TOP music on Tik Tok in January 2022

Meghan Trainor - Biography, discography and posters TikTok

The new year has already arrived – and this means that it’s time to add new tracks to your playlist! The TOP music on TikTok in January 2022 will please you with bright and incendiary, gentle and lyrical, funny and non-standard songs of English and foreign artists. Our collection contains compositions that will make your Tik Tok videos memorable and spectacular. Any track from TOP music can be downloaded.

Absolute TOP Music Tik Tok

These are the 10 tracks that are most in demand among music lovers.

Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You

Dance – In The Dark (Radio Edit)

Jaymes Young – Infinity

Meghan Trainor – Title

Meghan Trainor - Biography, discography and postersMeghan Trainor

Diskoteka Avaria — New Year’s

Artur Pirozhkov, Klava Koka – Want

In recent years, more and more often young performers record feats with singers familiar to listeners for a long time. This time, Klava Koka and Artur Pirozhkov prepared a track with frank flirting. The stars encourage fans to dance and recharge with positive energy with them.

Lucy Chebotina – Sun of Monaco

Frank Sinatra – Let It Snow

Hoang Read – The Magic Bomb

Amaarae, Kali Uchis – Sad Girlz Luv Money (Remix)


The remix of the song by the Ghanaian singer Amaarae, recorded together with Kali Uchis, became a real hit. The dynamic and at the same time lyrical composition tells about the important role money plays in the life of girls and demonstrates the intolerance of performers to fake relationships.


If you already know the tracks from TOP music, then you should pay attention to other popular hits on Tik Tok.


The Ukrainian group MOZGI presented the song and video shortly before the New Year holidays, urging music lovers to look at the world optimistically. Tiktokers from the country’s leading houses took part in the filming of the video: WHYNOT HOUSE, uLOVE Home. Uncle Vadya reincarnated as a presenter who sells the best tomorrow. Potap successfully tried on the role of a hardened party-goer who wants to turn the whole world into one big party. And Pozitiv suddenly had two personalities, one of which calls to hang out here and now, and the other to think about the future.


Kristina Si – Chem Haskanum

Gluk’oZa – Hands-hips


Bahh Tee & Turken – Don’t tell anyone

global trend

Kodak Black – Super Gremlin

Leroy Anderson – Sleigh Ride

XoBrooklynne – My Crown

Spongebob SquarePants – Gary’s Song

Spongebob and Gary

GAYLE – abcdefu


Rising American star GAYLE managed to conquer more than one music chart with her hit abcdefu. This is a sad and at the same time daring track of a teenage girl, addressed to an ex-boyfriend. Letters fu, in fact, denote the first letters of the direction in which the author of the song wants to send the ex-lover. According to the celebrity, she wrote the track when she found out that her ex-boyfriend was saying unpleasant things about her behind her back. She was finally able to stop trying to be a sweet and kind girl and gave vent to her anger.


Dequin – No way

Tatarka Cream Soda – Loli Boy

The new track by Tatarka (Little Big leader’s ex-wife) is a bright and daring combination of an original composition by Cream Soda musicians and a remix by Australian DJ PARTIBOI69. The track is about a “strong and independent” girl who chooses a man for herself, not trusting the existing stereotypes. According to the main character of the composition, a real mu … a bad person can hide behind a sugary appearance. Moreover, the performer herself called on TikTok users to participate in the challenge and record a video for the song with the hashtag #drawloliboy.

Expine – bye bye


Siouxxie – ​masquerade

Fat Joe Remy Ma – All The Way Up


Tik Tok users love to participate in challenges and compete with other bloggers by posting original videos under the same tracks. What’s in fashion now – see below.

Nastya Kamensky – Don’t say anything, I’m dancing, you look

Nastya KamenskyNastya Kamensky

pinkfong – Shark Mermaid

IOWA – Poor dancing

PIZZA – Smile

The romantic and soulful song of the PIZZA group impresses with an abundance of metaphors and epithets. Sergei Prikazchikov compares the smile of his beloved with heaven, and associates the scent of her hair with happiness. According to fans, this track makes them smile in any life situation.


Giza in the TOP music of January

Actual songs, which are devoted to exciting topics of our time, are gathering more and more fans every day.

Palina – Month


LOBODA – All will pass

Svetlana Loboda - about a new man, a difficult relationship with Krapivina and rumors about the betrayal of her ex-husbandSvetlana Loboda

Svetlana Loboda rethought the famous song by Maxim Dunayevsky, popular in the 80s of the last century, performed by Mikhail Boyarsky. The singer tried to find a new form without losing the depth and intimacy of the sound. The remake became one of the soundtracks for the tragicomic series Lucky.

Arseny Borodin – Far

Max Barskih (Max Barsky) – Tequila Sunrise

DJ SMASH feat. KARNA.VAL – Silent Anthem

About love

Of course, the TOP of music in January could not do without love, which can melt even the most severe ice.

Big Baby Tape, Young Plato – Fell in love

Alex Andreev – Amore Love

Lida – I’m crazy about you

Disco Lines – love story

Konfuz – Ooty Putishka

Konfuz - Hurt me |  CLIP PREMIERE!  - YoutubeKonfuz

We hope that in our selection you will find songs that are close in spirit, you will be able to spend time listening to them with pleasure and emotions, and also be inspired to create catchy videos.

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