Top 30+ Best Telegram Bots List Of 2023 You Should Try


elegram bots are universal and perform many tasks for every taste. Find information, download a book, movie, music, entertain – this is just a small list of the possibilities of bots. Today I present a completely up-to-date list of useful and interesting bots.

A Telegram bot is a program that performs various actions, automatically or on a specific command.

1. Download from YouTube – @Save_youbot

This is a bot for downloading YouTube videos. With it, you can upload videos of any size directly to telegram.

2. Download from TikTok – @TikTok_gobot
With this bot you can download TikTok videos without a watermark for free.

3. POPCORNTIME | FILMS AND SERIES — @corntimenewerdie_bot
Offline online cinema within telegram. Watch all movies and series for free. Content is updated in real time.

4. Cooking | Recipes — @eda_rubot
This bot contains absolutely all the recipes of the world with detailed video and photo instructions for cooking.

5. Yandex.Translate – @YTranslateBot

A tool integrated with Yandex translator.

6. Radio Bot – @radiobot

The bot stores and sends, upon request, recordings of radio broadcasts of popular Russian and foreign radio stations. One hour of broadcast weighs less than 15 MB.

7. Kinoman — @kinomanbot

With the help of a bot, it is convenient to choose a movie or series for online viewing. The bot also offers a poster of cinemas with the ability to immediately buy tickets, movie news and much more.

8. Remind me – @remindmemegabot

Tool for quick reminders.

9. Video to GIF Converter – @vgifbot

A tool to convert video to GIF.

10. RSS4YOU – @rss4you_bot

Monitoring news in the media and VKontakte communities.

11. Files Bot – @filesbot

Never before has a bot been used to transfer files between users. And now it’s the other way around. You can store and send.

12. Gmail Bot – @GmailBot

The official email client Gmail.

13. Andy English Bot — @andyrobot

Need an English friend to practice the language? Bot to help.

14.ImageSearch – @ImageSearchBot _

Search for photos for every taste and color.

15. Audio Bot – @AudioBot

The bot will help you download your favorite tracks from VK and listen to them without the Internet. Audio recordings are loaded into the cache and are available at any time.
16. Voicy – @voicybot

Translator of voice messages to text.

17. Stickers – @stickers

The official Telegram bot for creating stickers. You need to choose a name for the sticker pack, upload a photo with a transparent background in PNG 512*512 format and determine which emoji to attach this image to.

18. Avia Sales – @AviaSalesOfficialBot

Looking for flights and hotels.

19. Searchee Bot – @SearcheeBot

Searches for channels in Telegram by topic, title or username.

20. Upload URL – @UrlUpRobot

Allows you to download files by URL. The maximum file size is 500 MB, the daily limit is 1 GB. You give a link to the bot, and he sends the downloaded file.

21. Reading books online — @eknigabot

Allows you to read books without downloading, bookmarks.

22. Excel Bot – @Excel24bot Reference
bot with useful information on working in Excel: life hacks, hotkeys, functions, reference and help chat.

23. InMind – @InMindBot

Chatbot in Telegram, which helps to learn new words in English, you can adjust the difficulty level.

24. Andy English Bot — @andyrobot

Helps to practice English in the process of correspondence.

25. LikeBot – @like

Allows you to attach emoji reactions to content.

26. Instagram Papa – @getpapabot

Collects and uploads profile subscriber statistics.

27. CryptoBot — @cryptobitbot

Cryptobot shows the price of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and some other cryptocurrencies. It also displays charts for all currency pairs that are on the btc-e exchange.

28. Dream Interpretation – @sonnik_bot

A bot for Telegram that will interpret your dreams. Just write what you dreamed about and he will send you an answer.

29. Weather – @WeathersBot

A bot that will show the weather in your city!

30. Flibusta books — @flibustafreebookbot

Bot for quick search and download of books.
Happy using!

Write in the comments which Telegram bots you use!

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