TOP songs from TikTok in March 2023

TOP songs from TikTok in March 2021 TikTok

The new TOP music from TikTok is ready to cheer you up this spring! March promises to be very eventful and bright for music lovers. In our selection of the best TikTok songs, you will find funny and incendiary, sentimental and atmospheric, humorous and completely non-standard tracks. Download the music you like to your phone or computer, add it to a playlist and use it as decoration for your TikTok videos.

Pictures for "glory marlow and morningstar"Morgenstern and Slava Marlow

Absolute TOP in TikTok

These are the songs that are incredibly popular among tiktokers and their fans:

XiLO – Aesthetic

Kim Dracula – Paparazzi

VOGEL – Fools are lucky

The young musician, who, by the way, is often compared with Tima Belorussky, pleased the youth with a new romantic track. In the song, Robert Chernikin talks about how fools are lucky, so he was lucky to find a beautiful girl, one of billions. The guy expresses hope not to lose his beloved. It is curious that the release of the composition approximately coincided with February 14th.

TOP songs from TikTok in March 2021Vogel

TikTok users managed to participate in the challenge dedicated to this track even before the official release. Fogel fans even created an amateur selection of videos, in which Danya Milokhin, Yulia Gavrilina, Anya Pokrov and other TikTok stars “lit up”.



Rakhim – Blue Lamborghini

kostromin – My head is a screw

MONEYKEN – You are my ocean

Boney M. – Rasputin (7 Version)

ANIA POKROV – The last traitor

Pictures for "anya cover"Anya Pokrov


Songs from this category may soon be in the TOP.

ERSHOV, Kagramanov – Braid


Dana Sokolova feat. scrooge – Indigo

Pictures on request "Dana Sokolova feat. Scrooge - Indigo what is the song about"Dana Sokolova

The song, released in 2017, suddenly also hit the TOP music for March 2021. The track is very unusual, as it combines both rock and hip-hop motives. The song tells about indigo children who have extraordinary intelligence, increased sensitivity and even telepathic abilities.

The bright representatives of the BlackStar label managed to impress the audience without nude models, expensive accessories and cars, which is especially valuable. The key meaning of the song is revealed as follows: “so much rot, so little peace.” The actions of the official video take place in a prison that contains not criminals, but unusual people, because society does not accept them, calling them freaks and freaks.

masked wolf – Astronaut In The Ocean

Vanya Dmitrienko – Venus-Jupiter

Domknowz – lofi

Find out what explosive and dynamic hits foreign idols will delight us with this spring!

$NOT – Mean ft. Flo Milli

Erica Banks – buss it

Ed Sheeran – Afterglow


The New Year holidays are long over, but music lovers are still impressed by the track and the futuristic video from the American rapper. In the video, Lil Nas X turns into a glamorous Santa and goes to give children a brand new PlayStation. “Santa Claus” is going to do good on a Dodge Charger SRT sled pulled by robotic reindeer. Despite such a noble message of the clip, the text contains provocative, by no means childish phrases: “I’m sexy”, “top shit”, “to hell with it” and worse :-).

marv allen – Out The Frame

RUN DMC – It’s Tricky


Soulful, soulful or funny songs are perfect for any life event. There are a lot of live emotions and inspiration in these compositions!


ARSENII, Poedalkin – Khavchik

kangi – Eya

The new track of the modern singer is dedicated to the theme of friendship and sincerity. The song from the TOP for March 2021 is distinguished by typical “boy” lyrics and backyard romance. The musician claims that “friends are not exchanged for loot” and “we need more deeds, fewer words.” It was directness and frankness that “hooked” thousands of music lovers. An interesting fact: in most of the videos, Kangi appears in a mask, as he does not want to “shine” his face.

Anet Say – Do not Cry

Sasha Ice & Sofa Cooper – Chat Bot

Perfe & Tenderlybae – Curly-haired baby

For cars

For romantic night rides in early spring and an invigorating morning drive to work, hits from this mini-selection are suitable:

UncleFlexxx – Camry 3.5

Images for "Camry 3.5 song dedicated"

Aleksey Schastlivy (the real name of the performer) became famous thanks to the provocative hip-hop hit, which is literally parsed into quotes. Music lovers especially liked the phrase “Only mother and Camry 3.5 are worthy of love.” It is interesting that the musician independently uploaded the track on various digital platforms, and no one helped him with promotion.

Nikita Mimimizka – Ferrari


MUTI Dal Dal Gone

Miyagi & Andy Panda – Medicine

Skrillex & Rick Ross – Purple Lamborghini

Electronic TOP in TikTok

Under these TOP songs, you want to dance, play sports and, of course, shoot spectacular videos for TikTok!

Regard – Ride It

Sembari – Among us

OMFG – hello

The Tech Thieves – Fake

The Canadian duo have long concentrated on a melodic bass style, but now the band has decided to switch to a vocal accent. The combination of dynamic music, soulful female vocals and mysterious meaning appealed to many music lovers. The text is devoted to the theme of lies and pretense.

Shou – Bass da da da

English hit: TOP of our songs

The TOP of English music also boasts interesting and memorable tracks:

YAVЬ & Yolka – Girl

Yulianna Karaulova – So much

IOWA – Take for joy from my palms

The new song of the Belarusian-English pop-rock group is part of the album “Keep my speech forever”. It is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Osip Mandelstam. As part of the action, musical performers presented songs based on the poems of the great poet.

Olga Buzova – Pink glasses

Lesha Svik – I’ll remember

EMIN feat. JONY – Fireplace

We also advise you to check out this video dedicated to the TOP songs on TikTok lately:

We hope that our selection of TOP TikTok music for March 2021 gave you positive emotions and inspired you to create new videos on the social network! Visit us regularly to stay up to date with the best tracks and useful information about TikTok.

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