Top 100: Best Tik Tok Posts of 2019

Top 100: Best Tik Tok Posts of 2019 TikTok

Each user of a social network dreams of a large number of likes, reposts, subscribers, comments. The heroes of today’s selection succeeded. Their posts were not only marked as the best, but also republished in other social networks. Especially on the pages of Instagram, Facebook.

We present to your attention dozens of the best publications in ten categories. It was they who made Tik Tok so bright in 2019.

Most Viewed Videos

Submitted publications scored a couple of tens of millions of views. Even Kylie Jenner will envy popularity.

Among the best:

  • @daviddobrik. David Dobrik and crazy Nick Ukhas take toothpaste from an elephant.
  • @calebcutler. First operation on a banana!
  • @malorielynn14. After the trick, the pool ceased to function.
  • @jayleennina. An unequal battle between man and insect.
  • @sammielewiss. Just tea.
  • @jade13tr. Dancing cat.
  • @brittany_broski. First time eating kombucha.
  • @herecomedatkush. Hummingbird and company.
  • @kidkneesothra. Crocs along with shaving cream.
  • @raeganbrownn. Daredevil in a bear costume.
  • memes

    Top 100: Best Tik Tok Posts of 2019

    TikTok is the mecca of entertainment. And what is foolishness without memes? However, it was in the social network that they reached a new visual level.

    Here is the creation guru:

  • #POV.
  • #VSCOgirls.
  • #RiseandShine.
  • #Area51.
  • #Imbaby.
  • #WalkaMile.
  • #DNA test.
  • #Mirror Fall / Run.
  • #Microwave Challenge.
  • #TikTokChecks.
  • Singers and singers

    Music is in demand on all feed platforms, especially on the social network. The most popular performers of 2019 according to Tik Tok are:

  • Lil Nas X.
  • Mariah Carey.
  • Lizzo.
  • stunna girl.
  • Blanco Brown.
  • Y2k & Bbno$.
  • KYLE.
  • Luh Kel.
  • Billie Eilish.
  • Ashnikko.
  • Celebrities

    Top 100: Best Tik Tok Posts of 2019

    Top 10 includes actors, musicians, representatives of the modeling business and those who at least once shone on the pages of the tabloid. 2019, they also conquered the expanses of Tik Tok:

  • Will Smith.
  • Miley Cyrus.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
  • Howie Mandel.
  • Terry Crews.
  • Selena Gomez.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Steve Harvey.
  • Post Malone.
  • Shawn Johnson.
  • Breakthrough of the Year

    Top 100: Best Tik Tok Posts of 2019

    Popularity comes with time or luck. The authors of the following publications belong to the latter:

  • @zachking.
  • @noenebanks.
  • @jamescharles.
  • @lilhuddy.
  • @charlidamelio.
  • @nickuhas.
  • @glitterandlazers.
  • @mahoganylox.
  • @thisaintjay.
  • @curtisnewbill.
  • I wonder what it’s like to wake up famous?


    The ability to move to music is in demand even in the world of modern technology. Heroes of Tik Tok only confirm this fact:

  • The Woah.
  • The Git Up.
  • Obsessed Dance.
  • Hey Julie.
  • Scary Spooky Skeleton.
  • The 223.
  • The Chucky Cheese.
  • drop dance.
  • A-Punk.
  • HBS Dance.
  • special effects

    Computer technology, together with graphics, covers the whole world. Applying effects on social networks is easy, because ready-made templates are created. However, the heroes of the collection managed to reach a new level:

  • Face scaling.
  • Green screen.
  • Disco.
  • Whirlpool.
  • Portrait.
  • Distorted.
  • Fire Breath.
  • Time warp.
  • Clones of infinity.
  • Clown Makeup.
  • Animals

    Top 100: Best Tik Tok Posts of 2019

    Cats, dogs, parrots and more. Funny animals have flooded the Internet for a long time. This collection is proof of this:

  • @strykerthecat. The little chicken hunter received a birthday present.
  • @kodyantle. The tigers decided to teach the wildlife protector a lesson.
  • @marleymalin. There is something strange going on in the cat’s head.
  • @beingbirch. The puppy just wanted to tell the story of his life.
  • @friendlyquest. Ferret dances better than J. Lo.
  • @ame269. When a hamster in the soul is a wolf.
  • @hollyandhazelnut. Cute eared dachshund puppies.
  • @mokshabybee. A baby jaguar is taking a bath.
  • @huxleythepandapuppy. The puppy has turned into a panda.
  • @divinefalcon0. Clearly not the animal you want to see after opening the door.
  • Makeup, beauty, fashion

    Top 100: Best Tik Tok Posts of 2019

    We can’t forget the beauties who come up with thousands of life hacks for home use. Girls, take note:

  • @youngnailsinc. Perfect glossy acrylic.
  • @abbrartistry. All cosplay cosplay. Scary and beautiful at the same time.
  • @jamescharles. Who circled the backlight? Although, wait!
  • @glitterandlazers. Fashion trends.
  • @emilymunyak. Multicolor for hair.
  • @learnwithlati. Unicorn braid.
  • @jamescharles. Random selection – the best themes for the eyes.
  • @victorialyn. Glitter mask.
  • @addurdaddy. The look of the 80s is back in trend.
  • @victorialyn. Animated Barbie doll.
  • Sport

    The right lifestyle is gaining popularity for the second year in a row. This not only improves health, but also makes people popular.

  • @brodiesmith. Frisbee parkour took the phone.
  • @overtime. Basketball failure came as a surprise.
  • @alsjdbwbdhhscristian. Just don’t be afraid.
  • @tylerdownss. David Copperfield smokes nervously on the sidelines.
  • @mozzaronnie. Let’s do it without hands.
  • @b1akemckay. The musical rhythm is clearly superfluous.
  • @bennythebull. Football destroys love.
  • @_er1k. The ball went home.
  • @nygiants. NY Giants!
  • @ryanwachendorfer. Snowboard halfpipe.
  • Important: to see the video, follow the link. To do this, click on the nickname you like.

    You can become a Tik Tok star too. The main thing is to shoot videos, share materials with friends and do not forget to use hashtags.

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