TOP – 12 TikTok video ideas with examples

TOP - 12 TikTok video ideas with examples TikTok

Don’t know what video to make for TikTok? We offer an up-to-date selection of video ideas so that you are guaranteed to collect a sea of ​​​​likes and draw the attention of users to your account on a social network! We hope that this article will give you inspiration for creative experiments.

Tips for Finding Video Ideas on TikTok

Let’s discuss. For example, on the channel of a respectable businessman, a funny video appeared in a humorous style, with modern slang and hip-hop as a background. Or, on the page of a youth idol, a video is unexpectedly published on complex political issues, with terms incomprehensible to the audience. It is not difficult to guess that such content in both cases is unlikely to receive a large number of likes, since the subscribers of these tiktokers expect completely different material. Wrong ideas can even alienate the audience. From this follows the conclusion: you need to understand why and for whom you shoot videos.

You need:

  • determine the age category of viewers;
  • understand what the majority of subscribers are interested in;
  • figure out what problems followers may be concerned about.
  • For example, you are watched by young people aged 15 to 20 years. They are interested in relationships with friends and parents, university and school situations. You can safely shoot videos about the most unsuccessful dates, misunderstandings between representatives of different generations, jokes on exams and life hacks for studying. In turn, young mothers will be interested in videos about the care and upbringing of babies, content with useful tips on housekeeping and cooking.

    TOP - 12 TikTok video ideas with examples

    Important! To better understand the preferences of the audience, do not be afraid to interact with it. You can not only view the statistics of the latest publications, but also conduct polls among subscribers. Ask them what they would like to see in the next video and invite them to give you ideas in the comments. You can also view the pages that your followers are subscribed to, since someone else’s experience is never superfluous.

    Be sure to expand your horizons: look through the profiles of successful bloggers in your field. It will be useful to study the channels of not only English, but also foreign tiktokers.

    Cool ideas for your TikTok videos

    It’s time to share concrete ideas and good examples of top TikTok videos!

    1. Sketches

    Sketches are fun staged videos. As a rule, funny jokes that have not yet become beaten become the idea. You need to think over the chosen joke in order to create a decent script for the video. You have to show your acting skills!

    What techniques are usually used when shooting sketches?

  • women are depicted with a towel worn over their heads;
  • men – using a funny mask with bristles or, for example, a false mustache;
  • often use subtitles instead of voice sounds.
  • With a skillful approach, cool sketches can be recorded alone, even without the help of relatives and friends:

    2. Slowmo

    Slow motion videos can be about anything, such as beautiful landscapes, romantic moments, sports and dance techniques. Quite often, this technique is combined with lypsync – the performance of songs to phonograms. Read more about creating a captivating and memorable slowmo in this article.

    3. Videos with pets

    Yes, there are a lot of such videos on TikTok, but the theme of cuteness, funny incidents and jokes with pets will never go out of style. You can buy an original costume for your pet, record how he begs for a treat, show subscribers what a bored dog can turn an apartment into in the absence of the owner. Does your pet love to talk? Followers will definitely appreciate the video with your dialogue, especially if you choose the right music for the background.

    4. Pranks

    If you have a great sense of humor and you are free from complexes, try to play pranks on strangers or prank on friends and record their reaction on video. Be sure to check out this foreign selection of boring jokes:

    5. Reviews and reactions

    If you already have a fairly large number of subscribers, be sure to share useful information with them. For example, you can say:

  • about the premieres that were recently seen in the cinema;
  • about the music tracks of performers in a particular genre;
  • about sales in fashion boutiques;
  • about fast food establishments in your city and around the world;
  • about the quality of service in various institutions;
  • about the cool gadgets you ordered from AliExpress.
  • Many top bloggers have a separate section dedicated to reviews, so this topic is usually suitable for all people who maintain a page on TikTok.

