TOP music on Tik Tok in November 2021

Cheese people TikTok

This fall, fans of different music genres can enjoy cool music releases and TOP tracks from Tik Tok to create vibrant playlists and record their own videos. Tik Tok will impress with an original assortment of compositions for any mood and occasion. Any track from our selection can be easily downloaded to a smartphone or computer.

Absolute TOP in Tik Tok

These songs are considered the most popular on Tik Tok; famous bloggers regularly use them in their work.

Cheese People – Wake Up

Cheese people

It is curious that the track of the Samara indie band was recorded in 2008, and only 13 years later the song went viral on social networks. Not too long ago, it even topped the Spotify trends in the US. The TOP in this application is generated automatically based on the actions of users, so the group became known by a lucky chance. The track’s popularity soon spread to other countries. Now the performers want to revive the old line-up of the team and actively engage in writing new songs.

Ayub Vakharagov – Indian tea

Mc Levin – Sua Amiga Deu

PERFAM – I’m a banana

ALEKS ATAMAN – Tete-a-tete dialogues

ALEKS ATAMAN, Finik.Finya - Tete-a-tete dialogues (Official audio) - YouTube

A 20-year-old guy from Ulyanovsk, Sergey Finogenov, not only blogs on Tik Tok, but also writes music. Finik.Finya created a new song together with a countryman, 25-year-old Alexander. The autumn fit immediately took first place in the music charts, as listeners appreciated the nostalgic youth theme. A dance motif, memories of summer, a wonderful feeling of falling in love and incendiary parties – such moments were in the lives of most of us.

Klava Koka – La La La

Klava Koka not so long ago starred in the most expensive video of her career and surprised fans with a revealing outfit. A luxurious mansion, a white corset, lace stockings, a shocking raincoat, a sarcastic attitude towards a “stuffy” admirer – this is a truly spectacular anthem of women’s freedom.

Arthur Pirozhkov – Paradise

Artur Pirozhkov - stage character of Alexander Revva

Konfuz, MIA BOYKA – Trap (Magic Ariel)

Soft cell – Tainted Love

Danilo Stankovic – Pieces

#I wantVrek

These are tracks from Tik Tok, which have not yet reached the top of the chart, but have already managed to gather thousands of fans around the world. The mini-selection will surprise you with a variety of genres and topics.

Adele – Easy On Me

Fans have not heard anything about the popular British singer for about 6 years, and finally, the talented performer delighted the audience with a song … dedicated to divorce. The lyrical ballad, complemented by a melancholy black and white clip, has become a kind of appeal to the ex-husband and son. In the track, the girl spoke about the reasons for parting with her husband, and her main goal was to find mutual understanding with the child.

DAVA – Scarlet roses

we – fire

WE (WE) – Fire (Fire) Lyrics |  Genius Lyrics

Aljay & Rakhim – URUS

Ofenbach – Wasted Love

Electronic music in Tik Tok

Bright dance rhythms and atmosphere of each composition will appeal to the most demanding music lovers and Tik Tok fans.

Squid Kids X 71 Digits – Red Light, Green Light

South Korean ISP sues Netflix over 'Squid Game' viewership

The popularity of the South Korean series “The Squid Game” could not go unnoticed on Tik Tok. More than 2 million videos have already been created based on the game “Red Light, Green Light”. Here is one of the most popular tracks dedicated to this extravagant “entertainment”.

ADLIN – No Love

Yngluv & Swanky Tunes – Jumps (Remix)

jumps (Remix) - yngluv & Swanky Tunes |  Shazam

Liza Evans – This night

ENCASSATOR feat. madeinevil – Never Met!

Covicles on Tik Tok

At the end of October, the residents of EU-US began unplanned holidays associated with the aggravation of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. Tik Tok users decided not to lose heart, but to spend time at home with long-familiar and new songs of idols with pleasure.


RASA - RUSSIA QUARANTIN download mp3 song in good quality and listen online at MP3CC.CLUB №312

Timur Rodriguez – For quarantine

Mouse – I wash my hands

Cream Soda – No More Parties

The song and video in the spirit of house from the 90s are in trend again. The title of the song “No more parties” was just in the theme of constant lockdowns around the world, and a funny video, as if shot on film, impressed even sophisticated psychedelic fans. By the way, famous personalities starred in the video: Alexander Gudkov, Nikita Kukushkin and Alexander Bashirov.

Hadn dadn We are at home today

About love

Songs dedicated to the theme of happy and non-reciprocal love will be popular on TikTok at all times.

Zivert – Three Days of Love

SULLA – Friendzone

Friendzone by SULLA |  Popular songs on TikTok

LP – Angels

American singer Lauri Pergolizzi has released a new song filled with tenderness and romance. In it, she tells her lover that when he is near, it seems to her that angels are above her. In the video for the song, young people shoot arrows, fencing, tennis and even swimming. Such is the original combination of romance and sport.

Vanya Dmitrienko, Lina Lee – Are you with me

Olga Seryabkina is LOVE


If you like hip-hop, then these original tracks from Tik Tok will definitely not interfere with the playlist.

siouxxie – masquerade

Masquerade - siouxxie |

Fans of hip-hop and anime will surely “get into” the track with a creepy female half-whisper that sounds bewitching. The song features characters such as vampires, Dracula, and also mentions the action game Bloodlines.

Tyga – Taste

Little Simz – Venom

A curious fact about the song of the popular singer Little Simz: an updated version of the Venom song became the official soundtrack for the sci-fi film Venom 2. The sound of the original and the remix is ​​the same, the difference is only in the text.

Fat Joe Remy Ma – All The Way Up

global trend

If you don’t want to limit yourself to English hits from Tik Tok, bring a bright variety to your everyday life thanks to the best world songs.

Insane Clown Posse — Chop Chop Slide

Coi Leray – TWINNEM

Pink Soldiers – 23

Moneybagg Yo – Said Sum (Remix)

Yeat – Money Twerk

And what songs from Tik Tok keep you warm in November 2021? Share comments and be sure to watch this video with a selection of tracks that are most often searched for this fall.

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