himself admitted, his youth was also not as romantic and bright as it is shown in the movies. The guy makes fun of himself and tells the listeners that imperfect moments are quite normal.

Bahh Tee & Turken – Your last chance

lighthouse – dynamite

Arseny Borodin – Far

And which tracks from our TOP resonate in your soul? We invite you to discuss the best songs in the comments and watch this video:

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