    6. Vines with meaning

    Many tiktokers are used to thinking that vines are short videos that can only be about something humorous or sarcastic. However, the audience is well “entered” and videos that are “new parables”. Bloggers record videos on acute social topics, talk about the eternal struggle between good and evil, talk about morality. Quite often, the topic of betrayal in romantic relationships, betrayal by friends is raised. In addition, these can be videos with an unexpected ending.

    7. Challenges

    One of the best ways to quickly get featured and get a large number of followers is to participate in hashtag challenges, so don’t miss your chance. Choose a topic that is close to you and try to shoot the coolest videos. Popular songs are often used as ideas for challenges.

    TOP - 12 TikTok video ideas with examples

    In addition, TikTok often hosts star contests, for example, participants in the #SurpriseDIY challenge need to surprise viewers with their own abilities. The abbreviation DIY stands for Do It Yourself, which means “Do It Yourself”. Participants record short master classes. For example, you can show your followers how to quickly remove a stain, chop vegetables, decorate a house for the holiday, tidy up your nails.

    8. Life hacks and tutorials

    The TikTok audience likes to watch not only funny and exciting, but also useful videos. Here’s what’s trendy in 2020:

  • cooking. Recipes for the whole family, recommendations for proper nutrition for weight loss, vegetarian and vegan “chips”.
  • Sport. Small video workouts can be filmed so people can get in shape at home. In addition, many TikTok regulars do not mind learning dance techniques. All this can be presented in a humorous format.
  • the beauty. These are not only master classes on makeup, hairstyles, depilation, architectural design of eyebrows, but also videos for beginners and advanced masters of nail service, hairdressing. Share your talents on camera and get thousands of thanks.
  • Technics. Tips for repairing gadgets, household appliances, cars are always in demand, especially among men.
  • 9. Educational videos

    Young people are increasingly engaged in not only physical but also spiritual development. You can tell viewers about personal growth, recommend meditation techniques and useful literature in this area. In addition, you can create an account dedicated to the study of foreign languages ​​and IT specialties, quick preparation for the exam. Examples of videos can be tracked by the tag #do self-development.

    10. Travel video

    If you often travel to other cities and countries, then be sure to use this as an idea for videos on TikTok. Spectators will enjoy not only looking at local beauties, but also getting useful information from seasoned travelers. For example, you can tell people about:

  • places to try the local cuisine;
  • the best sights of the city;
  • ways to save on housing/transport/food;
  • the mentality of the inhabitants of the city or country;
  • common mistakes travelers make.
  • Put yourself in the place of the audience and think about what you would be interested in. You can make a list of the most necessary foreign words for travelers, offer a list of unusual souvenirs for relatives and friends, share information about local points of successful shopping.

    11. Contests and quizzes for users

    People love non-standard puzzles and riddles, so feel free to experiment with ideas. For example, you can create a “Guess the song or movie from the 90s or 2000s” contest. In the format of surveys, you can invite viewers to check their horizons, knowledge of the capitals of countries and traffic rules, and literacy.

    TOP - 12 TikTok video ideas with examples

    12. Videos dedicated to video games

    Are you a born gamer? Be sure to tell your subscribers about it, as your experience may be useful to other people. Record the gameplay and the passage of the most difficult moments in the game, talk about “easter eggs” (secrets created by the developers) and cool cheat codes. Dynamic music will be an ideal background for such videos.

    What videos should not be made?

    Boring, monotonous and long boring audience. In 2020, already out of fashion:

  • banal slips without any chips;
  • changing clothes;
  • primitive dances;
  • parodies without a twist.
  • Before you start shooting your video, make sure you have a good background, dress neatly and tastefully, and make sure you have enough lighting. Videos of “amateur” quality do not inspire much confidence in the audience. It will be useful to rehearse the script several times, and only then shoot.

    Advice! It is very important not to violate the rules of TikTok during the shooting process. Obscene language, too explicit scenes, videos that directly or indirectly deal with issues of discrimination – you need to be very careful with the listed things. If you decide to record a video with a child, make sure that his parents are also present in the frame.

    Finally, we advise you to familiarize yourself with this selection of ideas for “sticky” videos for TikTok:

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