TOP music from TikTok in April 2023


Musical artists never cease to delight TikTok users with bright, groovy and, on the contrary, melodic, sad tracks. In April 2021, we will enjoy the songs from this collection of the best Tik Tok hits. Get ready for an enjoyable listening experience! The presented tracks will not only get into your everyday playlist, but will also become an excellent basis for creating TikTok videos.

Absolute TOP

Here you are already waiting for the tracks that managed to get to the very top of the TikTok chart!

ElyOtto – SugarCrash!

kostromin – My head is a screw

SLAVA MARLOW – You burn like fire

Rakhim – Blue Lamborghini

XiLO – Aesthetic

colorite – Fast


Leat’eq – Tokyo

Lauren Burch and Julia Burch so sexy 🥰🤩 |  TikTok Burch Twins - YouTube

The creators of the cute anime-style hit are Julia and Lauren Burch, twin sisters from Canada. Bright and charismatic girls are only 20 years old, but they already know how to hook the audience. The girls embody the aesthetics of gaming art, dressing up in seductive Japanese-style suits. On Twitch, Julia streams Outlast and Minecraft, while Lauren often streams just to chat with her audience.

JojoHF – Lips


In trend

Find out what tracks are playing out of the speakers of every second TikTok user right now.

Tommee Profitt – In The End (Mellen Gi Remix)

Kevin MacLeod – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

The XX – intro



Kreepa Oh No (Official Music Video) prod by Simes Carter - YouTube

KREEPA is a unique musical project. His exclusivity of the team is that it does not fixate on a particular genre. In creativity, you can hear the electronic sound, which effectively combines with hip-hop chanting in a brutal male voice. In the new track, it even combines with a child’s voice. Such a technique is necessary to show the internal dialogue of the protagonist, who talks about what happened to him as he grew up, why he promised to be honest, but did not keep his word. By the way, the track “started up” in the TOP TikTok back in January of this year.

Rakhim – Blue Lamborghini (Arab remix)

Fashion and make-up

Under these compositions, spectacular dance and stylish videos are obtained. Some of them are perfect for filming a TikTok make-up process, showing off new clothes or a haircut to followers.

Ashnikko feat. Princess Nokia – Slumber Party

Singer Ashnikko presented her debut mixtape Demidevil |  Esquire magazine

Did you know that among the admirers of the outrageous feminist singer is Billy Eilish herself? Not so long ago, Ashnikko released her debut album, which included a joint hit with the American rap artist Princess Nokia. The track turned out to be very daring and has an erotic context.

Shy girl – UCKERS

SERIOGA – Balenciaga

Michael Buble – Feeling Good

JASIAH – Crisis

Giza on TikTok

Tenderlybae – Bat

Hensy, kavabanga Depo kolibri – Not my fault

Vanya Dmitrienko – Bitch

VESNA305 – Give me a man (new version)

VESNA305 - Give me a man (new version) - YouTube

The new project of Yuri Nikolaenko (NY) continues to delight fans with guitar tracks with dance motifs. In a song with a provocative title, the leader of the team talks about what “normal” “men” and “women” should be like. The artist emphasizes that our life is not like Hollywood, and we need to focus on human qualities, and not on a pretty appearance. It is important that people value each other and not impose the word “should” at every opportunity.


Hot Pop TikTok

Juicy and spectacular tracks are remembered from the first listening.

Artik & Asti – hysterical

Christmas tree – Exhale

Zemfira – Coat

For the first time in 8 years, Zemfira delighted fans with the new Borderline album. According to Renata Litvinova, this is her best creation. “Coat” Zemfira considers his favorite song. The brilliant performer wrote the verses in one day during her stay in the hospital. She likes that the song turned out to be light and sincere, completely different from her other compositions. The bass part in the track “Coat” became a kind of respect to Paul McCartney, an outstanding bassist.

Ani Lorak – half

King and the Clown – Fool and Lightning

Tim Belorussky – Still melting

Another sad track by Tima Belorussky is saturated with a feeling of loneliness and hopelessness. The singer seems to sing about spring, but at the same time, he talks about unrequited love that he is not destined to meet his beloved. It is noteworthy that shortly after the release of the minimalist video, Tim was detained on suspicion of drug possession. At the moment, it is known that the singer pleaded guilty.

Global Trend on TikTok

If you like foreign music, this mini-selection will definitely complement your usual playlist and give you positive emotions.

YUNG GRAVY — oops!

Cardi B – Up

Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite

Big Homie Ty.Ni – Jelly

Mooski – Track Star

LPB Poody – Batman

YN Jay x Louie Ray – Triple S


Jamik & PUSSYKILLER – France


Mot & JONY – Lilies

On March 12, 2021, Mot and Jony presented the world with a joint lyrical composition about the most personal. Tender, sensual and filled with colorful metaphors, the song touches from the first seconds of sounding. The track was planned to be presented to the girls as a gift by March 8, but it turned out a little late.

Katya Adushkina, Marusya – Chocolate

Marie Crimebrery – go dance

Rate the songs from our selection? Any track you like can be downloaded. To do this, click on the 3 dots on the right side of the player and select the appropriate function. We wish you a great mood!

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