Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTok

Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTok TikTok

To effectively promote an account in social networks, it is not enough to have unique and high-quality content. Therefore, users are looking for auxiliary tools to attract subscribers and make good money. One of these services is Tiktopers, which is an exchange of bloggers and a platform for promoting accounts on Tik Tok and Instagram.

In the article, we will consider the features, rules and capabilities of the resource, how to register on it and order a service.

Tiktopers account promotion platform

This largest promotion service combines an advertising platform, a blogging exchange and infrastructure for working with popular social networks. The resource is global: it is presented in seventeen countries in six foreign languages, the calculation is carried out in three currencies.

Tiktoper.ru helps advertisers to improve their sales, and bloggers and musicians to quickly become famous and successful.

Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTokTiktopers account promotion platform

History of creation

Internet service Tiktoper.ru appeared in 2019. Its creator was Dmitry Bashkirov, a student of the Plekhanov University of Economics, a programmer and owner of a web studio.

After the failure of a large and ambitious cryptocurrency project, together with fellow enthusiasts – designers and bloggers – he decided to create a new tool for advertising on Instagram and TikTok. The site, presented on two domains at once (tiktopers.ru and tiktopers.com) for domestic and foreign audiences, quickly got into the top of Google search results.

For creators, this resource has become a way out of the crisis, for advertisers – a way to promote goods and services, and for bloggers – a stable source of income.

Principle of operation

The Internet platform includes several areas for the activities of bloggers, advertisers and influencers.

By the way. The site offers all the features for the convenience of users: a personal account, functions for receiving and processing applications, secure transactions, feedback, analytics and statistics tools.

Exchange of bloggers

The blogging exchange is the largest and most important area of ​​the Tiktopers platform, designed for users of two social networks – Tik Tok and Instagram. Bloggers and advertisers benefit from mutually beneficial cooperation.

For blog authors, this is an opportunity to earn legally and stably. All worries about communication with clients are taken over by a personal manager, and a blogger saves personal time.

Users who are taking their first steps in blogging and do not have enough experience will receive free followers on Tik Tok through Tiktoper.ruas well as advice and valuable help from more experienced and successful colleagues.

On a note. From blogging earnings in favor of the Tiktop platform, a commission of 10–50% is charged for each new client and the organization of a successful transaction, as well as for comprehensive support services.

Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTokPlatform Tiktop

The benefit for advertisers is that they pay bloggers according to the price list without extra charges and system commissions. At the same time, they are guaranteed:

  • safe transaction;
  • comprehensive assistance in the development and support of an advertising campaign with the involvement of experienced designers, copywriters, consultants and programmers;
  • detailed information about the blogger;
  • receiving the internal currency of the TikCoin system, which can be used in the loyalty program.
  • Promotion service

    Promotion services from the Tick Topper service are fundamentally different from cheats and advertising and have advantages over both tools.

    Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTokPromotion services from the Tik Topper service

    When using the cheat service, the client pays a certain number of likes or subscribers (up to 70 kopecks for each account). Automatic actions of bot users (likes, views, comments) are negatively regarded by social networks and can lead to profile blocking.

    When ordering an advertisement on a social network or on the page of a certain blogger, the advertiser can pay both for the very fact of its placement and for the number of unique visitors or views. The result may not justify itself for several reasons, for example, incorrect definition of the target audience, insufficiently interesting content and a small number of subscribers.

    A more promising and profitable promotion service in the Tiktopers service, the advantages of which are:

  • placement of customer accounts in advertising services with manual control of actions;
  • email newsletters of collections of the best tiktoker content;
  • publication of accounts that have ordered more than a thousand subscribers on Yandex.Zen channels and other similar resources;
  • additional attraction of bloggers working at favorable prices.
  • By the way. All subscribers are voluntary, and the activity is real, so the blocking of the account does not threaten.

    Services for influencers

    For influencers – users with a large audience, opinion leaders, the Tiktopers platform offers several useful services.

    Among them:

  • production agency Tiktopers.pro, offering simple and effective customization features for brand development;
  • downloading videos from Tik Tok and Instagram is a necessary function for sending reports to customers about placed ads; provided free of charge.
  • Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTokInfluencers

    Directions for using Tiktopers

    The Tiktoper Internet platform offers many opportunities for current and future bloggers, partners, businessmen and individuals.

