Top 20 most popular tiktokers in Turkey

Top 20 most popular tiktokers in Turkey TikTok

TikTok is a content repository that is a digital reflection of real life. The application differs from other social networks in speed and novelty. It is especially popular among Generation Z and is growing rapidly in Turkey as well. A social network in which young people showcase their talents is of great interest to well-known brands as well.

Turkish TikTok Trends

TikTok is a platform that stands out for its free music archive. Songs that can be used without copyright issues are a huge advantage. Therefore, Turkish users choose creative and beautiful music. Popular tracks in the country:

  • Bagaikan Langit (cover);
  • Young Thug – Relationship (feat. Future) – oouumanii;
  • Lottery-K Camp;
  • Savage-Megan Thee Stallion;
  • Sunday Best by Surfaces – rapidsongs;
  • Say So Doja Cat
  • Harmanan;
  • Cannibal by Kesha – rapidsongs;
  • OUT WEST – JACKBOYS & Travis Scott feat. Young Thug;
  • Supalonely – BENEE.
  • But there are other trends as well. The beauty industry is especially popular on Turkish TikTok. Artificial bruises under the eyes came to the fore. Young women paint dark circles with brown and purple products. Also, everyone started doing preppy makeup and styling using terry towels or handkerchiefs.

    For several months, a video has been gaining popularity in the application, in which an alien dances to the local rap! Its author is user editterk, whose account is filled with a whole ton of strange videos in Turkish. Because of the language, the titles, the poor quality, or the sometimes ridiculous overlaying of music, it all reaches some extreme level of post-irony. TikTok users liked the idea, and they began to upload funny dances to this melody.

    The Turkish part of the global platform is popular among both children and adults. Therefore, the popular topics of videos are completely different:

  • vines, sketches and humor;
  • makeup;
  • clips on topical topics (for example, about family relationships);
  • pranks.
  • Top 20 Turkish TikTokers

    Turkey is the country that uses TikTok the most in terms of population density. Let’s talk about those who are popular on this platform, have millions of followers and views. It is on them that the basis of the Turkish part of the social network is built. Their average age is 20-25 years.

    Moreover, the audience in the Turkish Tik Tok was captured by both talented guys and girls. Most often they are not only bloggers, but also dancers, makeup artists, artists or musicians.

    Top 20 most popular tiktokers in TurkeyCznburak


    The real name of CZN Burak is Burak Ozdemir. The guy was born in 1995 in Istanbul. This is a Turkish chef, restaurateur and internet star. Burak is the owner of the Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrası cafe chain. The chef became known as Smileybae and rose to fame by posting cooking shows on social media. In these programs turkish tiktoker prepares Arabic and Anatolian cuisine while smiling at the camera.

    The number of subscribers is 39.2 million. The number of likes on Tik Tok is 730.6 million.


    Nursema Altuntash was born in 1996 and completed her educational career in 2019 at Dokuz Eylül Drama Theater Arts and Performing Arts University. The girl started a YouTube account in 2016, but she achieved real success thanks to TikTok. 14.6 million fans around the world have subscribed to her page!

    Today Nursema shoots entertaining and instructive videos about art. A successful artist, usually working with charcoal, creates all kinds of drawings with great skill, especially portraits.

    According to Linkedin, Nursema continues to work as a content producer and lives in Manisa. In addition, the girl took her first step into the world of acting in the TV series Zümrüdüanka, in which she took part in 2020.


    Nourmar5 was born in December 1999. Nur Eddin Marandi lived in the city of Aleppo, Syria as a child. His height is 1.74 cm, and his weight is 71 years. Tiktoker’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Nurmar is not a Turk, but he is followed by Syrian citizens who had to come and settle in Turkey.

    Young people admire his style and movements. The blogger’s audience on TikTok is 12.8 million. Subscribers have put more than 332 million likes on Nur’s videos!

    Top 20 most popular tiktokers in TurkeyNourmar5


    Ponciklendin is a Tiktok user who posts funny, entertaining and comical videos on various topics. The clips brought success to the blogger: more than 10.5 million people subscribed to him! The real face of Ponciklendin is unknown, because all the posted videos are downloaded from the Internet.


    The Filmlersokagi account has nearly 9 million followers and over 239.8 million likes! The blogger publishes excerpts from series, interesting facts about the film industry, funny moments from famous cartoons.


    Koray Zeynep is the real name of Korayzeynep. The guy’s fan base has 8.4 million subscribers! Coraya’s format is short clips that will make a lot of people laugh! For the audience, the blogger shoots vines (short entertaining or educational videos), jokes, and sketches.

    Mehmet Din

    Mehmet Osman is a TikTok celebrity. Mehmet Din’s hometown is Yalova. The guy has been unemployed for the last year, as he quit due to the pandemic. Today, all his efforts are focused on the development of accounts in social networks. In a few years, more than 7.9 million people began to follow the life of Mehmet!

    The turning point for Tiktoker was playing sports. Previously, the blogger did not care about his body, did not meet with anyone, and his circle of friends was zero.

    Mehmet’s life completely changed after he fell in love with sports and became confident in himself.


