TOP 30 TikTok hits

TOP 30 TikTok hits TikTok

If you want your videos to fly, add or shoot videos with these songs. This collection contains the coolest hits!

Foreign music

Our selection opens with a track with the voice of female rage, the clip scored 4.5 million views. The audience jokes about the fact that you need to turn it on when you go to your “favorite” job.

Little girl gone-chinchilla

Eyes Closed-Ed Sheeran

Mother—Meghan Trainor

We can bet that the following sound you 100% heard while browsing the TikTok feed.

Sure Thing (speed up) – Miguel

TOP 30 TikTok hits

Keide – Kilemger

With the next sound, the video gained crazy views, take off your own and check it out!

Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

TOP 30 TikTok hits

Insanely beautiful song, under which you get a feminine slideshow.


TOP 30 TikTok hits

The sound that is used in almost all funny videos. You definitely heard it!

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
Kevin MacLeod

Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Next, we present to your attention one of the most popular sounds, which is very often used in sports challenges.


Calm Down

CUFF IT — Beyoncé

TOP 30 TikTok hits

Unholy – Sam Smith

A hit that will always be relevant.

Bloody Mary – Lady Gaga

TOP 30 TikTok hits

The selection of foreign music is completed by a super-hit, which in TikTok is associated with happiness and good mood. Share your emotions in return!

Makeba Jain

English music

Honorary first place goes to the track from the artist Ganvest. Na rahat – stay in a state of enjoyment of life.

ON RAHAT (Remix)-Ganvest

TOP 30 TikTok hits


Docha-Jah Khalib

I need you so much – MONA, Basta


Songs from Miyagi & Endgame performers do not lose their popularity. Hit of all time:

I Got Love-Miyagi Rem Digga

TOP 30 TikTok hits

There the mountains roared – Miyagi & Andy Panda

Patron-Miyagi & Andy Panda

Untouchable-Miyagi & Endgame

Chocolate-Kenjebek Nurdolday

TOP 30 TikTok hits


My Paradise-JONY


The next track went viral back in September 2022. But he still has not lost his popularity and recognition, especially among children.

LP-Milana Star, Milana Khametova

The hit of summer 2023 completes our selection

Money-V$XV Prince

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