TOP music tracks on TikTok in September 2020

TOP music tracks on TikTok in September 2020 TikTok

Do you like to listen to trendy tracks and constantly hang out on TikTok? Want to get more attention for your social media videos? Then you will surely be interested in our selection of popular songs for September 2020! Funny and sad, funny and serious, pathetic and with a touch of nostalgia – these tracks literally blew up TikTok in the first month of autumn!

Absolute TOP September in “TikTok”

Let’s start our selection with the most popular tracks that are loved by both top bloggers and their followers:

Rakhim – Fendi

BLACKPINK – How You Like That

The South Korean girl group dedicated the song to issues of justice, self-confidence and self-esteem. A stylish track in the hip-hop genre inspires and motivates to new life achievements: even having reached the bottom, you can rise and go further again. By the way, you can cheer yourself up just by watching a beautiful clip from perky girls from Asia:

Gafur JONY – Lollipop

DJ Smash – RUN feat Pot

Fix – Leather pants

Kevin MacLeod – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys


MITCHEL – And already fso

Asia – Why are you so good?

TOP music tracks on TikTok in September 2020

A funny track by a young singer with a beautiful pseudonym proves that there should be a golden mean in a relationship. In the song, Anastasia Alentyeva, from the PESNI project on TNT, complains about a guy who behaves too positively: he is the first to ask for forgiveness, listens to the “right music”, likes her parents, does not swear … The girl is so pissed off that she jokingly suggests him to “at least start smoking.” An excellent background for light videos on uncomplicated life topics.

HENSY – Pain and gone


We also decided to share a small selection of songs that have every chance of getting into the TIKTOK TOP in the near future:

Max cake – Warm


Anet Say – Moth


Mot – Paper house

TOP music tracks on TikTok in September 2020

Talented English rapper Matvey Melnikov wrote a lyrical song about the complexities of relationships. In the text, he compares misunderstanding with his beloved to the cold of the Arctic and calls his soulmate “Fuji’s forbidden fruit.” To cope with all the problems, Mot invites his beloved to “set fire to the paper house and dispel landmarks.”

DAVA and Philip Kirkorov – Rolex

New music on TikTok

Can you call your track list worn out to holes? It’s time to update it and find out what interesting music artists have prepared for us. The idea can be taken from this list:

Timur Rodriguez – MEAT

TOP music tracks on TikTok in September 2020

The English showman, a participant in numerous humorous projects, has recorded a daring track for those who love dancing until they drop. In a dynamic and vibrant song, Timur encourages listeners to live to the fullest and do everything that the criminal code allows. Can we start?

Basta and Zivert – be healthy

Vlad Sokolovsky – Wrist

Katya Adushkina – Boo

Tim Belorussky – FRECKLES

Elvira T – Better

Cream Soda – Ice Heart

Fitness from TikTok

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to get up in the morning and go for a run or start exercising at home. If you are a little lacking in motivation, or if you need to shoot a themed video about sports, these songs will come in handy:

Bazzi – Myself

Conkarah feat Shaggy – Banana

Diplo French Montana Lil Pump feat Zhavia Ward — Welcome to the Party

Paapi Muzik – Let’s Get It Done

SODA – Pullin Up Extended

K Camp – Lottery Renegade

Meduza Becky Hill Goodboys – Lose control

About love

There are moments when you want to escape from everyday routine and indulge in romance, a little nostalgic or mourn about unfulfilled hopes. These love songs are exactly right for this sentimental mood:

Elena Temnikova – Like on Love Is candy wrappers

Agunda – But why

TOP music tracks on TikTok in September 2020

A 16-year-old Ossetian from Vladikavkaz captivated music lovers with her melodious and pleasant voice. A slightly melancholy song is dedicated to obsessive thoughts about a guy who is in no hurry to reciprocate her feelings. Agunda Tsirikhova became popular by chance: last year, the girl wrote to the leader of her favorite Taipan group, who appreciated her talent. Since then, the musicians began to cooperate.

ALEX ANDREEV – baby love

Yulianna Karaulova – ProLove

Basiaga feat Benz – KISS

Kaan Pars Zeni N feat Jfarr – Gold


Hip-hop fans are advised to listen to these tracks:

FLESH feat MellowBite – TOKYO DRIFT

Jasiah – Crisis

Tiagz – Muffins In The Freezer

Smokey Mo feat Guf – BANG BANG

Syava – With no reason


Do you want to show everyone on TikTok how cool you learned to dance or move to cool music? Then these songs can be an excellent background for incendiary videos that will receive a lot of likes:

Agape – princess from tik tok

Jason Derulo – Take You Dancing

MARUV & Boosin – I want you

aljay – Ultramarine Dances

Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Anne Marie – Birthday

Finally, we suggest devoting 10 minutes to watching a video with a selection of songs that users are actively searching for in Shazam:

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