TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022 TikTok

Even the coldest and grayest autumn days can be revived by top Tik Tok music. In October 2022, both bright novelties and long-standing hits that cannot be put out of your head burst into the social network. Listen to the most worthy songs from Tik Tok in the player or download songs to your phone/computer.

Absolute TOP in Tik Tok

If you are interested in the most popular Tik Tok music that has conquered English and international charts, then this top ten will definitely impress you.

Studio Killers — Jenny

The single Jenny, released by the Finnish-British band Studio Killers over 9 years ago, went viral on Tik Tok. The total number of videos on the social network with this sound has exceeded 2.6 billion. Users put the hashtag #hearteyes and shoot videos with the eye effect in the form of moving hearts. Interestingly, the track itself is dedicated to falling in love with her best friend, whom the heroine is afraid to confess her feelings to.

Coi Leray — TWINNEM


TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022 GHOSTEMANE

Fed Up is a track by a rap and rock artist from California, in which the author talks about his attitude to popularity, fame, sycophants and hypocrites. It is dedicated to haters who are negative about his extravagant style and gloomy image. In his opinion, they live in fantasy, while he is in reality with very outstanding success.

imagine Dragons — Enemy

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022imagine Dragons

Moreart Feat. Ihi – I will f***

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022Moreart

Rapper Moreart from Kazakhstan last year conquered the Apple Music and Spotify charts with his obviously provocative, but incredibly effective track. Tiktokers have recorded more than 2.7 million videos with him. In the song, the author alludes to the fact that “you need to lift your butt in order to achieve something in this life.” Interestingly, in the past, the singer collaborated with Jah Khalib, but later there was a conflict between them.

Jakomo, AVG — Platinum

Jakomo, AVG - Platinum (PREMIERE 2022) - YouTube

wz beat —Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral

Younger — Chikul

Younger: concerts 2022-2023 and ticketsYounger

Where is the Phantom? – I love you

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022Where is the Phantom?

Testosterovich – Poplar fluff

English music on Tik Tok in October 2022

Another 10 sensational tracks, but exclusively in English. Lyrics and audacity, fun and sentiment, powerful beats and gentle instrumental notes – take your pick.

Costa Lacoste, Aljay – Bulletproof vest

RASA – let’s hum

The musical duo RASA, consisting of the spouses Viktor Popleev and Daria Sheiko, is actively striving to repeat the success of their song “Beekeeper”. The track is dedicated to the party, and the performer invites his beloved not to grieve, but “to wake up the district in unison.” In the video, Victor drives a yellow “gelika” in a bee-colored outfit and invites people to a disco.

JONY – come on you

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022JONY

Xcho feat. Alemond & Neki — Faya

Astronauts No – A jar of cigarette butts

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022Astronauts No

Kempel – flat

RAIKAHO & LXE — drug girl

VAVAN, GALIBRI & MAVIK — Fairy landing

Lyfar, Ki-ob — Techno

ETOLUBOV – Attraction

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022

Pop singer Etolubov dedicated a sensual and lyrical track to magnetism between a woman and a man. Modern arrangement with notes of electronics and oriental music makes the song even more magical.

Foreign Hits on Tik Tok

These songs from Tik Tok conquered not only the foreign audience, but also our music lovers.

Tinlicker, Helsloot —Because You Move Me

Why Mona — Wannabe

Mr Kitty — AfterDark

The original composition, in which calmness and passion coexist, is the perfect solution for evenings when you want to be alone with yourself or just relax after a hard day. The song talks about how good it is to be close to your other half, and it is in it that the hero finds his consolation, admiring the patience of the girl. Talented musician Mr. Kitty skillfully experiments with dark electronics, breakcore and darkwave in her work.



Sleeping At Last — Turning Page

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022Sleeping At Last

Tollan Kim — Chill Vibes

Katherine Li — Happening Again


Rap and hip-hop fans should not pass by these tracks. After listening, a surge of energy and inspiration is guaranteed!

Mc Kaique Da Vp — Taca A Xereca Pra Mim

Yeat — Rich Minion

TOP music Tik Tok: the best in October 2022

American rapper Yeat released a track that sounded in the trailer for the cartoon Minions: Gruvitation. In the song, the performer humorously covers the events of the film and says that he was paid a whole million for the song about the Minions. The composition has become a symbol of a sensational trend, according to which people go to see the premiere in business attire, pretending to be respectable businessmen. By the way, in some cinemas such guests were forbidden entry.

Big Baby Tape Kizaru — 99 Problems

The Limba x MORGENSHTERN – Famous

Lil Nas X Jack Harlow — INDUSTRY BABY



New tracks – Tik Tok music that will set a fresh mood for your day, and some hits will even help you cheer up in the morning.

Sushi – sincerity

Gayazovs Brothers – Save My Friday

GAYAZOV$ BROTHER$ issued a new banger
Gayazovs Brothers

A few weeks ago, the Gayazovs Brothers duet presented the track “Save My Friday”. The guys set themselves the task of making such a product that music lovers will play on repeat, and the guys did everything perfectly. And this is not surprising, because the theme of the song is close to many: people want to break away after a hard working week, dancing and letting go of all sad thoughts. The track ends with the phrase: “I take all the clear days for myself, everything is clear to me now” with a reference to the famous song of Oleg Gazmanov.

Arctic Monkeys — Body Paint

Zivert — WAKE UP!

Ed Sheeran — Celestial

Do you like music from Tik Tok for October 2022? Perhaps you would like to add some more songs to the TOP? What tracks do you prefer for your videos? We will be grateful for your comments!

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