TOP music on Tik Tok in February 2022

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February 2022 pleases TikTok users with music for every taste. These are sad and lyrical tracks, bright and humorous hip-hop compositions, powerful electro and cool remixes. Explore the TOP music in February 2022, download the songs you like and record attractive videos for them!

Absolute TOP music

The following tracks hit the TOP of music this time:

ACRAZE — Do It To It


The fashion for covers continues, and since the summer of last year, the track Do It To It has been popular on TikTok in a modern version from DJ ACRAZE. The song was originally performed by R&B girl group Cherish and Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul. Energetic house is perfect for a new era of the dance floor, as many fans and music critics believe. A charge of vivacity and freshness is guaranteed!

ivanzolo2004 feat Commander – JUST LIKE THIS

kyz9ka — hagi waghy

Nutcase22 Captain

The debut of the new rapper Nutcase22 impressed music lovers not only with the original performance of hip-hop to slow minor music, but also with a clip in which he and his friends do not show their faces. And the signature headdress is now strongly associated with the performer among fans. The track itself sings about the “captain” – obviously the leader of the gang, who is always ready to protect his team with a blade.

Studio Killers Jenny (I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship)

Vitamin String Quartet – Howl’s Moving Castle (Merry Go Round of Life)

Yung Lean — Ginseng Strip 2002

Jaro & Hanza – Selyavi (Departed, Departed)


One of the most “sticky” tracks on TikTok catches with its romance: a combination of pop and rock music with teenage naivety. And the phrase “You smell like mint in a rumpled T-shirt” seems to cut into the heart, making you remember your first love. An interesting fact: the group “NO COSMONAUTS” calls themselves … “Vulgar Molly for the poor.”

Lucy Chebotina — SUN OF MONACO

New TikTok

If the usual playlist is already boring, pay attention to the TOP music from the new compositions of popular artists:



The name of the song of the star duet stands for simply – “Do you love me?”. Music lovers enjoy getting to know a magical and at the same time real love story that lasts the whole life of the main characters. You should definitely watch the clip, which touches to the core.

Rozalia — old dances

Talant – Here’s a boy

Dzharakhov & Stas Kostyushkin – Just friend

#Hochuvrek: TOP music

These songs have not yet conquered the TOP music on Tik Tok, but hundreds of thousands of users managed to appreciate them:

Charlie Puth — Light switch

Emma Louise Jungle

Vanya Dmitrienko Lego

Jaro & Hanza – Listen, little one.

coin — Zaporozhets

The gentle melodious voice of the young singer Monetochka and the sentimental nostalgic text – such a mix could not fail to attract the attention of music lovers. The main characters of the track feed the jays together, sit in their grandfather’s Cossack, watch the janitor sweeping the snow, and the dirty city already seems like a real watercolor. Such a winter and warm sketch of love and youth, when everything ordinary becomes fabulous.


Ideal tracks for dance videos, sports and just having a great time.

Ilkan Gunuc, Emie — Plain Jane

Michael K — Kitty Kat (Remix)

Michael K - Kitty Kat (Remix)

Ofenbach & Ella Henderson — Hurricane

Öwnboss, Sevek —Move Your Body

ADLIN — No Love

ADLIN - No love (Official premiere of the track) - YouTube

tik tok star

In this mini-selection of the TOP music for February, there are tracks by artists who boast a huge number of followers in social networks. Their names are on everyone’s lips, so the new songs are also very popular.

Golysheva – I love nobody

HENSY, PIZZA – Not ideal

Fans of acoustic sound should definitely listen to this track. In it, Hensi and Pizza sing about an imperfect girl who has one flaw. To find out which one – turn on the song :-)

The guitar sound, combined with a dense pop beat, puts you in a positive mood.

Your Marusya – Hooligan

Danya Milokhin – Unicorn


Egor Ship

TOP music: Hip-Hop

For lovers of rap and hip-hop – tracks by English and foreign artists.

BODIEV — Kruzak 200

Back in March last year, a native of Buryatia, Dagba Bodiev, conquered the Vkontakte chart thanks to his track. The song is dedicated to the eternal theme of wealth and poverty. But the author does not envy the guy in a cool car, but claims that “the most fierce jeep gives the kid an incentive.”

Dequin – No way

Tatarka feat. Cream Soda — LOLI BOY

Tatarka revealed the details of the divorce from the leader of Little Big: Music: Culture: Lenta.ruTatarka

Tyga feat. offset — Taste

MARKOVICH – Hymn of Anonymous

For FOOD blog

Some tasty inspiration for your blogs – culinary and not only.

Antonio Griggs — Bread

Bread - Antonio Griggs |  Shazam

Steve Mushrush, Klaus-Lothar Dietrich, Rolf Kersting —Tea Time

Unklfnkl — Oh My Darling

We are sure that you will definitely like the TOP music for February 2022! Let’s discuss the most popular tracks of the end of winter and share inspiration for new TikTok videos in the comments.

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