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Surf Mesa: 'ily (i love you baby)' Interview |  Billboard TikTok

Tik Tok fans and top bloggers of the social network have already managed to check out the hot hits of the summer of 2021! In July, musical performers presented a sea of ​​various tracks, both cheerful and lyrical, perky, melodic and with a touch of humor. It’s time to fill up the playlist by downloading the most popular songs from our fresh summer collection for Tik Tok. Many tracks were popular in June, but the musicians also delight fans with cool new releases!

Absolute TOP in Tik Tok

These are the hottest Tik Tok hits this summer, which definitely deserve the attention of a music lover.

Maneskin – Beginning

Karna.val – Daisies

Tesher – Jalebi Baby

KREEPA – Oh no

Surf Mesa – ily (i love you baby)

Surf Mesa: 'ily (i love you baby)' Interview |  BillboardSurf Mesa

Trinidad Cardona – Dinero

Trinidad Cardona is a young American R&B and hip-hop artist who is inspired by the culture of the 90s of the last century. His new hit is dedicated to the history of a love relationship in which a girl is ready for anything, and a young man is happy to part with money for her sake. But in the end, he is left with nothing, as the cunning lover leaves him along with dinero (as money is called in Spanish). In combination with an incendiary dance tune, the track turned out to be very memorable.

The Backyardigans – Into The Thick Of It!

Asia & Anya Pokrov – Love From Pictures

Asia, Anya Pokrov - Love from the picture (Official Snippet Video) - YouTubeAsia and Anya Pokrov

According to music lovers, the new track by Asia and Anya Pokrov came out truly feminist. The performers themselves claim that they wanted to make the composition comical and funny, but at the same time vital. In an interview, the singers said that guys often want to see the perfect picture girl in life, but they themselves are not going to meet such a bar. Nastya and Anya are sure that it is more important not to be perfect and meet the invented ideal, but to believe in yourself.

Nikitata – Love me more

Pretty Scream – You

About love

Romantic and sad, incendiary and memorable hits about love in July are especially popular.

Alex Andreev – Amore Love

Lida – I’m crazy about you

LIDA - ASPIRIN - YouTubeLida

The English singer, known by the pseudonyms Lida and Mudota, recently released a love track in emo-pop-punk style. Despite the sad meaning of the song, it sounds fervently, and the short text is quickly remembered. Many music lovers have already said that the track inspires pleasant nostalgia for that 2007. By the way, at the moment Nikolai Romadov is engaged in producing activities.

Olga Seryabkina is LOVE

SEREBRO soloist Olga Seryabkina is preparing to release a collection of poems, HELLO!  EU-USOlga Seryabkina

Artik & Asti – You can do everything

KidDIE H × Dina Mirnaya – Together

Akha – You are so Beautiful

For the food blog on Tik Tok

Have you been thinking about starting a food blog for a long time or are you looking for a good background for culinary experiments? Catch a mini-selection of inspiring hits.

ikson – Taste It

Ikson - Taste It - YouTube

Jeff Kaale – Cookies

Justin Bieber – Yummy

The song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber is already a year and a half old, and it is still trending on Tik Tok! A pleasant combination of R&B and pop trap with the women’s favorite falsetto creates a playful and romantic mood. Interestingly, Justin dedicated the song to his wife, Hailey Baldwin. In the track, he calls her “yummy” and says that she is “number one” for him.

Fred Astaire – Cheek to Cheek

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing Cheek to Cheek in Top Hat (Mark Sandrich, 1935 - @diaries: asocial network
Fred Astaire, American actor, dancer, singer

Tundra Beats – Perfect Day


Young Maylay – San Andreas Theme Song

Expine – Bayu Bai


The popular battle MC and rap artist continues to delight the audience with bold and provocative songs. Fast and confident reading, bold text with youth slang and obscene rebuff for haters – the new track is great for young people. According to many music lovers, there is an imitation of Eminem and Bob Marley in Expine’s work.

BODIEV – Kruzak 200


Little Simz – Venom

global trend

These tracks have already become popular abroad: it’s time to rate them.

Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits

In the new track and video, Ed Sheeran decided to share with fans his thoughts on the nature of bad habits. It was decided to record the song in a mystical way, and in the video itself, the performer appeared in the form of a glamorous and outrageous vampire. The song contains a very interesting phrase: “Every good intention ends when good times come.”

Olivia Rodrigo – brutal

Daddy Yankee – EL PONY

Kali Uchis – telepathia

Kali Uchis - telepathia [Official Music Video] – iDolDenKali Uchis

Cali Uchis, a Colombian-American singer, revealed on TikTok that her new song in Spanish is about telepathic intimacy with a loved one. The main theme of the track is the relationship of a couple at a distance. Interestingly, the hit also touches on an erotic theme: the performer talks about fantasies that can come true when they meet.

LPB Poody – Batman

Summer new music

Stunning tracks for night rides, gatherings with friends and quiet philosophical evenings at home, when it is pouring warm, but still raining outside the window.

Slava Marlow – Camry 3.5

NILETTO – someone like you

Danil Prytkov (Niletto) never ceases to amaze fans with unusual actions. He not only released a melodic and touching song with references to the work of Adele, but also danced in the rain and even fell into a puddle in the video for the new track. In the song, Danil encourages listeners to “just like a human being” hug each other and be more often interested in others.

Jah Khalib – MamaMia

Bahh Tee, Turken – Most lives

Mabel – Let Them Know

DJ Smash, Khabib – Berry Raspberry

Doja Cat, The Weeknd – You Right


Gayazov$ Brother$
Gayazovs Brothers

On June 18, the duet Gayazovs Brothers pleased music lovers with the release of the new album “The Heat Has Gone” with the title song of the same name. The guys worked on the album for about 2 years. Music lovers have already called the main track a “percussive dance action movie” created for driving summer parties.

Have you already managed to evaluate at least a few hits from our hot summer collection? Tell us what you liked the most, and be sure to share the selection with your friends! We also offer you to watch a video about popular music on Tik Tok:

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