TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022 TikTok

Popular TikTok music will be a great addition to your usual playlist and will inspire you to create attractive videos for the social network. Find out which hits are in high demand in July 2022 and, if you wish, download the songs you like in a few clicks.

According to music lovers from all over the world, this music on Tik Tok deserves the highest ratings.

Bad Bunny (feat. Jhay Cortez) — Tarot

Polima Westcoast & Pailita -Ultra Solo

Joji — Glimpse of Us

Joji, a popular Australian-Japanese musician, released a melodic song and video about the difficult end of a love relationship. In the track, the author says that perfection does not mean that everything will work out, but despite the fact that we need to move on, the shadows of the past always remain with us. The clip consists of cuts of amateur filming, so it looks especially realistic.

Jessi — ZOOM

Bad Bunny — Efecto

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022Bad Bunny

El Chombo feat. Cutty Ranks — Dame Tu Cosita

Duke & Jones — Jiggle Jiggle

Tollan Kim — Aesthetic

Kizz Daniel — Buga

Kate Bush — Running Up That Hill

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022Kate Bush

The song by British singer Kate Bush gained popularity thanks to the sound in the 4th season of the TV series Stranger Things. According to the plot, the track turned out to be a favorite for one of the heroines of the picture. The composition not only distracted the girl from her grieving reality, but also … saved her life. Interestingly, the performer herself is a fan of the series.

Tik Tok – Eternal

This is music from Tik Tok, which has been trending for more than one month.

KREEPA — oh no

BLACKPINK — How You Like That

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022BLACKPINK

Jaymes Young — Infinity

Linkin Park – In The End (Mellen Gi Remix)

Labrinth — Forever

Pop music

Bright tracks of pop artists for an amazing mood.

Zawanbeats — AZIZAM

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022

Melisa, Tommo — Will Carry On

Melisa, a former member of the Romanian vocal show X-Factor, quickly became popular after the release of the hit Will Carry On. The track with bright oriental notes impresses with a harmonious combination of gentle female vocals and harsh male vocals. The song is about failed romantic relationships and encourages people to keep going no matter what. The official video has already gained more than 80 million views on YouTube.


Witt Lowry — Into Your Arms

Sia — unstoppable

One of the most popular tracks by an Australian singer named Sia was Unstoppable, which managed to light up in an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The song is very bright and motivating not to give up, it contains such phrases as “I’m a Porsche without brakes”, “I don’t need batteries to continue”, “I’m invincible”.

Rock Hits on Tik Tok

The mini-selection of tracks in the rock genre included mainly hits of past years, which managed to become a real legend.

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go (Remastered)

Roy Orbison — Oh, Pretty Woman

Duman – Senden Daha Guzel

Kenny Loggins — footloose

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022

Another track that conquered the world of Tik Tok thanks to cinematography. The song Footloose was featured in the third season of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. The composition combines notes of carefree country and perky rock.

I want to go to rivers!

Songs of English and foreign artists that won the hearts of millions of Tik Tok users.

Michael Buble — Sway (Speed ​​Up Version)

Rasheeda feat. Toya Wright — Mary Me

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022Rasheeda

Betsy – I’ll give you a like

Ulukmanapo — We flew

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022Ulukmanapo

Kyrgyz rapper Ulukmanapo recorded a lyrical track in which he compares himself and his other half to birds and recalls how they were drowning in a world of love. Despite the current popularity, the performer cannot boast of an impeccable reputation. Ulukman Osmonaliev was a suspect in a murder case during a fight.


hip hop music on tik tok

If you like rap, then this Tik Tok music will definitely not leave you indifferent.

SHAMI – Hundreds of times

The English pop and R&B artist dedicated the song to former friends who used him for their own purposes. The track hints at the fact that you need to learn to understand people, and not let pseudo-friends drag you down. By the way, Shamil (real name of the singer) is also a composer.

Spice — Go Down Deh

Ganvest — Kayfuli

Guy2Bezbar — Beretta

Dr Dre — Still Dre instrumental

Electronic music in Tik Tok

Drive and dance, songs that make you want to have fun or play sports, shoot videos about traveling and hanging out in beautiful places.

Tanir & Tyomcha – Lost a boy

TOP music on Tik Tok in July 2022Tanir & Tyomcha

KSLV — Disaster

MUTI Dal Dal Came

The dynamic and catchy song is made in a typical “kid” style and is ideal for driving around the city. The track is dedicated to beautiful girls, expensive cars and alcohol. There is no deep meaning and complex lyrics, but the composition from the first seconds of listening firmly “sticks” in the head. Ruslan Mutiev (MUTI) – the singer of the Music of Style label – released a similar hit last year, called “Dal Dal Gone”.

Tiesto & Sevenn — BOOM

And what music on Tik Tok in July 2022 is the best for you? Share useful recommendations and interesting video ideas for your favorite social network.

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