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With the onset of the cool season, it’s time to update the usual track list and treat yourself to the latest music from Tik Tok. Download popular tracks in different genres directly from this selection. Comic and sentimental, daring and dancing, filled with deep meaning or, on the contrary, with carelessness, the tracks are waiting for your evaluation.

Absolute TOP in Tik Tok

It was these 10 songs that became the most popular and in demand on TikTok in October 2021:


Zapravka – Like Jigan

Gerber – Ulyalya

Robert Gerber is a young blogger from TikTok who became popular on the social network thanks to humorous videos with his girlfriend Masha. Having become famous as a tiktoker, the guy, who graduated from a music college and gained DJ experience, decided to switch to writing tracks. The song “Ulyalya” with a simple text, but a rhythm that eats into the memory, conquered the top of Shazam in just a couple of days from the moment it was released. The track itself is dedicated to the admiration of an attractive girl and spicy allusions to her.

PERFAM – I’m a banana

Vanya Dmitrienko, Lina Lee – Are you with me

You are with me - YouTube

CL – Hello Bitches

山口夕依 – She Share Story

Alan Shum and Alina Feldman – Krabik

The song, consisting of literally 5 words, provoked a real challenge on Tik Tok. Social network users began to actively upload videos with dances, cool movements and even pretend to be crabs on their accounts.

Maneskin – Beginning

Xilo – Aesthetic

#HochuvRek on TikTok

These tracks have already almost hit the TOP, they are just a little short of maximum popularity.

MAXIM – Start

Singer MakSim, who was discharged from the hospital, has difficulty breathing and moving

Immediately after being discharged from the hospital, where Maxim was treated for coronavirus, the singer re-recorded the track, which she performed at the age of 12. It is interesting that in those distant times the composition was often attributed to members of the Tatu group. Pirates regularly added it to the group’s collections, misleading music lovers. In Marina’s native Tatarstan, the song had already become a local hit.

FACE – 24 to 7

SLAVA MARLOW, Morgenshtern – I don’t know

Hands Up & Hammali & Navai – Last Kiss

Last Kiss - Hands Up & HammAli & Navai |  Shazam

Sergey Zhukov from the group “Hands Up” continues to actively cooperate with young performers. In the new track, the guys together talked about the sad parting, nostalgic and wished happiness to the failed second half. The song is in the form of a ballad. By the way, the fans have already called the composition “the most touching track of the fall of 2021.”


In the new track, American rapper Lil Nas X sang about the personal. He said that he needed someone who needed him, and expressed a sincere desire to be loved by someone. A gay musician who came out made a very bold clip in which he had an affair with one football player. At the end, even footage from the wedding appeared, but instead of the groom, the video featured a guitar.

Klava Koka – LA LA LA

global trend

The presented tracks from Tik Tok gained popularity abroad and managed to fall in love with English-speaking music lovers:


Kaytranada |  Discography |  discogs

Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Gym Class Heroes – Cupids Chokehold

CHASE B, OMB Bloodbath, KenTheMan – For me

Travis Porter – ReYup


Songs dedicated to current topics that excite young people and speak directly to the heart.

sunami – Do you remember me

SUNAMI - Remember Me (Video Premiere 2021) - YouTube


HENSY – Ray Bans

Artik & Asti – She’s not me

Group Artik and Asti: personal life and creativity

The Ukrainian pop duo recently released the album “Millennium X”, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the band. The song “She’s not me” will appeal to girls who have recently experienced a breakup. She, as it were, hints that the guys also remember about the relationship that did not work out, and sometimes the realization of the loss does not come immediately. The team encourages fans to quickly move away from experiences and open up to positive emotions.

Mirele – Aesthetics of Sad People

Eva Gurari talks about Mirèle's new album “I Write and Erase”, self-isolation and the main New Year's wish |

hot autumn

These hits are associated by fans with the autumn season and make you take a fresh look at familiar things.

Gorillaz – Déja Vu

Polina Gagarina – YESTERDAY



Together with a new song and a musical video for Max Barsky, a new stage in his musical career began. The singer himself called the title track of the future album “a mantra of good mood.” The composition and video harmoniously combine the traditions of the 50s of the last century and modern trends.

Nastya Kamensky – Don’t say anything, I’m dancing, you look

young nude – Hell Shell


If you want something radically new and not like your favorite tracks for a long time, then this mini-selection is definitely for you.

OneRepublic – Someday

Lida – AMG

Skaya – In distant 2030

Inozzemka – sea

Konfuz – Very very

Dabro – Hear the whole area

Just the other day, brothers Ivan and Mikhail Zasidkevich presented a new song at Evening Urgant. The track is made in the band’s traditional style: youthful, melancholic and at the same time driving, accompanied by a guitar, as if for gatherings with friends. These are lyrics – sentimental, heartfelt and filled with hopes for the future.

Agunda – Dreams

If you want even more popular tracks from Tik Tok, check out this compilation:

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