TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022

kyz9ka - Hagi Wagi (Official audio) - YouTube TikTok

With the onset of the long-awaited spring, Tik Tok never ceases to delight with bright and trendy tracks. We feature popular music from the social network, so you can safely update your playlist and draw inspiration for recording attention-grabbing videos. Any song can be easily downloaded. TOP songs will help you get into the “Recommendations” faster and increase the number of followers on TikTok.

Absolute TOP

This is the music that has collected the maximum number of fans. Under the following tracks, Tik Tok users most often record cool videos with a large number of views.

ALEKS ATAMAN — Dialogues tete-a-tete

Dorian Marko — Cornfield Chase (Piano)

Gayazov$ Brother$ — Raspberry Lada

The King Khan BBQ Show — love you so

The song by the Canadian garage rock duo was created many years ago, but just recently went viral on Tik Tok. Under a track with simple romantic lyrics and a relaxed melody, tiktokers film their everyday life and even share awkward moments. For example, a prospective Starbucks barista showed how instead of 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of coffee beans she ordered 110 pounds (50 kg). The video became one of the most viewed on her page, despite the seemingly not very original topic.

kyz9ka — hagi waghy

kyz9ka - Hagi Wagi (Official audio) - YouTube

Labrinth — Forever

The soundtrack to the American teen TV series “Euphoria” made the list of the most popular March hits on Tik Tok. Composer Timothy Lee Mackenzie (Labrinth) admitted that he recorded this and other tracks when there was very little time left before the deadline. The song, consisting of only one phrase, Oh, I’ll live forever, oh, oh, oh, oh, impresses with lyricism and even spirituality, which is important for the full disclosure of the characters of the series.

ADLIN – No Love (Instrumental)

Alena Shvets – first date

Alena Shvets. - FIRST DATE - YouTubeAlena Shvets

The talented singer, keyboardist and guitarist Alena Shvets is only 21 years old, and she has already become a popular performer in the post-bard genre. One of her victories is the soundtrack to the series “Difficult Teens” (composition “Wine and Cigarettes”). Alena’s songs catch the young audience with lyricism and romantic longing. In the track about the first date, the girl sings: “How many tears and joy you brought us the long-awaited spring,” and this mood is probably familiar to most listeners.

Astronauts No – Peppermint (remix 2010)

Lucy Chebotina — SUN OF MONACO

Music Tik Tok: new items

The new music of your favorite performers charges you positively and gives you a little nostalgia, entertains and surprises with sentimental notes.

Danya Milokhin — Without a Drop of Thought

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022

More recently, Danya Milokhin shared with fans a lyrical ballad about forbidden love: “a cold bed,” because “we can’t do it with you.” The sad song is diluted with a dynamic rap insert. Danya himself admitted that it was especially difficult for him to work on the second part of the composition.

Egor Ship — Gadget

Hedgehog – Story

Dzharakhov – Station (Clean Version)

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022Eldar Dzharakhov

In the new song, Dzharakhov spoke about how he arrives at the station after parting with his beloved, and how much he dislikes the place where he ended up. Everything would be fine, but soon, together with Stas Kostyushkin, the rapper recorded a video and … managed to offend the Volgograd railway station, which lit up on the screen. The line “I cursed this station, these people and this train” was replaced with a more obscene version. The performers even had to apologize for such a daring trick.

andro – How not to love


If you like rap music, then this mini-selection will definitely not go unnoticed.

Little Simz — Venom

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022Little Simz


Kyivstoner ft Juicy J — ICE

Dequin – No way

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022Dequin

The Kazakh singer appeared in the new song as a daring and self-confident girl who does not need any love, she is only interested in “a million bucks” or even more. The song sounds bright and contrasting, because it combines provocative lyrics and a gentle girlish voice.

#I wantWrek

This is music that is in incredible demand among music lovers. It is likely that soon the tracks will conquer the top of Tik Tok. – Photographing the sunset

MAYBE BABY — sH1pu4Ka!

Anton Tokarev – Seventh Petal

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022Anton Tokarev

A cover version of the Hi-Fi song performed by Anton Tokarev managed to rise in various song charts. For the first time, the young performer presented his version of the hit on the Voice show 3 years ago, but the studio version appeared only recently.

WHITE GALLOWS – Queen of the ball

Nekoglai – Ordinary Guy (feat. Ivanzolo2004)

TikTok Talents: Fresh Music

The talented and young musicians have already received high marks from TikTok fans. If you want something new, then this collection is for you!

Afelia – Do not die

like oska – Sunset Dawn

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022

Lucy, bark – Pour boiling water

Michels – weak people

GERZ – piss off

A participant in the SONGS project on TNT captivated the public with her first solo single. The girl decided to focus on a bold combination of pop music, deep house and hip-hop.

About love

Songs about tender feelings, established relationships and unrequited love are more relevant than ever in the spring.

Maxim Kruzhenkov — Madame of Hearts

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022Maxim Kruzhenkov

JANAGA — Ai bala

AKHA – You are so Beautiful

Music from abroad

And what kind of music is trending in other countries today? We offer the best tracks that foreign tiktokers use to design their videos on TikTok.

Kodak Black — Super Gremlin

Leroy Anderson — Sleigh Ride

New Rules — Cheers

XoBrooklynne — My Crown

TOP songs on Tik Tok: the best music in March 2022XoBrooklynne

The new single from XoBrooklynne is a bright mix of beautiful female vocals and dance tunes. In the track, the girl boasts about her achievements, expresses her love for her fans and makes fun of the haters.

Interested in a quick overview of popular Tik Tok music? Watch the video and enjoy listening to quality hits.

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