TikTok vs Google. Firework – as a competitor or analogue?

TikTok vs Google.  Firework - as a competitor or analogue? TikTok

The Tik Tok social network is developing every minute. The platform has received a billion followers in a year of existence. The success did not go unnoticed by other developers.

War is brewing

TikTok vs Google.  Firework - as a competitor or analogue?Every day, Tik Tok poachs users from other platforms. And this is not surprising. The social network specializes in short videos. To improve content:

  • created internal special effects. That is, the video can be corrected, applied filters directly in the program, without the use of third-party utilities;
  • developed the E-Girl movement. Generation Z subculture has hundreds of millions of fans. Every girl can become popular, regardless of age, skin color, location;
  • Improved messaging on Tik Tok. Unlike other social networks and instant messengers, the function is allowed. Excessive activity does not lead to account blocking, but only increases popularity;
  • there is a cheat of real readers in Tik Tok. Auxiliary platforms are created by both social network developers and those who want to earn money. Cheating can be paid (from 100 ***), free (for mutual performance of tasks).
  • For other social networks, the above is alien, and TikTok is the main competitor in the war for users. Some are even too aggressive.

    Briefly about the history

    TikTok was created by Beijing-based company ByteDance. Initially, the utility was developed as a Douyin add-on to the music site Musical.ly. A year later, the projects were merged together under a new name.

    In a couple of months, a billion users registered on the social network. It’s more than Instagram.

    Main competitors

    The rapid popularization of Tik Tok led to the fact that such giants as Facebook, Tencent launched clones. Popular is the Lasso network, common in the Western Hemisphere.

    There are about ten analogues in total. However, none of them, and even all together, have not overshadowed the rapid growth in the number of subscribers of the Chinese platform.

    The most expensive competitor was Firework from Loop Now Technologies. The value of the startup has exceeded one hundred million dollars. The platform allows you to share 30-second videos.

    Firework Features

    TikTok vs Google.  Firework - as a competitor or analogue?Many are interested in what exactly the development is – an analogue, the main competitor, a temporary hobby. To understand this, you need to understand the algorithm of the platform.

    Common features with video giant:

  • Built-in special effects.
  • Quick exchange of audiovisual content.
  • Earnings on advertising (only smaller amounts).
  • An important difference is the “Reveal – reveal” function in Firework. It consists in smoothing the transition between horizontal and vertical shooting. That is, the user can change angles at the time of display without losing quality.

    The command also allows you to watch videos horizontally and vertically without distortion.

    Firework posts 30 second videos, while Tik Tok posts 15 seconds.

    Analog does not allow trolling, bullying. Because of this, users cannot like, comment on publications. Favorite works are added to favorites, sent to friends. Not everyone likes it.

    “Interactivity is an important part of information exchange. In a social network, users should know that a blogger is interested in their opinion… Popularity is determined by likes, comments. How to understand how many “went” content. Especially if you are an advertiser,” marketers and PR managers comment.

    The platform is designed for a mature audience, aged 25+. This was emphasized by the creators, who also worked on Snap, LinkedIn and JPMorgan Chase.

    Google and Weibo: Plans for Firework

    TikTok vs Google.  Firework - as a competitor or analogue?

    Despite a powerful search base, the program loses to competitors. Previously, Google has repeatedly tried to hack Facebook, seizing leadership over social networks. Unsuccessful projects were: Orkut, Dodgeball, Latitude, Google+.

    Total success was the development of YouTube. The cross-media platform has more than two billion users. Millions of videos are uploaded to video hosting every day. YouTube is ahead of Facebook, Twitter or Snap in terms of video.

    To excel in vertical video, Google acquired Firework a year earlier. Companies have created a separate brainchild – Weibo.

    China’s Twitter, as the novelty is also called, already has 486 million users. However, the utility loses TikTok and WeChat. Because of this, developers are unable to bring ad revenue to the highest level.

    To catch up with the competition, Weibo created a standalone Oasis app, a hybrid clone of Instagram and Pinterest. The latter allowed the program to expand beyond China.

    Disadvantages of Firework

    The developers have not thought of all the nuances. Because of this, the social network has a number of disadvantages. Especially at the software level.

    There are obvious “jambs”:

  • Firework does not support versions lower than Android 5.9. The application is not available for smartphones, tablets older than 2016.
  • Users shooting videos with original iPhones encounter a display glitch. That is, the picture from the main and front cameras can be broadcast simultaneously. The image is superimposed on each other.
  • The application positions itself as a media development, more suitable for the work of the media.
  • Fireworks has a million users. The number of subscribers is growing very slowly.
  • There is no monetization.
  • Despite the desire to “strangle” Tik Tok, the social network is developing daily, increasing the number of subscribers. Even the most powerful competitors cannot beat the utility’s mood. This speaks to the reliability of the platform.

    However, in order for Tik Tok to work without failures, do not forget to update the program. This is done for free from the Play Market, App Store, official website. Re-authorization after installation is not required.

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