    Iranian beauty Ayda Sadiq is a 20-year-old young model. She attended middle and high schools in Istanbul. Ayda Sadyk, who reads and works at the same time, managed to fit her modeling and acting career into this process. A couple of years ago, the girl graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Journalism.

    Top 20 most popular tiktokers in TurkeyAydas

    Reference. The life of a tiktoker is followed by 8.4 million subscribers!


    The social media star, who is best known for her TikTok profile sinyor_taklaci, has amassed 6.6 million viewers. In the account, he shares funny and instructive videos. In June 2020, the blogger published a video clip for Becky Hill’s Lose Control on TikTok.

    Ceren Yaldz

    Seren Yaldiz was born on February 7, 2002 in Bursa. The girl is the only child in the family. Although Serene failed her studies while studying office work, she later switched to radio and television. Interests are reading, makeup and sports. Serene’s favorite celebrity is a French star named Lea Eloui.

    Seren Yaldyzi came to the fore with her interesting videos on the TikTok app and opened a YouTube channel. The makeup blogger has become one of the most followed TikTok users, has received various awards for her work, and has captivated an audience of seven million.

    Cemre Solmaz

    The beautiful Youtuber was born in the city of Fatsa Ordu. But currently Cemre Solmaz lives in Istanbul. Mother and father are divorced. Cemre Solmaz is very close to her brother and mother. After receiving two years of nursing education at the university, she began working in a hospital.

    The young blogger became famous on the TikTok platform for her videos with the performance of famous songs. This beautiful celebrity already has over 7 million followers!

    Bayram Glutekin

    Bayram Gltekin is a Turkish guy who shares videos with his family, friends and girlfriends with his audience. The blogger shoots comical vines on topical topics. Today he is followed by 6 million fans.


    Known for its fun and colorful videos, ezgizem is attracting more and more people every day. Ezzem manages to transfer his life energy to his followers. The videos on his channel usually contain the following content:

  • daily home life;
  • humorous videos on the Tiktok channel;
  • unpacking gifts;
  • VLOG video with different content.
  • Top 20 most popular tiktokers in TurkeyEzgizem

    Nowadays, interest in opinion authors is only growing. Therefore, the Turkish publishing house even released the biography “Ezgizem”.

    The book is about Ezzem’s journey to becoming a social media star. This work helps people who want to develop and improve.

    Orhan ayan

    Beyazgolge is the nickname of Orhan Çayan. The guy creates video clips with pranks on serious topics. In them, he touches on the problems of the deaf, the disabled, children in orphanages, the homeless and other people who have any kind of deviation. The blogger’s aspiration is supported by more than six million people!


    Sulfur Varol is known by the nickname “Cotton Candy”. She was born on December 6, 1996. Sera attracts a wide audience with a strong personality and has 3.5 million followers on the Tiktok app. The girl, combining her daily life with work, managed to attract attention with her unique style and bright hair color.

    Emre Balm

    Emre Balm is the most unusual tiktoker in Turkey. The guy dresses in silver clothes and paints himself with metallic paint. In this image, Emre shoots videos in parks, on the streets, in squares. The blogger pretends to be a statue and then scares passers-by by starting to move. This idea attracted the attention of 4.5 million viewers!

    Dublaj Adam

    Dublaj Adam posts funny short videos on his account that amuse three million people. Video clips on various topics: about animals, fast food cafes, life hacks, dancing, nature.


    Deamontol is organizing contests, producing young bloggers and giveaways. In the account, the guy shares funny videos filmed in shopping centers, cafes, shops. In the videos, the blogger makes fun of himself and his team.


    Ozgur Deniz Executioner, nicknamed Executioner36, was born in the Sarykamysh district of Kars city. In addition to the videos and photos that the guy shares on social networks, many people follow his songs. The handsome blogger founded a group called ÖDCFC and developed a spiritual relationship with his female fans under the name “father-daughter”. Özgur launched TikTok in 2020 and has become very popular (over 6,000,000 fans).

    Top 20 most popular tiktokers in TurkeyCellat36

    purple angel

    Purple Angel’s real name is Burkum, and her last name is Kaymak. The girl was born on July 11, 2000 in Istanbul and graduated from Anatolian high school. Burkum, who played volleyball for three years in high school, briefly studied acting as well.

    Currently, the celebrity is studying at Istanbul Bilgin University, at the Faculty of Visual Communication Design. The girl has already starred in some commercials and clips.

    TikTok has opened an official representative office in Turkey

    After YouTube, TikTok joined the digital media platforms and decided to open a representative office in Turkey. Omer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, announced this on his social media account.

    Important! In his message, Sayan stated the following: “As a result of the meetings we had today, TikTok also announced that it will appoint a representative.

    We hope that other social media providers will notify their representatives as soon as possible and fulfill their obligations.”

    As part of Law No. 7253, also known as the Social Media Law, which came into force on October 1, 2020, social platforms are required to appoint local representatives in Turkey. In October 2020, Facebook refused to comply with the conditions and already in December received significant fines.

    Despite the difficulties of recent years, Tik Tok is still a place where people find a source of joy and inspiration, a desire to create and express themselves. The Turkish part of the social network has been actively taking over the application in the last year, bringing trends and bloggers to the world stage.

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