TOP music on Tik Tok in January 2023

TOP music on Tik Tok in January 2023 TikTok

New Year is definitely worth starting with TOP music on Tik Tok. We have prepared for you a selection of the most popular tracks in January 2023, so that you can be inspired to create creative videos. Replenish the playlist and enjoy the TOP songs!

Viral hits Tik Tok in January 2023

Hot TOP music on Tik Tok – a dozen songs that are popular on Tik Tok in January of the new year.

DJ lk da escocia — Tubarao te amo

Jacob Jeffries — My Superhero Movie

Maliheh Saeedi – My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)

New – Nowhere to run

Most recently, popular in EU-US singer Yuri Nikolaenko released an atmospheric video for a sad and romantic song. The protagonist of the video and his beloved appear before the audience in masks, and in the lines of the track the main question sounds: “Who are we, who are we?”. At the end, the masks burn out, and the author sings: “Not to love means not to live and not to breathe.” Fans praised the clip so much that they compared it to a short film.

PinkPantheress — Boy’s a liar

TOP music on Tik Tok in January 2023PinkPantheress

At the end of November, the British singer PinkPantheress, who is considered a real experimenter in the field of pop music, released an energetic track about superficial romantic relationships. The girl reproaches the guy that he loves her only when she looks great, but does not try to look into her soul and heart. According to the author, the topic is incredibly relevant today. The song was created together with producer and DJ Mura Masa.

DJ Antonio – Become snow

Xcho – You and me

Xcho Xcho

HER — Every Kind Of Way

Amirchik – This love

Amirchik: "I donAmirchik

Swanky Tunes feat. Asia – It’s all

Singer Asiya and DJs Swanky Tunes delighted music lovers with a dance cover for the song of the DDT group. At first, a lot of hatred poured out on the performer: some felt that young musicians appropriated other people’s merits and encroached on the great English rock. However, both the singer herself and her fans are sure that the new version gives the old song a second wind. The track is melodic and easy to listen to.

English hits Tik Tok

Songs in English will certainly set the mood for creativity on Tik Tok and become real finds for daily listening.

Tatarin feat. Andery Toronto — dreamed


Charts: Insta-female in first place Apple MusicINSTASAMKA

MARKUL, Tosya Chaikina – Arrows

Jah Khalib — Docha

The new track has become so popular that some music lovers already consider it an unofficial “anthem of the fathers”. The Kazakh rapper went through several versions of the songs, but the final one was the one that made his little daughter Safiya smile in her sleep. Thinking about what a girl can see in her dreams, the performer easily wrote a soulful track. The musician claims that he is ready to give everything for the sake of the child, and tells how happy he is to be a dad.

Bakr – Vredina (MBTS REMIX)


ANNA ASTI – The January Blizzard is ringing

Just Lera — Wires

TOP music on Tik Tok in January 2023Just Lera

Released in 2021, the song remains popular for its powerful metaphors that resonate in everyone’s heart. A young singer from Minsk recalls romantic walks in windy weather under “minty clouds”, and “crazy pulse from dropped beeps”. Despite the fact that she has not been waiting for her lover for a long time, she is hurt by tangled wires and tangled people.

My Michelle feat. LSP — Jacket

Soska 69 – Bass Pounding

R’n’B music on Tik Tok

Driving songs from foreign Tik Tok charge you positively and create a dance atmosphere.

FLO —Losing You

The British all-female band decided to shed some emotional baggage with Losing You and start 2023 with a clean slate. The lyrical heroine of the track is glad that her boyfriend left her, because she finally feels strong, and she is quite comfortable alone.

RINI – pressure

jacquees — Still That

Jeremy —Changes

TOP music on Tik Tok in January 2023Jeremy

For the first time in 6 years, American singer-songwriter Jeremih has released a slow and melodic single about parting with his beloved. He wistfully recalls their pleasant moments and apologizes between the lines for having made many mistakes. Many music lovers say that the performer plays so “tube” and sincerely, as if recording tracks from the back seat of a car.

Rotimi & Nektunez — Make You Say

Best tracks from 2022

Some popular songs of 2022 will be at their peak in the coming years.

Nicky Youre, dazy — sunroof


Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz — miss you

A strange and slightly crazy clip with a long-haired fat man with gold teeth and a clown robbing a store is released for a song no less unusual, but at the same time “jamming” in the head. Her hero expresses contempt for his former lover, remembers how badly she treated him, and does not want to see her again.

Safari — Tortuga

Ivan Reis – Fire

VTORNIK- Joni Wonker

kyz9ka- Hagi Wagi

MoonDeity — NEON BLADE

ARKH – I’m driving


Some electronic music for cheerfulness and energy on dark winter evenings.

Dxrkダーク — RAVE

Sadfriendd — vendetta! (prod. Mupp)


TOP music on Tik Tok in January 2023

liue — suffer with me

yatashigang — Demons Around

And what tracks from Tik Tok did you note for yourself in January 2023?

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