TOP music tracks on TikTok in July 2020

TOP music tracks on TikTok in July 2020 TikTok

Are you a real music lover who doesn’t want to miss the coolest TikTok music? We offer a hot selection of the best hits of the social network for July! Turn on trendy tracks to the fullest or use them to create incendiary videos on TikTok: tons of likes guaranteed!

Authoritative bloggers, stars and thousands of regular TikTok users consider these music tracks to be the coolest in July:

bhad bhabie – Gucci Flip Flops

TOP music tracks on TikTok in July 2020
Daniella Bregoli, Bhad Bhabie

BLACKPINK – How You Like That


Recently, the proverb “Everything new is a well-forgotten old” has become more than relevant. For example, “Black Boomer” sounds original and fresh, performed jointly by the famous rapper Seryoga and the young artist Dava, Olga Buzova’s lover. The track is dedicated to the conflict of generations. The clip is also clearly worth a look:

A young boy and an adult “uncle” are fighting for the opportunity to become the owner of a unique car, presented in a single copy. Seryoga, together with his “brothers,” knocks out of the young man a confession that he earned money for the car in TikTok, and a representative of the older generation is trying to repeat his success.

HENSY – Pain and gone

A young London artist named Sasha Kogan recently presented the world with a life-affirming song that proves that any pain fades with time. Lyrical street hip-hop envelops the listener with light sadness and soothes in difficult times. In the VKontakte chart, Sasha managed to get around even Morgenstern with his Cadillac.

Johnny Orlando, Mackenzie Ziegler – What If I Told You I Like You

carnival – Psychiatric hospital

lil darkie – HAHA

MITCHEL – And that’s all

VTORNIK – Sala Maleku

aljay – Ultramarine Dances

Bbno – Nursery

TikTok in the fiery rhythm of hip-hop

If you like driving tracks with heartfelt lyrics, dilute the dullness of everyday life with these songs:


TOP music tracks on TikTok in July 2020Flash

Pavel Dyldin’s provocative track is conducive to club parties and youth separation without boring brakes. According to fans, it’s cool to shoot night rides around the city to a hip-hop musical composition.

K Camp – Lottery

Rauf Faik – Childhood

Nurminsky – Valim

Syava – With no reason

English hits on TikTok

The TOP of English performers includes the following idols of youth with bright and stylish tracks:

Jah Khalib – Sea

Niletto – Young

Danil Prytkov released a memorable anthem of love and youth. The guy managed to combine dynamic drops and a hooky chorus, a peppy vibe and an almost “boyish” aesthetic in a single composition. While the majority of performers dedicate tracks to girls hopelessly in love, Niletto decided to remember men’s feelings as well. Watch the video, sing along and dance:

Time is up – Last Dance

Dima Bilan – Chemistry

Bread – Choco

Sports and fitness: it’s time for a workout!

According to TikTok users, videos from the gym and home workouts are great for followers to these musical compositions:

Bazzi – Myself

Chunnyt –Asian power part1

Spaz Challenge (feat. Drippy Productions)

Paapi Muzik – Let’s Get It Done

soda – pullin up


In the category “Life” in the TOP “TikTok” there are tracks that do not go out of the minds of music lovers. Already after the first listening, you will involuntarily sing along to musical idols:

Agape – Princess from TikTok

Dabro – Youth

The brothers Mikhail and Ivan Zasidkevichi had no doubts about the success of the new song: still, there are a lot of words and notes in it that give you goosebumps. It “catches” both young people who have a bright and exciting period ahead in their lives, and the older generation, who will certainly want to nostalgic for their youth. This is a song about home comfort, sincere friendship, first loves. There is no pathos, glamor, vulgarity and swearing here: warmth and sincerity emanates from music and text. See for yourself:

Maryana Ro – In the past

BAV – PcheloBAV Freak

“Pchelobava” was invented by YouTuber Mr. Bav, Brazhnikov Alexey Viktorovich. The blogger dedicated his channel to the popular game Minecraft. The YouTuber shared useful tutorials with subscribers and narrated from the perspective of Bav, a funny minecraft character with a mustache. The cartoon man has become a real meme. The popularity grew, and in the spring the enterprising man recorded the first song. Now young tiktokers and older people are happy to dance to the chorus or do funny things to the music.

Rauf And Faik – Is this happiness?

Maxim Kruzhenkov – son-in-law

Fix – Leather pants



These tracks have every chance to get into the TOP in the near future, as every day they become more and more popular:

Agunda – But why

DINAT – Chanel girl

Klava Koka – Chemistry

MakSim – A difficult age

Suddenly, a song released 14 years ago has found a new wave of popularity! Previously, under the gentle voice and dynamic music of the singer Maxim, schoolchildren danced in discos, and now her compositions are used to design sensual, sentimental and cute videos on TikTok.

Yulianna Karaulova – Prolove

Summer “roast”: sunny nostalgia

Legendary musical compositions got into the TOP of summer compositions in July:

Bob Marley – Sun is Shining

The Drifters – This Magic Moment

Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

This is the most famous song by Gloria Gaynor, an African-American disco singer. The musical composition, released in 1978, is dedicated to a girl who seeks to survive the separation from her loved one. The song is regularly used as an anthem for the feminist movement and the LGBT community.

TOP music tracks on TikTok in July 2020Gloria Gaynor

There were some great new additions:


Doe Boy ft. Moneybagg Yo – Split It

And here is a selection of TikTok videos using the best tracks of July 2020:

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