    For future bloggers

    For those who are starting to try their hand at blogging, Tiktopers offers options to help develop an account without the risk of blocking:

  • mutual subscriptions;
  • targeted advertising;
  • holding competitions;
  • subscription rewards;
  • buying ads from other bloggers;
  • earnings on the invitation of friends.
  • For bloggers

    Experienced bloggers and opinion leaders are offered free placement in the service catalog. To get into it, it is enough to provide information about yourself through the means of feedback. This will allow you to cooperate with major brands and legalize income.

    The main features of the platform for bloggers:

  • automatic acceptance of money transfers in your personal account;
  • invoicing for advertising at their own rates;
  • withdrawal of TikCoins under the loyalty program;
  • additional income for advertising the Tiktopers site.
  • For advertisers

    For individuals and companies placing ads, the service offers:

  • safe and fast transactions without violating deadlines and fraud;
  • payment according to blogger price lists without commissions and extra charges;
  • comprehensive promotion of an advertising campaign;
  • cost statistics tracking.
  • Important. To place your first advertising order, you must register and verify your profile as a business representative.

    For partners

    Affiliate program from Tiktoper increases the turnover and client base in the advertising service. You can use it in several ways:

  • Share promo codes with friends and customers. Earnings will be from 5 to 10% for each attracted buyer.
  • Place a service order form on your own website.
  • Get the status of a representative and sell the services of the service on your own terms.
  • Registration and login

    Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTokRegistration in TikTopers

    To register on the Tiktopers platform, you need to follow the link https://tiktopers.ru/user/register and specify in the fields:

  • login for authorization;
  • real name and surname;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone number;
  • password.
  • After confirming the registration, you can enter the site using your login and password on the page https://tiktopers.ru/login.

    How to order a service

    To order the service you are interested in without registering, you need to go to the quick order section, enter the information requested by the system and pay through the Qiwi checkout.

    If you have already registered your Personal Account, you need to:

  • Top up balance.
  • Transfer the required amount to the user with the Admin login.
  • Specify information about the social network and the desired number of subscribers, likes, etc.
  • Price

    The price for services is from 945 to 9990 *** in different tariff plans (shown in the table).

    Rate Price Peculiarities
    test 945 *** From 400 transitions to the account and over a hundred actions in it. Advertising service and mention in the email newsletter.
    Regular 3999 *** More than three thousand transitions to the account and 700 actions during the week. Advertising service, email newsletters, biography article, integration with one blogger, personal manager.
    Start 5590 *** For newbies. More than 1200 active actions in the account. Integration with two to four bloggers, design services and strategy development.
    extended 9990 *** Suitable for beginners and experienced users. Guarantees over 3000 active actions in the account. Integration with four to six bloggers.

    For musicians, the rates presented in the table are offered.

    Rate Price Peculiarities
    Publishing a track 6959 *** Adding a composition to Tik Tok and its promotion at the initial stages
    Music promotion 34990 *** Comprehensive promotion of the musician’s account and a specific track chosen by him

    Communities and groups in social networks Tiktopers

    To always be aware of the news and important events of Tiktopers, you can subscribe to the platform accounts:

  • VK: https://vk.com/tiktopers;
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiktoperscom/.
  • Tiktopers platform: how to promote and make money on TikTokTiktopers on VK

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Important advantages of the Tiktopers service:

  • no cheating, only real and active users;
  • guarantees and secure transactions;
  • savings for advertisers due to discounts from bloggers;
  • official registration of the platform, reliability of the safety of funds;
  • loyalty program, exchange of coins for advertising;
  • information and technical support.
  • No flaws were found in the Tiktopers platform.

    User Reviews

    Those who have experience of cooperation with the Tiktopers service leave both positive and negative feedback on forums and social networks.


    “I learned about the blogging exchange in Tiktopers from my friend. Since I have been blogging for a long time and successfully, I registered on this resource and got into the catalog of bloggers. Now I work with several advertisers, which brings me a good income.


    “I registered, ordered 500 transfers to my account. So far, I haven’t noticed much of an effect. Perhaps this is only in the test tariff, so you need to try another one.

    The Tiktopers platform, created by Dmitry Bashkirov in 2019, offers profitable opportunities for bloggers and advertisers. A simple registration will allow you to quickly evaluate the benefits of the service.

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