TOP music on TikTok in December 2021

Amaarae - SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY (feat. Moliy) (Lyrics) - YouTube TikTok

The end of the year pleases TikTok users not only with bright challenges and cool videos, but also with high-quality music in different genres. Here you can download the TOP tracks from TikTok for December 2021 and replenish the playlist with really worthy works.

Absolute TOP TikTok

These are the best tracks of the beginning of winter from Tik Tok, which are constantly heard in the videos of top bloggers and just fans of fun on the social network.

Amaarae- SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY ft Moliy

Amaarae - SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY (feat. Moliy) (Lyrics) - YouTube

Lucy Chebotina – Sun of Monaco


Slava Marlowe: “At 16, I drank for a whole year.  After that, I don't thump» |  StarHit.ruGlory Marlow

Slava’s fans have been waiting for the track’s release for a whole year: last November, the performer presented pieces of the future song to music lovers. In the composition, the musician sings about a girl who does not need love: she is only interested in numbers. Fans were impressed by the original end of the song: there the idol tells the assistant that he plans to … buy the most expensive panties of his life. Slava (real name – Artem) told the story of such shopping to Yuri Dudyu. The guy admitted that in his wardrobe there is linen for 20 thousand.

Tanir & Tyomcha – Lost a boy

Nastya Kosh – A princess

Yasmina Heyman – Fell in love

Anet Say – stay human

Bianca – Bianca – Music

Platinum & Dora – San Laran

Platina & dora – Saint Laurent Lyrics |  Genius LyricsPlatinum and Dora

Charismatic and bright Dora decided to refresh her usual cut rock style by recording a track with rapper Platina. The song is a remix of an already existing guy’s composition. In the track, the girl sings that “she knows the value of brands”, but she is interested in how much her lover “costs without clothes”, and claims that “money is temporary.”

The Prodigy Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

#HochuvRek on TikTok

A mini compilation of songs that have not yet made it to the TOP TikTok in December, but are quite popular among tiktokers. Obviously deserve the attention of fans of different musical directions.

WE – Fire

WE (WE) – Fire (Fire) Lyrics |  Genius LyricsGroup We

The English dream-pop band released a dynamic yet tender love song back in 2017, but more recently it has become popular on Tik Tok. In the track, the guys sing about feelings that are compared to a fire, and express fears about how this relationship might end.

JONY, The Limba – Boss

Maneskin – MAMMAMIA

Aljay & Rakhim – URUS

The Garden – This Could Build Us A Home


If you are tired of being content with hits that were at the top of the charts back in November, then you should add these fresh tracks to your playlist.

Slame – Dosvidos

MARUV & The Hatters – Bullet

Most recently, the Ukrainian singer Maruv and the English folk-rock band Hatters recorded the first joint track and video for it. The creative composition Bullet combines elements of trip-hop, folk and even… gypsy choir parts. The black and white video for the song is reminiscent of the detective stories of the last century. Luxurious ladies with diamonds, a mouthpiece, a typewriter and a revolver in gentle female hands look stylish and chic.

Insane Clown Posse – Chop Chop Slide

bts – Danger

Xenon & 3rd January – Faulty


Fans of rap and hip-hop will enjoy both English and foreign hits from world-class performers.

Rozalia, Kaguya – Spot

Popp hunna – Adderall

Saluki – Oh boy, broke boy



winter trend

The beginning of winter is a special mood and atmosphere in which sentimentality, and faith in miracles, and bitter disappointment in uncomplicated relationships are read.

Testosterovich – This is not love

Ayub Vakharagov – Indian Tea

FACE – Lisa

Rapper Face - biography, photo, personal life, girlfriend, creativity, height and weight, listen to songs online 2021 |  Learn EverythingFACE

The rapper’s melodic song about unrequited teenage love for a girl from the parallel makes listeners a little nostalgic this winter, because almost everyone probably has such a romantic story in their memory, albeit with an unhappy ending. The guy affectionately calls Lisa “May among January.” In an interview, the performer admitted that the track is based on real events from his life.

Smirnova Kristina – Bandites

ESMI – Frau

Best of 2021

December is a time for summing up, and this also applies to music on TikTok. It is these compositions that have become the most popular among users of the social network this year. Basically, tiktokers liked the tracks of English-speaking performers.

Kostromin – My head is a screw

Gleb Kostromin and Eva LyubimovaGleb with Eva

Gleb Kostromin became a real discovery in TikTok at the beginning of the ending year. At first, the guy just participated in the funny videos of his girlfriend – Eva Lyubimova, but soon the young man’s talents were noticed in the LEGACY MUSIC company. The track “My head is a screw” has already been released on the label, and its popularity has spread throughout the world. The composition is about a girl who loves to make guys fall in love with her in order to increase her self-esteem.

Gerber – Ulyalya

Konfuz — Ratata

Konfuz (Confuse) - biography, personal life, photos, songs, nowKonfuz

Misha Konfuz considers the song “Ratata” his main pride this year, because in the summer more than 8 million TikTok videos were shot under it! The song is dedicated to the eternal love theme: in the track, the guy sings about a girl who charmed him by not looking at brands, but sincerely treating him.

The Limba, Rakhim – Hentai

asanrap – Shoma tiger

Dzharakhov, Markul – I’m in the moment

Klava Koka – LA LA LA

Klava Koka - La La La - download a song for free and listen onlineKlava Koka

Ramil’ – Dream

Rakhim – Blue Lamborghini

Coi Leray – TWINNEM

If you want to expand your playlist as much as possible, be sure to watch this video with a selection of tracks that are shazamed by almost all music lovers today!

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